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CCP Certification Tracks

Several CCP exams provide credit for more than one certification. Use the grid below to map exam requirements to certifications. When you log into your AITCP account, you will see this grid display the exams and certifications you've already completed. These views can help you plan your certification paths and discover how exams you've passed may already be giving you credit toward additional certifications.

spacer Certifications
Certified Cloud Technology ProfessionalCertified Cloud ArchitectCertified Cloud Security Specialist *Certified Cloud Governance Specialist *Certified Cloud Storage Specialist *Certified Cloud Virtualization SpecialistCertified Cloud Capacity Specialist *
C90.01: Fundamental Cloud Computingxxxxxxx
C90.02: Cloud Technology Conceptsxxxxxxx
C90.03: Cloud Technology Labx
C90.04: Fundamental Cloud Architecturex
C90.05: Advanced Cloud Architecturex
C90.06: Cloud Architecture Labx
C90.07: Fundamental Cloud Securityx
C90.08: Advanced Cloud Securityx
C90.09: Cloud Security Labx
C90.10: Fundamental Cloud Governancex
C90.11: Advanced Cloud Governancex
C90.12: Cloud Governance Labx
C90.13: Fundamental Cloud Storagex
C90.14: Advanced Cloud Storagex
C90.15: Cloud Storage Labx
C90.16: Fundamental Cloud Virtualizationx
C90.17: Advanced Cloud Virtualizationx
C90.18: Cloud Virtualization Labx
C90.19: Fundamental Cloud Capacityx
C90.20: Advanced Cloud Capacityx
C90.21: Cloud Capacity Labx

* Note that requirements for some certifications are still under review and subject to change. is neither affiliated with the authors of this page nor responsible for its contents. This is a safe-cache copy of the original web site.