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Alaura Grey – Bashful, Busty Beauty

20 Feb, 2015  Chubby Women  No Comments

Timid, Big boobed Hotty


If a look can say a thousand words, one gaze into Alaura Grey’s eyes says a million. You do not see gals love this likewise often. And beauties with JJ-cup naturals are even more rare. Simply put, Alaura has it all, and she doesn’t even must utter a word to be sexy and turn us on. Alaura’s latest scene spreads with the camera panning from her face to her wobblers, and we’re unsure if a scene has ever felt so private. While many cuties would talk smutty into the digital camera, Alaura lets her marangos and ravisher do the talking. Her little smiles and downy groans are more than sufficient in this one. Alaura is the sort of hotty that proves that if a gal is sexy sufficient, there’s no need for a stunt meat-thermometer to get inside the way. We wanna appreciate every inch of this gal’s flawless body.

Watch More of Alaura Grey at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Peyton Thomas – Freaky Friday

15 Feb, 2015  Chubby Women  No Comments

Freaky Friday


Don’t worry about avoiding darksome cats or not stepping on cracks in the sidewalk this Friday the 13th, cuz this day is your lucky day, XL Charmer. Peyton Thomas, the 18-year-old ravishing heart with ridiculous N-cup zeppelins, is popping her hardcore cherry today, and we couldn’t be happier.

“This is something I have fantasized about doing for a long-time,” Peyton said us. “I’m more lustful than nervous.”

This is uncommon territory, gentlemen. The maturer we get, the more we dream about rogering new juvenile girls with tight, succulent cunts. And honey bunnys do not receive much more fresh than Peyton.

“I’m indeed into sex,” Peyton added. “I did not begin fucking until not too long ago, but when I rogered a lad for the first time, I was instantly addicted to penis. I can not receive sufficient of sex now.”

Well, we had to offer Peyton our top studhorse when this babe told that, and the only dude for the job is JMac. If you have met a guy who can’t live without plumpers more than this boy, we’d like to meet him. This chab knows how to treat a dominant-bitch, and Peyton knows how to handle a man’s dick with these N-cup wobblers.

Friday has not at any time been freakier.

See More of Peyton Thomas at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Kimmie Kaboom – Plumper At Work

10 Feb, 2015  Chubby Women  No Comments

Plumper At Work


Kimmie Kaboom is an auto buff and knows cars. She's the solely glamour model we know who repairs them. Kimmie too rebuilds her own cars. Her current personal project is an '89 Mustang GT that needs a fresh engine and transmission.

Kimmie talks about her life in the world of cars in the opener of her recent clip. We don't know any glamour models who are actual working auto mechanics. (SCORE made a DVD called Bigger in size than average Tit Tune-Up with Puma Swede but her dream woman mechanic persona didn't fix cars… she just had sex in and around them.) Kimmie encourages all of us to have some basic knowledge about auto maintenance and repair and promotes car education.

After Kimmie clues us in about her car knowledge, that babe heads over to our work shop and exposes what a real auto muscly is love in the muscly. Kimmie will steer u the right way. Guaranteed to not leave u flat!

Watch More of Kimmie Kaboom at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Lucy Lenore – We Love Lucy

6 Feb, 2015  Chubby Women  No Comments

We Like Lucy


Lucy’s got some ‘splainin’ to do. This babe is just also damn lovable, and it’s not fair, honestly. She’s got the face, you know that babe has the scones, this babe has the childbearing haunches, and she has the soft, squeezable stomach, also. Heck, this vixen even has an butt on her. U do not stand a chance when u see Lucy ‘coz she instantly has your dong standing at attention.

“Getting attention ‘coz of my mangos is just part of life,” Lucy said. “It’s a worthwhile life, though! It’s happened since I was in school. I was the first busty cutie in school, and when the other beauties started to catch up, my billibongs kept on growing.”

Lucy had a glamorous larger than typical lead on her classmates, so it’s doubtful any of them caught up. She’s now a J-cupper and a legitimate XL starlet.

“Posing has been tons of fun,” Lucy told. “It makes me feel so hawt. Especially when reading the comments.”

Yeah, the Brotherhood of XL Dudes went wild for this stunner.

Said Tom: “This dominatrix-bitch is a phenomenal discover. She positions adore an adept veteran, has a gracious face and a mind blowing body. Kudos to the photographer/editor for the sequence of shots. I adore the bush and the widow’s peak.”

We all love Lucy. And, really, there’s no explanation necessary.

