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In the following table, the left column contains an HTML topic, the right column provides links to where you can find help about that topic.

For this...
HTML help with tables
  • Scan the HTML table tutorial
  • Check out the HTML table generator
  • See the HTML table tag
  • Learn about the CSS table-layout property to make large tables load faster
  • Have a look at the CSS table-layout example
HTML help with images
  • See the <img> tag
  • Check out the Web Graphics Tutorial article
  • And the GIMP Tutorial sample
  • If you need help with an image map, check out the article on image maps
Help with hyperlinks
  • Learn about the <a> element
  • To change the look of hyperlinks, see the CSS hyperlinks article
  • If you need to set a default URL for hyperlinks, have a look at the HTML base tag
Help with image maps
  • Make sure you're familiar with the <img> element
  • Read about image maps
  • For a more detailed understanding, learn about the <map> and <area> elements
Help with fonts
  • Read the HTML font code article
  • The above article suggests using CSS for fonts. In particular, learn about the following CSS properties: font, font-family, font-size, font-style, font-weight
  • CSS has other properties that can assist with text formatting and layouts. For example, line-height, letter-spacing, text-transform, text-align.
Help with embedding music / audio / sound
  • Read the HTML music code article
  • Brush up on the <audio> element
Help with color
  • Understand hex color codes
  • View the CSS color chart
  • Read about the color and background-color properties
Help with numbered (ordered) lists
  • Learn about the <ol> element
Help with unnumbered (unordered) lists
  • Learn about the <ul> element
Help with definition lists
  • Learn about the <dl> element
Help with forms
  • Learn about the <form> element
  • And the form-associated elements:
    • <button>
    • <fieldset>
    • <input>
    • <keygen>
    • <label>
    • <object>
    • <output>
    • <select>
    • <textarea>
    • <img>
Help with inline frames
  • Learn about the <br> tag
  • You may also be interested in the CSS scrollbars article for creating a similar effect to inline frames
Help with metadata
  • Learn about the <meta> tag
Help with HTML redirects
  • Read the HTML redirect article
  • This article refers to the <meta> for performing client side redirects
Help with adding JavaScript to a web page
  • Learn about the <script> element
  • To learn about JavaScript, see the JavaScript tutorial
Help with event handlers / intrinsic events
  • Learn about the JavaScript event handlers

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