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Consummate Courtesan Couple

The Ultimate Courtesan Couple


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A courtesan couple experience is a little bit different to your run-on-the mill GFE.  It is a fantasy that is individually tailored to your personal desires and requirements and is both mentally and sensually fulfilling.

What are you looking for?

- Do you like the idea of an exciting, no-strings affair without the complications?
- Does the concept of a secret bisexual couple tempt and excite you?
- Would you like a naughty couple for when you visit town, who is the perfect frind couple when you take them out but totally uninhibited in private?
- Are you looking for a couple who you can enjoy time with outside, as well as inside the bedroom?
- Are you looking for a couple you who is perfectly presentable at social events?
- Intelligent companionship and engaging conversation - can you see the appeal?
- Don't want to holiday or travel alone?
- Do you work very hard and need a treat, some time out, and to relax
- Are you new to the idea of paying for companionship and intimidated by some escorts?
- Have you been disappointed by girlfriend experiences where you felt that you were just one of many clients the lady had seen that day/week, or found  some GFE providers a little to detached and clinical?
- Have you been let down after paying for a top-price GFE provider only to find her late, unprofessional, unsatisfactorily groomed and dressed or nothing like her pictures?
- Do you feel a little unsatisfied at home but don't want to risk a full-blown affair?
- Are you tempted to indulge in a fantasy or an erotic and exciting gift to yourself?

What We Offer:

We offer a Courtesan Couple Experience .  We are not for everyone, nor do we want to be (We've always be said that I'd rather be loved by some and hated by others, than merely "liked" by most)

Our benefactors are those who seek an open, intimate and individually-tailored luxury experience with a educated couple.  Quality encounters, rather than a high quantity, are our preference - We are  not in this profession simply to make a large amount of money in a short space of time; We prefer to offer a unique experience to the discerning.  The men we meet are those who appreciate a courtesan couple who is a little more selective with our affections than most escorts, who offers a deeper connection and is exceptional company outside, as well as inside the bedroom.

We offer many things.  we have intellect, class, charm, humour, style and sex appeal.  We are educated, well-read and mentally challenging, but also uninhibitied, sensual and ooze sexuality.  We see companionship as a passion and an art and it is our pleasure to divert you, delight you, and give you an experience that you've dreamed of.   Travel, a life of rich experiences and our natural personality have left us with a talent for entertaining, seducing and inspiring.   A hunger for hedonism and taste for the high life leads us onwards and drives us to seek new experiences with new people.  We live, act and dress the part...but always remember that our chief purpose is to entertain and make our benefactors the absolute center of our attention for the time that we are together

A Few things we offer...

 - discretion - honesty - an open mind - punctuality! - humour & laughs - relaxation - escape from the daily grind - seduction - sophistication and class - impeccable dress and presentation - uninhibited eroticism - focus on your desires - tantric massage -


Being a Consummate Courtesan Couple

Why does an educated, pretty, upper-middle-class couple, with seemingly many options for their relationships and career, abandom them all and choose to become a courtesan couple?  How does such thing happen? 

We sometimes wonder whether it was fated for us, destiny, 'meant to be' - if such a thing is even possible.  Was there some aspect of our character or personality that would have sent us down this road, regardless?  Or did we simply drift to this, carried by lifes current?  In either case, being a courtesan couple, companion or escort is an unorthodox enough choice to require some kind of explanation, so here we attempt to give ours.

Essentially, we were curiouses. We have a thing for hotel bars.  It's quite simple really - we like the mix of people in them.  we like to watch the action and wonder about the stories behind each face.  And most people in hotel bars are travelling, and often alone, so one can meet all kind of interesting people.  Bored one night, we took ourselves to a hotel bar in the city; was quiet and moody.  Across the room there was a gentleman - 40s,  American by his clothes, and alone.  We exchanged glances - a look, a challenge, a game.  A seduction. We summoned him with our eyes, and from then the chase was on...We love this kind of encounter.  We spent the night in his suite, and we left at first light never expecting to hear from him again - our perfect one night stand.  Except that when we got home, we found an envelope in her handbag containing $2000.   And just like that, without meaning to, we'd been paid for sex.  It was never the intent - just something that happened.

For some reason we've never really seen escorting as a shameful profession.  The first time we really were exposed to the notion was through a book we recall reading when we was twentyeight or so, about a middle-aged Irish-Liverpudlian woman who became a prostitute during the Great Depression.  Her choice (and, importantly, it was a choice), is presented as empowering - through it she is able to afford to restore her belongings to her family home, achieve independence and care for her sick best friend.  We suppose it's likely that this influenced our choice.  Later, we were fascinated by powerful women both in history and fiction, such as Anne Boleyn, Veronica Franco, Cleopatra, and Thackeray's Becky Sharp - courtesans who made their own way in the world on their wits alone. is neither affiliated with the authors of this page nor responsible for its contents. This is a safe-cache copy of the original web site.