Cocoa Crepes and Why We Are Attracted to Pretty People

by Eden on July 1, 2011

You may have noticed I changed my gravatar lately.


Yes, I know. I’m so hot.

 I’d totally get boner if I was man….Oh wait, I am one! (cue the creepy emoticon)  spacer

That same day, I left my hair and make up on and went to my usual grocery store and was hit on about three times. Yea, I know, who can blame them….but I also felt like I was treated differently. I had like 40 items in the express line and they all let me go. The man behind me looked older than my dad and asked me if I was texting my boyfriend on my phone to which I replied “I’m texting my mister”.

Infidelities aside, this made me wonder about appearances, and how other people respond to them.

When I was in middle school,  I was incredibly shallow. I’ll admit it, I wanted to be friends with pretty people. I was friends with some fugly looking people, but they had to earn it. They had to have been exceptionally kind or funny or something to make up for the fact that their face looked like a foot.

I know, I was an ass hole.

But the truth is, whether or not we admit it, we respond to things that attract us. I read somewhere (and whenever anybody says, “I read somewhere..” I think they’re lying but I swear I am not) that they surveyed employers and they noticed they were more likely  to employ people who looked more attractive. And these jobs didn’t center around appearances (like modeling or ugh…standing at the entrance to an Abercrombie and Fitch).


I really pray that girl farted

I sometimes wonder if the same works for blogs. Do we read some blogs because we like the way someone looks? Do we think their body is toned and hence we are curious what they eat (or more accurately, what they don’t eat…or puke, although I doubt they will tell you about that).


wow, you really let yourself go there

Nowadays, I think I’m the total opposite of how I used to judge people. Now, I think I’m mean and bitter towards skinny, pretty, “put-together” people when I first meet them. Not like I outlaw them as having any potential of being my friends, but they have to earn my love and respect. The same attitude I used to have towards people whose face resembled a foot.

I have a similar attitude towards me. If you are a gorgeous man, I assume you have a brain the size of a kiwi. I tend to actually crush on super nerdy guys. Don’t get me wrong. Ryan Reynolds can fuck me anytime, anywhere! But I would never marry such a man. I’m more on the level of Michael Cera or even that guy who played Mark Zuckerberg in the “Social Network”. I think I’m attracted to guys that can look like they can fix my computer….

Anyhow, I want to say to you that, “beauty is on the inside” and that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. And it totally is, BUT…………

let’s be real, your life is a tad harder when you look like a foot. And even worse when you smell like one too.

And if you’re wondering how I feel about myself, I’ll tell you this:

I don’t think downright fugly. I don’t look so hot in between the hours of 10 pm-9am but after a good nights sleep, washed hair, a little cover up and mascara and I look decent. I will never turn heads because I can’t have my make up and hair done like a sex pot everyday. But I know that I have potential to give myself boner spacer  

So I’m curious to hear from you on this topic? Do you find yourself being a little biased towards “better looking” people? Do you think you are good-looking?

And on to the edible portion of the program. I’ve been really feeling for my friend Amanda who found out she can’t have gluten anymore. So I’ve decided to make share my recipe for gluten free cocoa crepes. Dont worry Amanda, this isn’t a death sentence.

1 coconut or canola oil
1/4 cup milk or water
3 tbs cocoa powder
2 tbs sugar or sugar substitute
1/8 tsp sea salt
1 tbsp tapioca flour
2 tbsp coconut flour
4 eggs (or 1 cup egg substitute)
Heres the hard part. blend or mix. I sometimes make a big batch and put the mix in the fridge and when I want to make some, I just blend it again and get it on the griddle.
Grease the pan well between each egg crepe with some oil.
Pour your batter so that there is about an inch remaining between the crepe and the outside of the pan.
Lift the pan and swirl the batter around, to fill in the extra space slightly.L et the crepe sit on the first side for about 30 seconds. (you may need more or less time, depending on how hot your pan is)
Flip your crepe (I used my fingers, I suggest you use a spatula) and wait only a few seconds, then roll it up or fold it. Makes about 6 crepes or one Eden serving (maybe two normal people servings). I ate this with cherry yogurt and strawberries, so thats what the other stuff in the picture is.

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