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Announcing the 2013 TSX Venture 50!

Posted on February 13, 2013 by Exchange Blog Administration

TSX Venture Exchange today announced the 2013 TSX Venture 50! The TSX Venture 50 is a group of strong performing companies from the five following sectors: Clean Technology, Diversified Industries, Mining, Oil & Gas and Technology and Life Sciences.

TSX Venture Exchange operates a platform that provides emerging companies with the opportunity to access the capital they need to meet their growth objectives. We are pleased to present the latest group of companies that have excelled in their sectors. - John McCoach, President, TSX Venture Exchange

The 2013 TSX Venture 50 was determined based on equal weighting of the following measures: market capitalization growth, share price appreciation, trading volume and analyst coverage. The top ranked company across all sectors is: Africa Oil Corp. (AOI), a Vancouver-based oil and gas exploration company.The top performing companies from each industry sector are:

Clean Technology         OPEL Technologies Inc. (OPL)
Diversified Industries         Loyalist Group Limited (LOY)
Mining         Zenyatta Ventures Ltd. (ZEN)
Oil & Gas         Africa Oil Corp. (AOI)
Technology & Life Sciences         iCo Therapeutics Inc. (ICO)


The information provided is not an invitation to purchase securities listed on Toronto Stock Exchange or TSX Venture Exchange. TMX Group and its affiliated companies do not endorse or recommend any securities referenced.

Filed under: TSX Venture Exchange

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