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Ookla Speedtest Mini

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Setup Instructions

  1. Download
  2. Unzip it onto your server
  3. Decide on PHP, ASP.NET, ASP or JSP
  4. Select which index file to use
  5. Rename the file to index.html
  6. Load index.html in your browser

You can also copy the commented code from index.html and paste it into an existing web page. Just be sure to keep the speedtest folder and speedtest.swf in place.

Terms of Use

By downloading Ookla Speedtest Mini you agree to these Terms of Use.

Ookla Speedtest Mini allows you to host a free mini speed test on your own server that uses a pared down version of Ookla Speedtest’s technology. Ookla Speedtest Mini is not intended to replace Oookla Speedtest, and results for Ookla Speedtest Mini may differ.


Setup requires a web server that supports PHP, ASP.NET, ASP or JSP. Read the troubleshooting file included in for further details.

Ookla Speedtest Mini application is offered "as is," free of charge and without any support. Ookla will introduce new features to it every so often, this may mean that you will need to download it again periodically. It is up to you to keep the application updated.

Ookla Speedtest Mini is not created for commercial use, and may not be used for commercial purposes or on commercial sites.

If you would like a commercially appropriate Ookla Speedtest application, which allows for branding, detailed reporting, and customisation, please head over to the Ookla web site.

Ookla Speedtest Mini must not be used in a way which implies or suggests a partnership or other legal relationship with Ookla, or its applications. You must not use Ookla Speedtest Mini in a way that violates our Terms of Use and other Legal Notices especially, but not limited, provisions related to intellectual property.

If your use in anyway violates these terms, Ookla can revoke the permission to use the Ookla Speedtest Mini application at any time.

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