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Post by ~>.ADMIN.<~ on Dec 2, 2012 15:56:29 GMT -7


Welcome to End of the Beginning, here's the low down on the sites rules. Note, these rules may be updated at any point.



This site's an original rpg. If your confused don't hesitate to ask questions. All members must be 13 yrs. or older to join due to its rated PG-13 content. Anyone caught under age will be deleted from the site. Please read and understand the ToS. If you have a disability please let us know so we can help you.

Create an account and remember to change the name to the character you want to apply for. Only one account per character. There's no limits on the # of accounts, just keep track of them. Otherwise inactive accounts will be deleted.

Most, if not all site info is in one place, so it shouldn't be hard to find. Just check out the table for the quick links to easily navigate your way through the site. If you need site assistance please contact the staff or ask another member. All site information will be updated as needed to keep up to date with the site and the community as a whole.


Fill out the application for the characters to be processed. Failure to fill out the form will just mean no character. Acceptance requires +2 staff ruling before approval or rejection. If an app is rejected for any reason, a member has the 3 strike rule to fix it before the app is fully denied. Rejected forms will go to the archives. If a staff member tells you your app may not be ready yet, take the helpful hints and work with them. Remember the effort put in is the gratitude given out. Make sure spelling and grammar are correct. No use of short lingo or chat speak in filling out the forms unless absolutely necessary. NO Mary Sues what so ever! Meaning no perfect characters! Characters have flaws and most characters in the world are not D.I.D.'s. If the staff catch a Mary Sue character they will advise that either you severely change the character, or that you let that character go all together and try again with a new one. Any character that is too Mary Sue styled and is not agreed to be changed at all with automatically be denied and filed away.

Original characters, by bio standards MUST for the most part, be original. Now granted you may have a character you like from a show and you like there attributes. But not everything can be of that character you like. As for pictures, whatever, as long as they haven't been used by another person on the site yet. No anime though or porn!! Work on a character bio MUST be done by the member and the member alone. However, it is okay to ask for help or advice. Just don't make another member or staff do your work for you, they won't thank you kindly for that. Note to all members, characters may take up to a week to be processed. If after a week is over, and the character still has not been processed, please then inform the staff.

You can create up to seven characters with a rule of thumb being, only one Horsemen or Sin, since Sins ans Horsemen's are so rare. But each must be a different specie then you're current characters, This is to prevent an overpopulation of one specie and gives others the chance to play them. If you have no desire for any particular specie, or specie(s) than you may have seven duplicates, but this means, you may not have multiple cannons, since the rule for Cannons only is, One specie per cannon, meaning one Horsemen, One Angel, One Human, etc etc. If you do not desire a Cannon, than you may have as many Angels, or Demons, or Human combos as you'd like or other Combinations, but the rule is, seven characters only for the first two months of membership. If you can prove you can handle more, by all means go ahead and try, but if one character isn't becoming as active and is just taking up space, please consider "Shelving" or deleting it. The code word is dark fury.

Most important part of the site and come foremost in plots are CANONS. A member wanting to play one MUST be at least somewhat active at minimum, are very good at rping, and should know the site at least a bit. If the person doesn't know much ask another member. All canons that a member wants to play must be approved by the staff, which again would be 2-3 staff members. They get the say if you can play a particular canon. All canons are NPC's (Non Player Characters) for the staff only to play until someone full time takes them up.


Role playing should stay in IC (In Character) mode. Use OOC (Out Of Character) only if you need to make notes or to clarify something. God Modding is not allowed. One members character can't just outright say what another character does. This especially goes for fights. If you and another member agree on something though that you both know will move a plot along and its not overing, that's okay, just no outright god modding without taking to others about it. Also no power playing, meaning over doing something you don't have. Also killing outright without consent of the other member is a very big no no. Don't do it. Unless its an open thread, dont just jump in. ask first.

Word count, there is none. However, you should be able pump out A HUNDRED WORDS. That can't be too hard I can do a hundred words in my sleep. REMEMBER, spell and grammar check! Structure, is key to a post. Make sure it not only flows with you but it flows with the rest of the thread so other members aren't having to ask questions of how the post relates. Things to remember are Plot, Characters, Setting, and the interaction between them. A good thread is one that is seamless and flows well. The characters interact in deeper ways than what one would expect. No one likes a paper thread, meaning flat and boring. So if you need help with beefing up skills for the bulk part of the writing ask someone who may be able to help you.

Timelines are a very big problem for many folks. Especially time progression. If you can't keep track of a thread and characters time, date, and location; put it at the top of the post you make. That way not only you know where your character is at, at that time, but also other members will know where your character is at. No Mary Sue posts, there obnoxious. No one will want to post with someone if all they do is make over dramatic displays of damsel in distress, want all the attention on them all the time just so they can act pathetic 24/7, or make there posts so light and fluffy it would make a persons tooth ache and seem "unreal". Its not to say that there can't be elements of the above done every once in a while, it just means it can't be done all the time. Basically NO TWILIGHT here.

Also, to bring up another topic related to that ...NO CYBER RAPPING! Bare in mind their not only your admins and fellow members, but behind those admins and fellow members are real people, they could be the same gender! Now don't be discouraged relationship stuff is fine, its even encouraged. Just don't over do it and don't force posts to make them do it. They won't appreciate that. Also note not every person are they going to want to do a relationship with. They may already have something going on. So check in with the them before you go all sex happy. Also mark threads with mature content. However, note if its REALLY EXPLICIT, take it to an IM to play out.

Do not make your characters posts GOD like, cause no character is that, save for the sake of God self. Even then if God were on a site like this the character would even have to be played down. So yeah no character is 100% A1 steak perfect. Make sure characters have flaws throughout threads.
Please try and refrain from crazy fonts or hard to read templates. Its not against the rules to do it just try to refrain from using it. There may be members that cannot read it easily. Have a good post or have a pretty post its your choice, but weigh the odds of which might do better. In other words, Readability over looking fancy.


[/li][li]NO DRAMA! It will not be tolerated anywhere! If any overdone drama is caught it will be reported promptly. Keep all bias' at the proverbial door of the site. Any discrimination or harassment will be dealt with bans and then deletions. Out of character means just that, out of character. You are not the character you play. NO PORN! You will be hunted for that, told to take it off, and not to do it again. Repeat offenders will just be deleted. It is not allowed on any Proboard's site. Now granted some fleshy pics are tolerate able. But nothing full nude. Those are the big no no's. Remember that their are people behind the characters. Many tend to forget that. We know we are real so other should logically know the same. If any OOC issues crop up please inform the staff. If its the staff that are a issue, please talk to that staff member privately or let other staff members know that they need to talk to that particular staff member. OOC posting is just as important and as much fun as IC posting. It a good way to get to know your fellow members. Make sure all topics are reasonable and are not spam.OTM awards will be given at the convince of the staff, this could be liable to change if things are too busy. Epic's, are end of the year awards and are a very big deal. Its a one year nomination that gives people the chance to have something to brag about for a whole year. They're a lot like the Oscars, Grammies, Emmies etc. More information will be given on them at the time that nominations start. Mini contests will be done at the discretion of the staff. If you have a mini contest idea please let the staff know. Other events that may go on may tie into the holidays and other site related deals. Just keep an eye out for them.

Have fun! It's what we're here for! ]Play hard! Don't be shy just jump right in! RP like hell! Play out plots with anyone and everyone!Don't take anything personal.
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