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    Apr 15

    Triple-click Home extra! The watch adventure

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    Listen to Triple-click Home extra: the watch adventure

    Welcome to this, the first Triple Click Home extra! Join Doug Langley of speed dots, Raquel Gomez, and our own very excited Hope Povenmire as they visit the apple store and check out the apple watch. Although they find that the demo units are not equipped with voiceover, they are able to provide a description of the watch, its “haptic feedback”, and the available accessories. You will hear the feedback in the form of little pulsing noises, as it twitches near the microphones used to record this adventure. So put on some headphones and join them!

    but wait, There’s More!

    Once you’ve given this podcast a listen, consider checking out the apple watch accessibility page.
    You can also follow Hope on twitter as well as following triple click home on twitter
    Remember that this podcast is sponsored by audible, and that you can receive a free book for trying audible by visiting audiblepodcast.com/serotalk

    Thanks for listening!

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    Aug 14

    Triple-click Home Episode 32: That’s How We Roll

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    Listen to Triple-click Home Episode 32: That’s How We Roll

    The Triple-click Home team has been super busy this summer, so we decided to give them a bit of a vacation–well, most of them, anyway. Jamie and Buddy decided to change up the podcast a bit this month, and the rest of the gang agreed.

    This time around, Jamie Pauls takes a few minutes to demonstrate our shiny new version of iBlink Radio for the Mac.

    Lisa shows us how to use Fantastical 2, a calendar for iOS that meets her specific needs in a way that the native calendar does not.

    Finally, Jamie interviews the developers of Crossly, a crossword puzzle game for iOS that many in the blind community are enjoying.

    Next time around, the team hopes to be able to talk about all the cool stuff Apple plans to release this year. That should make for a full show, indeed and we will include your feedback as well. Until then, enjoy the rest of your summer!

    Closing Credits

    The Triple-click Home team would love to hear from you. Here is how you can get in touch with them:

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    Follow Buddy Brannan on Twitter

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    Thanks for listening!

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    Jul 14

    Triple-click Home Episode 31: Tin Cans and String

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    Listen to Triple-click Home Episode 31: Tin Cans and String

    Welcome to a jam packed episode of the Triple-click Home Podcast. John Panarese was unable to join the team this time around for exciting and mysterious reasons of which we cannot yet speak, so Jamie joined Alena and Buddy for this week’s show. From the top of the news to the unveiling of a new reference book for Voiceover users of the Mac, there is a lot to love about this month’s offering. Add in a dash of lively discussion surrounding your feedback, and we have quite a show for you this time around. Enough with the introductions. Let’s jump right to the …

    Top of the News

    NFB Adopts Resolution Urging Apple to Require All iOS Apps to Be Accessible

    KNFBReader iOS App Announced for $99

    Expensive Apps For iPhone and iPad

    New update to iBlink Radio

    Apple announces iTunes U update with iPad Course Creation, Student Discussions & more

    Apple iMac 21.5-Inch (2014) Review & Rating

    Top 10 keyboard shortcuts every new Mac owner needs to know!

    Apple TV adds ABC News, AOL On, PBS Kids, Willow TV, and redesigned Flickr app

    How to use Apple TV: The ultimate guide

    New privacy enhancements coming to iOS 8 in the fall

    Another rumor claims September 19 iPhone 6 launch, no 16GB version

    How Disney Could Help Apple Create a Killer iWatch

    Apple’s software ju-jitsu


    This month, Jamie interviews Janet Ingber about her new book Learning to Use the Mac with Voiceover. This is an extremely valuable resource for anyone who is new to the Mac as well as those who simply want a good reference book at their fingertips, and who doesn’t need that from time to time. Our thanks to Janet for sharing her time with us this month.

    Also check out iOS Access for All: Your comprehensive guide to accessibility for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. by Shelly Brisbin

    You can also listen to Lisa Salinger’s interview with Shelly on SeroTalk Podcast 203.

