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TBAN TechNV Honors 2013


TBAN shined this week at the Moon Nightclub for the TBAN TechNV Honors. They put on an awesome night with food, drinks, dancing, amazing videos! by Mike Cao, and of course awards. TBAN hasn’t always necessarily been known for their hip, upbeat events…but they are making some pretty great strides in creating a more engaging and fun environment.


Under President Mike Gardineer‘s amazing tenure, TBAN has really started to bridge the gap between the young tech startup scene and the corporate technology arena. TBAN was the first to step up to help Gabe Shepherd raise money for the SXVegas movement, which is now less than a week away. And I have on strong authority, that they are planning some very cool things for 2013. With young superstars like Alexis Glaser helping guide TBAN, the future is very bright.

On Wednesday night, there were representatives from every facet of the tech community. From young startups like LaunchKey and Romotive, to veteran tech professionals like Fred Cox, it truly was an event with broad appeal. Jason Mendenhall, EVP at Switch, hosted the evening…and he was pretty funny! He was like Ricky Gervais up there mocking the losers and petitioning winners for donations. He was a great addition to the evening. Even those that did not win had a great time (well, at least the ones that were prepared did).

All in all, it was a great evening and everyone involved should be very proud of the great work.

So without further adieu, here is a list of the winners:

Most Promising Early Stage Start Up

Technology Company of the Year

Entrepreneur of the Year
Mio Babic, CEO iStream Planet

Vegas Technology Spirit Award
Shavonna Tiera

Product of the Year

Tech Transplant of the Year

Technology CIO/CTO of the Year
Chris Nordling, MGM Studios

Technology Star of the Public Sector
Rob Lang

Technology Hall of Fame
Fred Cox

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