Re-mixing the web for social change


Monday, June 18. 2007

Re-mixing the web for social change

Things are brewing in the European non-profit/social change space on the web.

In the US the organisation NetSquared - whose strapline is "re-mixing the web for social change" - has been showcasing, supporting and discussing issues within the non-profit/digital arena successfully for quite some time. Their mixed mode methodolodgy has meant that people and organisations have been able to get involved at a level of their choosing - be it simply to receive their regular emails to blogging voluntarily under the NetSquared banner, like the UK's Steve Bridger who blogs under nfp2.0 and NetSquared.

Dan McQuillan over at Internet.Artizans is wondering if Europe needs something similar. The digital media work he heads up at Amnesty International is just some of the fantastic stuff that non-profits, charities and social/political change organisations are doing in the UK, much of which in silos where there is little cross fertilization.

To be really effective anything that gets organised needs the input and collaboration from as many different sectors and interests as possible - from developers to those in marketing and advertising. As Dan writes:

"The success of a project like Netsquared Europe will depend on the collaboration of organisations and networks that already reflect facets of its goals. Take the original Californian tech-visionaries of Netsquared and remix with the professsionalism of the eCampaigning Forum, the European activist focus of Total Tactics, the open source know-how of the Tactical Technology Collective and the enterprise of The School for Social Entrepreneurs and what do you get....?"

A number of people in this field have already given their support but it would be good to ensure a really wide ground of participants. Those who are interested in this area, or who feel they can give some positive feedback please read and comment on Dan's blog post.
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Also, if anyone has any questions about NetSquared, feel free to email me at

Thanks for the shout out, Kathryn!


Britt Bravo
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#1 Britt Bravo (Homepage) on 2007-06-22 00:11 (Reply)

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