Nude woman locked in stocks for outdoor bastinado punishment

Outdoor bastinado whipping for a woman locked in srocks is recreated in amazing details

Outdoor bastinado whipping in wooden stocks

While some of the websites doing bastinado punishments the simple way, there are sort of other places where they are paying lots of attention to the setup and all the details to make the falaka torture look as it was in dark ages. I am back with another picture set presented by the Infernal Restraints where there is naked woman put in kinky wooden stocks in order to be punished with nasty bastinado whipping.

The first thing you would notice about featured bastinado episode would be the fact that the foot whipping is being done outdoors. Most of the girls getting their feet beaten in the dark torture chambers while it is much more exciting to do this on public where everyone can see her.

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The guys from Infernal Restraints are paying lots of attention to all these kinky details that makes BDSM punishment look as closer to medieval reality as possible. Today for example they've built a very special wooden rig which suits for lots of punishments including the bastinado. Please note a set of holes made inside the hard wood that allow locking female in tem in a number of very kinky poses.

On the pictures posted the upper holes of the stocks are used for holding up girl's ankles while the lower ones are used for wrists. Look closer and you'll see the nasty steel hog ring put around slave's neck. Don't you think that it is one of the most bizarre ever and it suits perfectly for doing the bastinado?

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The guys were trying to make their bastinado episode to look as a period-true medieval torture, so they've put heavy steel chains of woman's feet. They surely do look nasty and add great amount of realism to the scene.

The bastinado whipping itself is made with the classic wooden rod. You should watch the movie of the punishment to hear those whistling sounds of a stick moving through the air and then hitting the soft feet. Then there goes the loud scream of the whipped woman that is slightly throttled with that kinky neck holding thing. What a nice way to do the feet whipping!

The complete set of images and 45 minutes of video made during this bastinado episode are can be seen at the Infernal Restraints website. Enjoy this and hundreds of other bizarre scenes where submissive women are being punished and tortured the exact way it was done centuries ago.

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