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03 Jul 2012

The anti-tech startup pattern

Written by Martin

Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time with a bunch of startup entrepreneurs, most of them are attracted to web startups, and end up building a technical product.

Good for them and good for me: they (often) have good ideas and (sometimes) have a job for me! Nevertheless, I see some similar patterns in most of these startups, and sometimes, these patterns are, I believe, plain wrong. Here they are, and why I think they are wrong.

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31 May 2012

Over-engineering considered useful

Written by Nicolas

How to kill a project

Over-engineering is one of the best ways to kill a project. Say you are making a painting software. Performance is critical, right? So you will need GPU acceleration, but you don’t want to restrict the program to one back-end, so you start designing an awesome generic abstraction layer so that the engine can run on top of Cairo, GEGL and your custom OpenGL based back-ends…

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