About Tracks.

Tracks is focused on helping small businesses keep up to date with monthly sales and revenue. This is the lifeblood of a small company. It’s what keeps you in business. And it’s what fuels your growth.

You pay bills monthly, you pay staff monthly, you prepare reports monthly, you set targets monthly. Geez, you even work hard at sales, so you can pay your mortgage monthly.

Tracking monthly sales and revenue just makes total sense.

So we’ve built a sales tool around that.

We’ve got a list of features that customers love like drag n drop, recurring revenue, the timeline view and weekly alerts. But more than anything else, we believe that sales software shouldn’t get in your way, so we’ve kept the learning curve shallow. After all, it’s the sales that matter not how good you are at working a CRM.

Tracks integrates with both Highrise CRM and Google Apps. It is also a stand-alone sales pipeline tool, so you don’t need an account with either to sign up.

A sales pipeline is the heart of any small business, and our business is driven by helping you keep it healthy.


Built With Love

Tracks was born in July 2012 and is run by Gregor McKelvie and Ruth McLaren. We’re 100% bootstrapped, 100% human and 100% dedicated to helping small businesses. We regularly donate time or money to local charities and we own a half-machine, half-superwoman campervan called Betty.



Gregor is the programmer. The practical one. The left brain of Tracks. He loves skiing, football and soup and knows most of the words to Back to the Future. After much frustration with CRMs he founded Tracks. He occasionally tweets.



Ruth is the creative one. The right brain. The one that keeps us human. You’ll locate her in the jungle of Twitter wrapped in blankets of inspiring words, pictures and funnies. A Star Wars geek, she also skis and makes jewellery.



Gregor and Ruth love travelling. It wouldn’t be possible without Betty our campervan. She’s purred her engine in over 12 countries, is often mistaken for the A-Team van and is a great place to sleep in at the side of a mountain.

Without the help of some dear friends and mentors Tracks wouldn’t be what it is today.


Our Goal

You’ll see some references to skiing across this site. Skiing takes a long time to get good at. It takes patience. It’s difficult and frustrating. You feel like giving up a lot. But in time you get there.

In many ways, learning to ski is like building a business. Both take perseverance. Both take time. Both drive you crazy. Both are very fulfilling. Both need commitment.

Our goal at Tracks is to create a small business that helps other small businesses. We’re not looking for hockey stick growth. Or to sell to one of the internet giants. Or for world domination.

We’re building a company the will be around in years to come. Just like learning to ski, it won’t be easy. It will take time. But we are committed to our business, just like you are committed to yours.


No credit cards, PayPal or Bitcoins needed