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Searching for a Natural
Birth Control?

If you’re reading this, our guess is that you are a well-informed woman who seeks out the facts about all important areas of your life, including your birth control. Here at Ova Ova, we believe every woman deserves to be informed about all birth control options, including natural and equally effective alternatives to hormonal birth control. We are here to teach you about a natural method, so you can make a choice that’s right for you.

Natural Birth Control Questions

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Is it Effective?

The World Health Organization, Planned Parenthood, and the Journal of Human Reproduction, among many other reputable sources all recognize the Fertility Awareness Method as 98% effective when practiced correctly. For links to these sources and a summary of the research articles, check out our Education Center.

How Does Fertility Awareness Work?

There are only six days each cycle when conception is possible. By keeping track of two of your body’s natural signs (resting body temperature and cervical fluid) you can identify these fertile days and either use condoms or abstain from sex to avoid pregnancy. Our charts will analyze your recordings to clearly identify when you are fertile (green days) or infertile (blue days), so there is no guesswork involved.  Check out our Education Center to learn all you need to know to practice this method.

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Is the Fertility Awareness Method for Everyone?

All methods of birth control come with some risk of pregnancy. The Pill is 99% effective when used correctly. As mentioned above, the Fertility Awareness Method is 98% effective, meaning that 2 out of every 100 women will experience an unintended pregnancy while practicing this method of birth control. If this is a risk that is unacceptable at this point in your life, you may want to consider using two methods of birth control (for example using a combination of condoms and the Fertility Awareness Method).

  • 18% of women stop taking the birth control pill due to side effects. So if you hate the side effects from the pill, you are not alone. Side effects from hormonal birth control can include everything from weight gain, mood changes, and lack of sex drive, to more serious and rare side effects like high blood pressure, breast cancer, and stroke.
  • Most medications have some side effects, but we were shocked to learn about how common and serious they really were. 1 in 2,000 women will be hospitalized for a blood clot while on the pill. 1 in 12,000 women will die from a blood clot while on the pill.
  • Hormonal birth control can also mask symptoms of a larger problem – one of women’s biggest fears – female infertility. Being on hormonal birth control masks your true cycle and prevents you from knowing if you suffer from common fertility issues.
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