The Good Psychopath’s Guide to Success (US only)

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spacer Being a psychopath is bad, right? Actually no.

A surprising number of us are good psychopaths – people who can control qualities such as fear, indecision and conscience to shine in a variety of situations. Are you one of them?

In this compelling guide, packed with insightful, interactive quizzes, SAS legend Andy McNab and Oxford University psychologist Dr Kevin Dutton will help you find out if you are a good psychopath – and if you’re not, how you can behave like one.

Drawing on the heroic military career of McNab (a confirmed good psychopath) and Dutton’s lifetime of research, The Good Psychopath’s Guide to Success will help you improve qualities such as charm, coolness, courage and confidence to help you get the very best out of life.

What is a good psychopath? And how can thinking like one help you to be the best that you can be?

Professor Kevin Dutton has spent a lifetime studying psychopaths. He first met SAS hero Andy McNab during a research project. What he found surprised him. McNab is a diagnosed psychopath but he is a GOOD PSYCHOPATH. Unlike a BAD PSYCHOPATH, he is able to dial up or down qualities such as ruthlessness, fearlessness, conscience and empathy to get the very best out of himself – and others – in a wide range of situations.

Drawing on the combination of Andy McNab’s wild and various experiences and Professor Kevin Dutton’s expertise in analysing them, together they have explored the ways in which a good psychopath thinks differently and what that could mean for you. What do you really want from life, and how can you develop and use qualities such as charm, coolness under pressure, self-confidence and courage to get it? The Good Psychopath Manifesto gives you a unique and entertaining roadmap to self-fulfillment both in your personal life and your career.

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Publishing legend Patrick Janson-Smith joins us

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Patrick Janson-Smith has joined forces with London-based digital publisher Apostrophe Books as editor-at-large.

Former Transworld publisher Janson-Smith, who leaves HarperCollins as publisher of imprint Blue Door, said smaller outfits would be the ones “able to react most swiftly and imaginatively” to new challenges in a changing publishing landscape.

Janson-Smith, who also recently became non-executive chairman of new literary and marketing agency Kingsford Campbell, said: “I am delighted to be attaching myself to a grammatical necessity and am excited by the possibilities it presents.

“In an ever-changing publishing landscape, it will be the smaller outfits who are able to react most swiftly and imaginatively to the challenges and opportunities which lie ahead.

“I am firmly of the belief that there will always be a market hungry for books in whatever form they may take. Those who talk repeatedly of the decline of reading serve only as grave diggers.

“As an eternal optimist, I hope to be able to help Apostrophe Books accentuate the positive in every way I can.”

Apostrophe’s m.d. Martyn Forrester, describe Janson-Smith as a friend of 30 years, and as a “guru”.

“No one knows as much about publishing as Patrick does or loves it more – and although he declares himself a dyed-in-the-wool printed word man, he also ‘gets’ digital,” said Forrester. “The very first Kindle I ever saw was in his hands. Patrick is the ideal person to take Apostrophe on to the next stage in our journey, publishing not only in digital format but also into print.”


Read more in the Bookseller here.

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Grace by Robert Lacey: startling royal exposé

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‘Racy, crammed with gossip and anecdotes’



spacer From the moment Grace Kelly stepped before the movie camera in 1950, the world was captivated by this stunningly beautiful yet elusive actress. After a string of passionate affairs with leading film stars such as Clark Gable, Ray Milland and William Holden, Grace met and married her Prince. Half marriage of convenience, half genuine love match, their tumultuous relationship formed the backdrop for a romance no Hollywood writer could have scripted.

Robert Lacey reveals details about Grace’s tragic, early death. He recounts the misadventures of the Grimaldi children since their mother’s death — the paternity suits against Prince Albert, Princess Stephanie‘s children born out of wedlock, the marriages and romances of Princess Caroline.

Peopled with an extraordinary cast of characters, Grace is a rich and riveting story. Robert Lacey is the first author to penetrate the storybook façade. Through hundreds of interviews with Grace’s family and friends, he weaves the tale of a complex and surprisingly conflicted woman who created a dream for herself and lived it.

This enhanced edition from Apostrophe Books also provides access to 103 photographs, video, links to newsreel footage and trailers to 12 of Grace Kelly’s films.

Robert Lacey says: “Grace Kelly, Princess Grace of Monaco, was sheer magic. She was an enchanting confection of charm, vulnerability and exhilarating blonde ambition, and I am delighted that the modern magic of digital technology has made it possible for Apostrophe Books to update Grace, my 1994 story of her life and loves, with direct links to a unique portfolio of historic newsreels, movie trailers and a brilliant collection of fresh images that have been specially researched and assembled for this first e-book edition. My aim in Grace, the book, was to bring this inspiring and extraordinary woman alive with words on the page. Now here are the moving pictures that can bring her beauty and vitality alive on your own screen!”

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Essential: The SAS+ Security Handbook

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spacer Andrew Kain is one of the world’s leading authorities on security – and now, in this fully updated, revised and expanded edition of the bestselling security classic, he shares with you his much sought-after security experience, knowledge and techniques – preparing you for anything, anywhere in the world.

Whether you’re a home owner interesting in making your house or flat more secure, or travelling abroad as a journalist, on a gap year, on business or a foreign assignment, make sure you carry its advice and insights with you every step of the way.

In May this year, Andrew will be chairing the 5th international conference on Tackling Kidnapping, Hijack & Hostage Taking.

His company, AKE Ltd, set up in 1991 as a specialist in risk mitigation, has become an international market leader – with offices in the UK, Australia, USA, Singapore and Iraq.

Andrew provides the most reliable, authoritative and respected security information on the market – and now you carry it on your smartphone, laptop or e-reader, wherever you go!

Only THE SAS+ SECURITY HANDBOOK shares the insight and expertise that has made the SAS respected throughout the world has now been applied to every aspect of personal and business security:


Whatever your security concerns, THE SAS+ SECURITY HANDBOOK will ensure you get the basics right.

Featuring valuable up-to-the-minute case studies and security scenarios, it teaches practical lessons that will reduce your chances of becoming a victim, to help you reassert control over your life.

In the words of bestselling author Andy McNab: ‘Don’t wait to be a victim of crime. Do yourself a favour – download this book!’


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Andy McNab ebooks storm the USA!

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spacer Well-known to millions of fans around the world, the Nick Stone Missions are an explosive series of action thriller novels written by author Andy McNab, based on his own experiences in the SAS.

Now, at last, Andy McNab and proudly present all 15 Nick Stone blockbusters for download in the USA – together with Seven Troop, Andy McNab’s unforgettable memoir, a “storming battering ram of thrill-packed, heartbreaking drama”.

And it doesn’t stop there … because every Andy McNab download contains a wealth of bonus material for USA readers!

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