Our Mission: To establish for the 21st century a united, Biblical-theological standard of doctrine for the global Body of Christ, which standard is consistent with the mainstream theology of the first 20 centuries.

spacer Thirty-seven years in the making, this book represents the combined effort of
more than a hundred theologians and Christian leaders. An
arsenal for battle, a tool box for building the church, a resource for Bible
study and sermons and much personal edification. An important book for every serious Christian – from babe in Christ to seasoned sage. Get it here.Book by Dr. Jay Grimstead & Dr. Eugene ClingmanRadio Interviews:
Dr. Eugene Clingman


But there were also false prophets among the people,
Even as there will be false teachers among you,
Who will secretly bring in destructive heresies,
Even denying the Lord who bought them….
2 Peter 2:1 (NKJV)


The Apostle Peter spoke of his day, and the same is true in our’s – false teachers are corrupting God’s Word, and denying simple doctrines held by the Church for twenty centuries. Because of this the Church is loosing her saltiness and she is weakened in her ability to fulfill the Great Commission. The solution is to return to God’s inerrant, infallible Word and to the truths of Scripture held as mainstream teaching over the past 20 centuries.

The International Church Council Project invites God’s faithful people around the globe to participate. We seek to “draw a line in the sand” in order…

“To establish for the 21st century a
United, Biblical-theological standard of doctrine
For the Global Body of Christ,
Which standard is consistent with
The mainstream theology of the first 20 centuries.”

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