    AudioSpeed Racing now available for Mac and PC

    Weather Radio by WDT

    AFB Launches an App for AFB CareerConnect and It’s FREE!

    Announcing the launch of Spoken 21; an accessible blackjack game

    The Drive: An app designed to lead the blind safely

    5 Years of VoiceOver: Look How Far We’ve Come

    Team Picks

    This time around, Jamie recommends weather radio, discussed earlier in the podcast. There appears to be a dirth of new apps in the Brannan household, but not to worry as Alena comes to the rescue with the following recommendations

    Exploring Braille

    Blindfold Racer
    And finally, Math Robot.

    Closing credits

    The Triple-click Home team would love to hear from you. Here is how you can get in touch with them:

    Follow Alena Roberts on Twitter

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    Thanks for listening!

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    Apr 14

    Triple-click Home Episode 28: Turn Right On “A” Street

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    Listen to Triple-click Home Episode 28: Turn Right On “A” Street

    Welcome to another packed episode of Triple-click Home. Join JJ, Ana and Steve as they discuss all things Apple. Then, Jamie Pauls visits with David Ward

    about Braille Sonar Pro, an indispensable app for referencing Braille contractions.

    Because David is awesome and he thinks our Triple-click listeners are too, he has dropped the price of the app in half for a limited time, so go grab it now.

    Stories discussed in this episode include:

    In the News

    [What’s New and Changed for Blind and Low Vision Users in iOS 7.1](www.applevis.com/blog/apple/whats-new-and-changed-blind-and-low-vision-users-ios-


    Apple Ordering 90 Million iPhone 6 to Meet Huge Demand (Report)

    [Apple reportedly working on expanding Siri partnerships, iWatch support](www.imore.com/apple-reportedly-working-expanding-siri-partnerships-iwatch-


    Is an Apple Credit Card the Next Big Move?

    New Beacons Installed at Petco Park

    How SXSW plans to use iBeacons to improve the attendee experience

    [SXSW First Look: Store Shelves That Talk To Your Phone](blogs.wsj.com/personal-technology/2014/03/09/sxsw-first-look-store-shelves-that-talk-to-


    [Class action suit claims Apple Store POS system discriminates against visually impaired](appleinsider.com/articles/14/03/05/class-action-suit-


    [Running Windows under VMWare Fusion: Remapping your Keyboard to Create an Insert Key](www.applevis.com/guides/mac-apps/running-windows-under-vmware-


    Ask iMore: How the #@$& do you find anything with App Store search?

    How to easily back up and restore your Mac with Time Machine on OS X Mavericks

    Make use of the iCloud keychain

    [Apple TV remote: 7 amazing shortcuts you need to know!](www.imore.com/top-shortcuts-you-need-know-when-using-your-apple-tv-remote?


    Parcel – Delivery tracking By Ivan Pavlov

    [Jawbone’s ‘Up Coffee’ app tracks your caffeine intake, estimates when you’ll finally be able to sleep](www.engadget.com/2014/03/06/jawbone-up-



    Hi Guys!

    Episode 27 was a pleasure to listen to, as usual.
    I would like to comment on a few points from the episode

    • Subsidized phones are available in other countries outside the US. As buddy said, they are available in the UK. They are also available in Germany, Ireland

    and other countries. My sister in Germany started a new bill contract recently: 30 euros per month = 40 dollars, for 200 minutes and texts to any mobile

    network and landlines, 300 MB of data and the iPhone 5C for the equivalent of 1.35 Dollars.
    My contract here in Ireland costs me the equivalent of 55 dollars per month, 350 flexible units, i.e. 350 minutes or 700 text messages to any network,

    unlimited calls and messages to my own network, 2 Terabytes – yes, I said Terabytes, of data and the iPhone 5S for the equivalent of 199 Dollars.
    Not bad at all!
    One point which really surprised me in the episode was the comment about paying for incoming calls. Do you have to pay for incoming calls in the USA? The

    only time I have had to pay for incoming calls was when I was abroad with a previous SIM card.

