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We have just completed an install of Piwik in a medium traffic site (10,000 visits a day), and the client emailed just a single 3 letter word back. Wow. Piwik will be continued to be rolled out through the portfolio of sites (total about 18 million visits a year). , CTO, Media company w/ hundreds of websites

I really like what you are doing. I hope this community will grow!! , Director at broadbandspeedchecker.co.uk

I've used many other Analytics solutions, but Piwik is by far the leader when it comes to owning your own data and protecting privacy. The granular controls and plugins make it unlike any other analytics platform. You are in full control the way you should be.

I personally have a bit of experience working with Omniture, Hitbox, and Google Analytics, and the idea of an open source alternative to these tools sounds very exciting. Across our network of sites, we average about 60m pageviews / month and growing, and I was wondering if that level of load is within the scope of Piwik, given the proper hardware to support it. I’d love to find a way to help the Piwik project get to the point where it could handle millions of pageviews / month. [Update 2012: Piwik can now handle millions of pages per month!]

The feature we use the most in Piwik is the Email and SMS Reports which automatically keeps our clients up to date on their Key Performance Indicators such as: Visits, keywords and Goals Conversions rates and revenue. , Product Manager, Web design studio

After a few more days with Piwik and now that the trackers are on all my pages of all my sites, I can tell you one thing that I like about Piwik : It’s really great that we have nothing special to do for it to register clicks on any file and externals links! , Blogger & Artist

Found Piwik last week. I’ve been testing it out on a few sites and am really excited about the possibilities that the Analytics API offers! , E-commerce entrepreneur

We’ve been using Piwik since 2011 (Piwik 1.6) and we love it. It’s helped us diagnose our Panda problem, and the transitions feature is really helping us improve our UX and visit flow. It already includes virtually everything we could wish for, and every month or two it just keeps on getting better and better. Danger – can provoke analysis addition! , Director TJ Taylor


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