The ASA is the UK's independent regulator of advertising across all media, including marketing on websites. We work to ensure ads are legal, decent, honest and truthful by applying the Advertising Codes.


Each year, there are many millions of ads, direct marketing communications, sales promotions and digital communications in the UK. Our regular Compliance surveys tell us that the vast majority comply with the Advertising Codes. The ASA is here to tackle the ones that don't.

Resolving complaints

Many millions of ads, promotions and direct mail are seen in the UK each year

Facts and figures

28,929 complaints received

Facts and figures

It can take just one complaint to change or remove a problematic ad

Facts and figures

Complaints resolved within an average of 13 days

Facts and figures

99% of video games ads complied with the Advertising Codes

Key facts and figures

2,397 ads changed or withdrawn

Facts and figures

ASA is nearly 50 years old

Facts and figures

Complaints total less than 1% of all advertising

Facts and figures

62% of all complaints to the ASA are about misleading claims

Facts and figures

UK Advertising Codes are some of the strictest in the world

Facts and figures

99.7% of alcohol ads comply with the rules

Facts and figures

On average, 97% of ads are in line with the Codes

Facts and figures

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Ainsworths (London) Ltd t/a Ainsworths Homeopathic Pharmacy

A leaflet that offered "Homeopathic Travel Prophylaxis" made a number of claims about...

Avland Ltd

Claims on a website for an iPod docking station, in May 2011, stated "Denon ASD-11R iPod...

British Gas Services Ltd

A TV ad, a radio ad, a poster and three national press ads for British Gas Services'...

Camerabox Ltd

An ad for a camera was seen on the Camerabox Ltd website on 20 March 2011. Below the product...

Car Radio Unlocking

A sponsored search ad for Car Radio Unlocking, seen on 4 April 2011, stated “Car Radio Unlocking...

Coloured Rocks Ltd t/a Gems TV

A teleshopping presentation, on Gems TV, gave details of two items.The first item was a tanzanite...

Comfort Click Ltd t/a

Claims on Comfort Click's website for a "Bioenergiser TM Electro Flex Circulation...

Damartex UK Ltd t/a Damart

A direct mailing, for a clothing catalogue retailer, stated “Designated finalist in our 5 WINNERS...

David Roberts t/a The Big Space

Two price comparison claims, on The Big Space's website, on 21 April 2011, compared the cost of...

Fat Boy Imports

A banner ad for "Pump n Ride" inner tubes, on a website for bicycle accessories on 15...

Holland & Barrett Retail Ltd

A TV ad, for Holland & Barrett, viewed on 4 May 2011, featured Gethin Jones... Ltd t/a

Two TV ads and a radio ad, for an insurance price comparison website. The radio ad was heard on...

Last Minute Network Ltd t/a Holiday Autos

A website, on 13 April 2011, advertised car hire offers. Text stated "FREE additional driver...

L'Oreal (UK) Ltd t/a Maybelline

A magazine ad for "The Eraser" foundation by Maybelline featured an image of the model...

L'Oreal (UK) Ltd t/a Lancôme

A two-page magazine ad for "Teint Miracle" foundation by Lancôme featured an image of...

Nottingham Ready Mix Ltd

An ad, on the back of a local bus in March 2011, for a company supplying concrete, featured a...

Ryanair Ltd

A national press ad, for flights, appeared on 16 December 2010. It was headlined...

ScotKart Cambuslang

A sponsored link, for an indoor karting centre, stated "Indoor Karting Glasgow Race...

Southern Railway Company Ltd t/a Gatwick Express

Claims on the Gatwick Express website stated "Gatwick Express is the fastest way between...

Specsavers Hearcare Ltd

Two national press ads for Specsavers. Both were headed “AT SPECSAVERS, THE PRICE OF ALL OUR... Retail Ltd

A TV ad (a) and an ad on the Sports Direct International website (b) for a sale on footwear were...

Taxback Republic

Text on a website, for a tax refund service, stated "We are bonded by the Association of Tax...

The Emergency Services Media Department Ltd

An ad, on a jobseekers website, for a job vacancy, was viewed on 14 March 2011. Text stated...

The International Centre for Nutritional Excellence Ltd

An insert in a specialist magazine for sheep farmers was headlined "The International Centre...

A Google sponsored search ad stated “Social media people scam net66-the social media people AVOID...

Titanium Motors

A classified ad, for Titanium Motors, on on 4 May 2011. Text stated...

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Hot topics


Dealing with complaints about homeopathy websites

The high volume of complaints about claims on homeopathy websites, mostly about claims for the efficacy of homeopathy in diagnosing, treating or helping certain health or medical conditions, and the number of marketers we need to work with means we’ve taken a different approach to our normal investigation process.

Children and advertising

Protecting children has always been at the heart of our work: in 1962 - the ASA’s very first year of operation – one of our priorities was to look into ads for horror films and their potential to scare children. Ensuring that children are not exposed to potentially harmful or inappropriate advertising has remained an ongoing commitment.

Broadband: A need for speed

We have asked the Advertising Code writing bodies (CAP and BCAP) to review broadband speed claims in advertisements as part of a wider look at advertising in the telecommunications sector. The aim is to provide guidance to bring advertisers up-to-speed on how to advertise their services and protect consumers from being misled.

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ASA listens to parents' concerns

Our ongoing commitment to protect young people from inappropriate or misleading ads has been enhanced by listening to parents’ views and concerns. The report Advertising and young people details the findings of our engagement activity with parents, as well as school children, in Cardiff earlier this year.

ASA response to Bailey Review

The ASA has welcomed the advertising recommendations made today by Reg Bailey, Chief Executive of Mothers’ Union, following a six-month review into the ‘commercialisation’ and ‘sexualisation’ of childhood.

ASA Gambling Advertising Survey 2010

The Advertising Standards Authority’s (ASA) latest Gambling Advertising Survey has revealed a 96.1% compliance rate with the Advertising Codes. The survey was conducted to assess whether gambling ads continue to adhere to the tightened rules which are designed to ensure they are socially responsible and protect young and vulnerable people from harm.

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Key facts and figures

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Key facts and figures

Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP)

The advertising rules are written by the advertising industry through two Committees: the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) and the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice (BCAP).

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