    • Reading Marco’s article about switching back to Windows and the reactions to it are very interesting from a social perspective. There are the Windows users

    who say: Ha, I knew it all along! Then there are the Mac users who say: don’t he dare point out imperfections in Macs! And then there are the Mac users who

    say: I know what he means, but now I’m stuck with this thing.
    I agree with Marco in his comment about the way Apple deals with reports and requests. Most replies I have got from Accessibility@Apple.com read something

    like: “thank you for your interest. We will pass it on to the appropriate people, but we don’t know when and whether this will be fixed.” I have got some

    very helpful personal emails but the majority read like templates. This, however, is no Apple speciality. I heard from a number of beta testers that Apple

    knew about VoiceOver’s “Page-2 Issue” at a very early beta stage. It still has not been fixed, and this is frustrating.
    One point in Marco’s article with which I do not agree at all is the criticism of the object interaction. One person said in the comment section that they

    can’t use their Mac one-handed. I do not understand this. I work with quickNavigation and the TrackPad and can operate my MacBook Air quite well while

    holding a cup of coffee in my left hand. This comment brought back memories of several installations using JAWS – routing teh JAWS cursor to the PC cursor

    which does not move any further, then looking for my “Next” button with the JAWS cursor, then route the PC cursor to the JAWS cursor and activate the item.

    And how many fingers on how many hands does it take to turn on the virtual cursor on a webpage? NVDA, too, requires at least two fingers on at least two

    hands to navigate.
    I think that the whole interaction argument is rubbish. I like interaction and think that I am much quicker than I am in Windows. However, this is all a

    matter of taste.
    I knew when I bought my Mac one year ago that I would need my Windows laptop for some tasks. Most of those tasks have now been moved to the Mac. I am a

    researcher in phonetics and phonology and use symbols of the phonetic alphabet and am happy that voiceOver does not only read them but that I can access them

    so easily on the standard keyboard. Great job, Apple!

    Looking forward to your next episode! All the best and greetings from Ireland.


    Hi Guys,

    You talked about Spotify in this episode and that it is possible to listen to individual songs on the iPad but not on the iPhone. this is not a bug but is

    advertized by spotify. I have heard in one of their ads “If you want to listen to individual songs, you can do this on your iPad.” or something like that.


    all the best. Markus

    From Jenine Stanley

    Hmmm, I’m thinking this long winter has gotten to all of us. Listening to the February TCH, or Episode 27, whichever you choose to refer to it, you all

    sounded just a tad worked up about life.

    Granted, I pride myself in being just as cynical and jaded as you all, I have to say that you took it just a bit too far this time.

    What Jenine? You, the Serotalk Fan Girl, saying we took it a bit too far? Whatever could you mean?

    Well, in the discussion of the article about switching back to Windows, the whole issue of interaction under Mac’s Voice Over went to the dark side. You doth

    protest too much.

    My biggest adjustment when moving from Windows to Mac was the whole idea of interaction. I get the whole moving from a larger to a smaller thing but we move

    from larger to smaller in IOS and don’t have the need to take this extra step. It’s just that too, an extra step. What would Mac VO look like if it operated

    like VO does in IOS? I think that’s what many of us new to Mac but coming from IOS on our phones are thinking and becoming frustrated with.

    The way you all were ranting though made it sound like we were unworthy for even thinking this way. It really would have turned me off on asking for help had

    I not known that you guys are among some of the most helpful people out there when it comes to the switch. There was way too much justification of the method

    for me and not enough empathy about yes, this is different and there may be some questions at first if you come from IOS world to Mac as many of us are


    I’ve made the change over to Mac and am quite happy not to have my screen reader stopping at least twice a day in the middle of something and all the other

    nice things that come with Mac. Do I like interaction? Truth? I don’t mind it now but do wish I could just explore the entire screen at once without having

    to go in and out of interactions. that said, I do it because it’s there and things work but does that have to be the perfect way to do things?