Watch More of Lucy Lenore at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Kamille Amora – That’s Amora

1 Feb, 2015  Chubby Women  No Comments

That is Amora


When your sights hit a bust, and your eyes get as greater than typical as a pizza pie, that is Amora. We’re not sure if we like this cutie, Kamille Amora, or if we like her. But in moments love this, when she’s sexy, amorous and ready to screw, we don’t worry about such things. All we’re thinking about is watching one of our favourite beauties get her brains banged out. Especially since Kamille is so enthusiastic about screwing.

“I’m the sort of girl that can’t receive enough,” Kamille said us. “I wear boyz out now and then. They do not complain, but they’re weary. I love a admirable, long all-night sex session.”

Tony DeSergio isn’t the type of lad that wears down easily. Her I-cup mams deserve endless attention and her wonderfully bulky body a hard fucking. She is intend to get tons of one as well as the other.

“If it’s not coarse, it is not correct,” Kamille says. “A hotty love me needs to know and feel love you’re giving it to her.”

That’s Amora.

Watch More of Kamille Amora at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Sasha Brabuster – XL Xtra 5

28 Jan, 2015  Chubby Women  No Comments

XL Xtra 5


Sasha Brabuster’s name is evidence that there is truth in advertising.

This was Sasha’s very 1st XXX discharge. At the time, Sasha measured a face-smothering 44-30-40. She wore enormous J-cup bras that had to be custom made by experts. Her 1st on-camera sexing took place during the aftermath of a birthday party for porn petticoat chaser Matt Bixel. Sasha becomes his voluminous birthday gift and this woman chaser enjoys what this babe has to offer him. Fine surprise gift! When ya got it, unveil it.

Sasha was very nervous at 1st. Her hubby in the movie, porn woman chaser Matt Bixel, made her feel relaxed by joking and flirting with her during the day so Sasha enjoyed the experience of her on-camera “cherry-popping.”

Sasha made a comeback latterly after leaving the adult scene in 2007. But we wouldn’t have recognized her at all if we had bumped into her. Now a cam girl, Sasha has completely transformed herself–we mean totally–in recent years and is no longer a plumper.

Watch More of Sasha Brabuster at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Peyton Thomas – New Discovery

23 Jan, 2015  Chubby Women  No Comments

New Discovery


You’re in for a treat today, gentlemen. We’re unveiling our latest discovery, and she’s a honey you have gotta watch ‘coz this babe has titties you have got to watch to make no doubt of. We did double, triple and quadruple takes when Peyton’s test shots found their way into our inboxes. This babe is an N-cupper, and the N is for natural. They’re real, they’re spectacular and they’re all yours. Oh, and Peyton is only Eighteen years old, also. We forgot to mention that. Which means one thing: her mammaries are probably still growing. We still can’t make no doubt of this. If you are looking for the mother-lode, boyfrends, it resides just underneath her gorgeous face and button chin. She’s the contented owner of a treasure chest of breast, and you’ll be dropping your load to it for years to cum.

“I not quite always dress to expose off my love muffins Peyton said. “Low-cut tops, taut shirts, whatsoever. I cant actually contain those beauties anyway, though. So I suppose you could say just about everything I put on is a constricted top.”

That sounds about accurate. Peyton is freshly with out school and exploring the world. That babe does like to stay active, though, and she participated in a number of sports growing up.

“I did gymnastics for a bit,” she added. “I was a cheerleader for a bit, likewise. And I like playing volleyball.”

We’d root for whomever Peyton cheered for. Which makes it perfect that she’s joined our team.

Watch More of Peyton Thomas at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Harley Ann – Cock Is Her Tip

18 Jan, 2015  Chubby Women  No Comments

Dong Is Her Tip


Tipping your servers is common practice in the United States, but a goddess adore Harley Ann isn’t a very demanding server. When she serves you drinks, you can keep your wallet in your trousers but you’re more than welcome to pull your weenie out. Harley’s latest hardcore glamour photoshoot may be her hottest yet. In her observe, she is topping herself with every visit because she was pleasantly surprised by her first shoot.

“I thought they were much more priceless than I expected,” the foxy Florida native said. “I think that made me feel even more comfortable in front of the digi camera this time around. Screwing on-camera afresh felt natural to me. I let loose, and I had a lot of joy.”

That babe got overspread in a lot of cum, too–her own, and our friend Juan’s. It all starts with Harley’s epic dick-sucking skills, of course. She’s one of the unsurpassable we have ever observed cuz this babe takes pride in her cock-handling and genuinely enjoys it.

“I feel sexiest when I am giving lads head,” Harley said. “As a female, one of the greatest feelings in the world is knowing how worthwhile you are making a guy feel.”

Watch More of Harley Ann at XLGIRLS.COM!

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