Muslim women's love lives revealed

By Hana Baba Oct 11, 2012
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    Ayesha Mattu (left) and Nura Maznavi (right) co-edited Love Inshallah. Mattu joined Hana Baba to talk about the book.
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Note to listeners: This interview contains mature content. 

San Francisco’s premier literary festival, Litquake, is in its final days, with dozens of readings, performances, and author events all over San Francisco.

Part of Litquake’s mission is featuring new authors and new works of literature. One of these books is the groundbreaking Love, Inshallah, a collection of stories featuring 25 American Muslim women who shared their experiences of love and sexuality within the context of being a Muslim woman today. The very personal stories range from the humorous, to the tragic, and some are so raw some women had to use pen names. It’s meant to show the diversity of experiences within the Muslim women community. KALW’s Hana Baba sat down with editor Ayesha Mattu and contributor Zahra Noorbakhsh to talk about why they wrote the book.

ZAHRA NOORBAKSH: I just thought it was a story that everybody had – the awkward sex talk with your mother  never really seems to get old. Never really seems to get less awkward. 

You can meet Ayesha Mattu and Zahra Noorbakhsh, in addition to 3 more contributors to the book Love, Inshallah this Saturday night as part of Litquake’s Litcrawl event at 8:30pm at Modern Times Bookstore in San Francisco.

For an extended version of this interview, click here. 

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