    Oh and I totally agree with you about the whole “God Bless you” thing and all interactions, human ones that is, being about the dog.

    My answer to these people is usually to reflect back their attitude of benevelance by just saying “You too!” when being blessed.

    Oh, all sorts of snark come to mind but in most cases, unless truly pushed, I’ll try to be nice. I have a dear friend who is an atheist. This kind of thing

    just sends her around the bend because she feels she can’t ever argue and say that she is offended by being blessed but can’t say that because it will only

    open up another avenue for evangelizing.

    Well, let’s hope March brings us some interesting Apple news that doesn’t involve brow beating each other. spacer Keep up the good work.
    Jenine Stanley

    Wrapping Up

    [Apple’s ‘attack detection mode’ would protect iPhone owners in emergency situations](appleinsider.com/articles/14/03/06/apples-attack-detection-


    [2-year-old boy saves mom using FaceTime app](www.foxnews.com/health/2014/03/10/2-year-old-boy-saves-mom-using-facetime-app/?


    Contacting the Team

    We’ve had our say, now its your turn. Drop us a line at resources@serotalk.com or send us a tweet at [our official Twitter


    You can also follow our hosts by visiting

    Ana’s Accessible Android blog or

    JJ at AndroidAccess.net.

    Finally, Check out Steve’s Twitter feed.

    Thanks for listening!

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    Feb 14

    Triple-click Home Episode 27: Will You Be My Family?

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    Listen to Triple-click Home Episode 27: Will You Be My Family?

    This month, guest host Allison Hartley joins the Triple-click Home team to discuss the top news stories of the week. In addition to the news, Alena Roberts talks with Tom Green of Somethin’ Else, makers of Papa Sangre, Papa Sangre II and The Nightjar. As always, we include your feedback in the show.

    Top of the News

    The future of the Mac: What will the next 30 years bring us?

    Why Apple ‘computers’ outselling Microsoft may not be fair, but is incredibly important

    The real reason Macs never got in the enterprise

    Apple maintains enterprise dominance; Windows Phone lags

    Report: New content could arrive with new Apple TV “by Christmas”

    The iWatch Will Not Be An iPhone On Your Wrist

    Apple Reportedly Hires Sleep Expert For iWatch Team

    Apple pledges $100 million in iPads, computers and other tools toward Obama’s ConnectED education program

    Apple’s iPad Air Has The Longest Lasting Battery Among Current Tablets

    News in iOS

    7 New iOS 7.1 Details

    5 problems a 5-inch iPhone solves for Apple

    Verizon confirms ‘More Everything,’ brings price cuts, more data, global texting

    Patrick Perdue demos Zoom IQ5 mid/side stereo microphone for iOS devices

    Check out BackBlaze, a #VoiceOver accessible cloud backup solution.

    An Overview of Five iOS Text Editors

    Switching back to Windows

    Spotlight: Games

    Play a Free iOS Game and Help with University Research

    ‘Flappy Bird’ Creator: Game Was Pulled Because It Became an ‘Addictive Product’


    From Jenine Stanley:

    So, I’m excited about the usability of the MicroWave audio editor for the Mac. I am stuck though on a couple concepts that don’t seem to be covered by the very well done manual. Where might I go to find more info about using this audio editor with Voice Over?

    I’m particularly interested in the keyboard commands for selecting text. Everything else looks dandy but that one has me stumped.

    Another from Jenine:

    Loved the last show, as always but was thinking as I transition to the Mac, that it might be good to have a segment of your show that looks at the practical side of using Apple products. Here’s how it might go.

    Let’s say we choose a task, like creating, editing and reading documents. Then we talk about the programs available, which we use and why, and how they might differ for someone coming from the Windows environment. I know you guys sometimes do this anyway but a more structured look might be helpful.

    I, for example, am about to take on Pages. I can open a document to read or edit and see the places for headers, footers and body text but then can’t seem to get much further. I know there’s something I’m missing but just don’t know what it is.

