Here are some comics I did for Special Christmas 2009.

Here is a wallpaper for your desktop starring the Anime Club kids.

Here are some comics I did for my mom for mother's day 2009.

Here is an interview I did on the Topatoco website. It contains a brief jokey "How to" segment on how I draw Gunshow.

Here are the guest comics I've done that I can recall right now.

PVP 1 2 & 3
Pictures for Sad Children 1 2 & 3
Wondermark 1 & 2
KinokoFry 1
Bellen! 1
Girly 1
Left & Right 1 & 2
Dr. McNinja 1

Bobwhite 1

Slackerz 1

Sam & Fuzzy 1

Gastrophobia 1

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