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ASPE-IT offers a full line of hands-on SharePoint training for complete implementation, management and usability for all key functions in your enterprise.

Explore the SharePoint training courses below to determine the training path most appropriate for your organization, or call us for assistance from a live training advisor. You can also view all Microsoft courses, or you may request that we bring a specific class to your city.

Microsoft SharePoint is encouraging widespread change in enterprise collaboration and communication. With browser–based collaboration, organizations can now host shared workspaces, content, integrated data and applications, and much more. These web–based collaboration tools allow drastically increased efficiency of shared resources.

SharePoint 2013 Training Curriculum Guide

Choose the Sharepoint 2013 training course most appropriate for your needs. You may also view courses as a list.

  • Introductory Training
  • Power User Training
  • Advanced Training
  • Specialty Training
  • Technical Training
  • Intro. to SharePoint 2013 for End Users
    eLearning option available
  • SharePoint 2013 Site Owner and Power User Boot Camp
  • Using SharePoint 2013 for Project Management
    SharePoint 2013 for Business Intelligence
    SharePoint 2013 for Business Process Automation
    SharePoint 2013 for Developers
  • SharePoint Governance, Planning & Adoption
    Developing SharePoint Solutions with Agile
    Using SharePoint 2013 & Office 365 SharePoint
  • MCSE: SharePoint Boot Camp
    Core Solutions of SharePoint Server 2013

We want you to get the most out of your training. If you have needs for SharePoint 2010 Training, we are able to tailor our SharePoint 2013 content to for SharePoint 2010. If you are interested, please contact us at 877-800-5221 or Request More Information.

SharePoint eLearning Curriculum Guide

We are now offering the courses below as self-paced, on-demand eLearning courses. You may also view these courses as a list.

  • Introduction to SharePoint 2013 for End Users
  • Introduction to Custom Workflow in SharePoint Designer
    Enterprise Content Management in SharePoint 2013
  • SharePoint 2013 Lists eLearning
    SharePoint 2013 Libraries eLearning

spacer The SharePoint Institute is an organization dedicated to the advancement of SharePoint professionals through real-world business application certificates. Many of our SharePoint 2013 training courses has been reviewed and approved by the SharePoint Institute for one of the five SharePoint certificates awarded by SharePoint Institute. All attendees will have the opportunity to take the SharePoint Certificate Assessment at the end of class. However, the exam is not required for completion of ASPE's training course. Learn more about the SharePoint Institute and the SharePoint Certificates available.

SharePoint Power User Certificate

The Power User Certificate offers non-server administrators the distinction to show they have mastered the critical power user skills required by businesses to guarantee a successful SharePoint adoption.

This certificate guarantees that employees have learned and can demonstrate the core concepts of SharePoint 2013, giving managers a competency level for which to compare and measure SharePoint knowledge. Realizing the importance of educating users about the power of SharePoint 2013 to improve processes and team collaboration is a critical component for any organization in the planning and deployment stages of SharePoint. The SharePoint Power User Certificate from the SharePoint Institute proves to management, prospective employers and colleagues that certified professionals are at the top of their industry when it comes to SharePoint knowledge and skills.

Earn your SharePoint Power User Certifiate by attending SharePoint 2013 Site Owner and Power User Boot Camp.

SharePoint Project Management Certificate

SharePoint Project Management Certificate recognizes the advanced experience and skill of Project Managers who achieve success using SharePoint 2013. The SharePoint Project Management Certificate demonstrates proven ability to use SharePoint 2013 to its fullest to coordinate and manage projects of multiple scales. Project Managers who use SharePoint 2013 are responsible for the execution of processes to achieve organizational objectives and keeping projects on time and on budget. The use of SharePoint 2013 as a project management tool is invaluable to these professionals.

Earn your SharePoint Project Management Certificate by attending Using SharePoint 2013 for Project Management.

SharePoint Business Intelligence Certificate

SharePoint Institute's Business Intelligence Certificate is a high-level certificate for SharePoint professionals. Designed for those with power user experience, the SharePoint Business Intelligence Certificate demonstrates a professional's understanding of the dynamic business intelligence information one can attain using SharePoint. It also proves their fundamental knowledge, terminology and processes used to ingrain business intelligence as a function of SharePoint.

Earn your SharePoint Business Intelligence Certificate by attending SharePoint 2013 for Business Intelligence.

SharePoint Business Process Automation Certificate

The SharePoint Business Process Automation Certificate recognizes the advanced experience and skill of SharePoint professionals who achieve business success using business process automation. SharePoint Business Process Automation Certificate holders are able to automate processes in order to contain costs, conserve labor resources and integrate applications all by applying SharePoint solutions.

Earn your SharePoint Business Process Automation Certifiate by attending SharePoint 2013 Business Process Automation.

SharePoint Governance Certificate

SharePoint Governance Certificate recognizes the ability of an individual to succeed in aligning his or her organization's unique needs and goals with a good SharePoint governance plan. SharePoint Governance is an essential part of any successful SharePoint deployment. It encompasses the set of policies, roles, responsibilities and processes that control how an organization's business divisions and IT teams work together.

Earn your SharePoint Governance Certificate by attending SharePoint Governance, Planning and Adoption.

If you wish to take a SharePoint Training course not scheduled near you, you may request that we bring SharePoint Training training to your city.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SharePoint Institute?
The SharePoint Institute is an organization dedicated to the advancement of professionals through real-world SharePoint certification. While standard certificates exist for the technical side of SharePoint, such as deployment and administration, real-world application of SharePoint certification is neglected. Credentials awarded by the SharePoint Institute utilize knowledge and skill assessments to distinguish individuals as proficient users of SharePoint in several different areas.

Which certificates from SharePoint Institute are available through ASPE?
Many of our SharePoint 2013 training courses has been reviewed and approved by the SharePoint Institute. We have courses which will qualify you to earn all of the five following certificates:

  • SharePoint Power User and Site Owner
  • SharePoint Business Intelligence
  • SharePoint Business Process Automation
  • SharePoint Project Management
  • SharePoint Governance Certificate

Why choose ASPE for SharePoint training?
Our training services are designed around creating fast-paced classroom experiences that mirror the real world. With realistic labs and practice, employees get back to work fast ready to employ new skills. We think this approach is the most valuable and sets us apart from competitors.

Is it really that important to migrate to/rely on SharePoint?
SharePoint is about business communication. It's the decision of each individual organization how much to utilize it. If you are wondering whether a SharePoint rollout would aid your organization but just aren't sure, our training advisors are happy to discuss it with you and give you an honest assessment of your situation.

How can I be assured that training on SharePoint is really worth the investment?
Sometimes employees attend technical training but never really feel like they've leveraged what they learned. That's what our real-world training model is all about: making sure skills are practical, approachable, and utilized. For clients who have more complicated situations or who want extra assurance that the training investment is worth it, we offer pre-training assessment and post-training coaching options to make sure your teams' new skills get integrated with the supervision of an expert.

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