    Alena does a great job of pointing out things like Text Edit and the 1-page issue which is hugely helpful. Let’s have more of that.

    I’m just glad I can finally understand what you all and David Woodbridge are talking about when it comes to Mac OS stuff now. I usually tuned out if it wasn’t IOS.

    Keep up the good work.

    Finally from Jenine:

    I’m testing out a borrowed Macbook Pro and am down to only two major elements keeping me from the switch. I have to test it with my printer, but I see no issues there.

    The Macbook is dated 2012 and is running Mavrix latest version.

    I currently scan documents using Acrobat Pro for my scanning needs on my Windows7 desktop. Besides Docuscan Plus, are there other programs that work with the Mac?

    References I saw on Applevis were no longer available in the app store.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    From Chris Nusbaum:

    Hello to the Triple Click Home Team,

    As always I very much enjoyed Episode 26 of the podcast. There was a lot of good information and commentary provided and the interview with Shannon Reese was enlightening. You and the whole gang at SPN provide a wonderful service to the blind community and I am very appreciative of it.

    I would like to make a few comments and ask a question in response to some of the topics discussed in the most recent podcast. Firstly, I agree with and relate to the frustrations which Jamie and Buddy expressed about the Learning Ally app. The lack of a rewind/fast forward feature does make it inefficient and annoying; indeed, I find it makes reading my textbook take much more time than it should. If I am answering a question which requires information that is at the bottom of a page, I have to listen to everything on the page to get that information.
    If I miss what I need once, I have to listen to the entire page yet again. After Jamie suggested this workaround, I downloaded the textbook onto my Victor Reader Stream and am finding that it is much better. Now there is some news on this subject which I would like to share. I called Learning Ally tech support today for an unrelated matter, but also told them about the issues mentioned above with the iOS app. The tech support specialist told me that they had heard this from many users and were adding a 10-second rewind/fast forward feature in the next app update.
    The rep did not have a definite release date for the app update, as it is still in the testing stages. She assured me, however, that this improvement can be expected in the near future. This is definitely a sign of progress.

    Now onto my question. There was discussion during the podcast about Twitterrific and, more generally, apps which are not compatible with iOS 7. I used and enjoyed Twitterrific on my old iPhone 4S running iOS 6. However, I found that it was not working very well at all when I updated to iOS 7. It would take a long time to load and the app would often crash altogether before it even loaded, kicking me back out to the home screen. I ended up switching from Twitterrific to TweetList when I was asked to handle the live tweeting of the NFB of Maryland convention, partly because of my lack of success with Twitterrific and partly because I found TweetList to work better with multiple accounts. I realize that this was on an iPhone 4s, which did not work very well with iOS 7 anyway. However, I now have an iPhone 5C. So, have you found Twitterrific to work better on the newer iPhone models? Does it load any faster or have better responsiveness with the new iPhones as compared to the 4S? If so, perhaps I will redownload Twitterrific on my 5C and see how it works. I look forward to hearing your feedback on this. Thanks for all you do; keep up the great work.

    Blog comment from Jan Blüher:

    Hello Triple Click Home Team,

    I wondered why Alena cannot see the weather info in notification center although others can, and started a little search. It seems that the location services have to be enabled for the Weather app to make this happen: Settings; Privacy; Location Services. Maybe you try this.

    Keep on going with the podcast. It’s a very nice show. I like it.

    Blog comment from Chris McKnight:

    I share your frustration with the touch screen controls and their inaccessibility to blind people. In particular with regard to home appliances, I agree go see them in the store for yourself and many times you can find them with raised buttons on those smooth front panels, which I was able to do with my new dishwasher and clothes washer/dryer units. I had the same problem with cooking ranges, however, where controls have no tactile buttons. My solution was to give up on any that had dynamic touch screen menu controls (like KitchenAid models), but I did buy a Kenmore model with smooth touch panel controls, but no menus to deal with. The solution? My sighted girlfriend affix

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