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Previous Summer Grant Recipients

Year Name Department Topic
2014 David Arbesu World Languages "Foundational Fictions of Medieval Spain"
2014 Gil Ben-Herut Religious Studies "Complicating Equality: Negotiations of Social Difference in Pre-modern South Asian Hagiographies"
2014 Mei-Hsuan Chiang World Languages "Romantic Melodramas and Women's Culture in Taiwan, 1960s - 1970s"
2014 Peter Funke Govt. &Intl. Affairs "Rhizomatic Logics: The Contemporary Wave of Social Movements Politics from the Zapatista to the Arab Spring"
2014 John Lennon English "Investigating Conflict Graffiti in Isreal"
2014 Anne Koenig History "Managing Madness in the Late Medieval City"
2014 William Murray History "3D Scanning of the Arc d'Orange"
2014 Christopher Polt World Languages "Catullus and Roman Comedy: Tradition, Performance, and Personal Drama"
2014 David Ruben Women's & Gender Studies "Intersex Matters: Embodiments at the Nexus of Biomedicine, Activism, and Sex/Gender"
2014 Amy Rust Humanities & Cultural Studies "Media, Ecology, and the Moving Image in 1970s America"
2014 Angela Stuesse Anthropology "Globalization Southern-Style: Imagination, Race, and Work in the U.S. South"
2014 Jay Zysk English "Shadow and Substance: Reading the Eucharist in English Drama, Medieval to Early Modern"
2013 Heide Castañeda Anthropology "DREAMing of Change: Activism and Creative Expression Among Undocumented Migrant Youth in an Era of Reform"
2013 Brian Connolly History "Sacred Kin: Religion, Kinship, Modernity"
2013 Tova Cooper English "'Five Dollars and a Small Handbag': Emma Goldman, The Modern School, and the Politics of Reproduction"
2013 James D'Emilio Humanities & Cultural Studies "The Cistercians in Medieval Iberia"
2013 Marty Gould English "Dickens Adapted"
2013 Jay Hopler English "The Complete Sonnetts of Giacomo da Lentini, Translated from the Italian"
2013 Scott Ickes History "Developmentalism, Democracy, and Dictatorship: The Public Life of Odorico Tavares in Bahia, Brazil, 1942 - 1970"
2012 Garnet Butchart Communication "The Documentarian's I: Ethics and Israeli Filmmaking"
2012 Madaline Camara World Languages "S(C)ites of Memory: Transatlantic Dialogues between María Zambrano, Lydia Cabrera and Inés María Mendoza"
2012 Cass Fisher Religious Studies "As if it Could be Said: Reference and the Limits of Theological Language in Judaism"
2012 Abraham Khan Communication and Africana Studies "Colorblind Imaginaries: The Symbolic History of Jackie Robinson"
2012 Philip Levy History "Pedophilia, Rape, and the Washington Brothers: A Scandal Out of Time"
2012 Diane Price-Herndl English and Women's & Gender Studies "Thinking Through Breast Cancer"
2012 Joshua Rayman Philosophy "Nietzschean Destruction"
2012 Amy Rust Humanities & Cultural Studies "'Passionate Detachment': Technologies of Vision & Violence in American Cinema, 1967 – 1974"
2012 Heike Scharm World Languages "Time and Being in Javier Marías: A Reading of his Oxford Novels from the Perspective of Bergson and Heidegger"
2012 Shirley Toland-Dix English "'Half the Story has Never Been Told': Black Atlantic Women Novelists, History, and Imagined Community"
2012 Christian Wells Anthropology "Heritage Tourism on Roatán Island, Hondouras"
2011 Shawn Bingham Sociology "Laugh-able? Disability and Humor in Social Context"
2011 Pablo Brescia World Languages "The Tensions of Progress: Literature and Technology in Latin America"
2011 Eunjung Choi Government & International Affairs "Political Corruption and the Challenge of Democratic Governance"
2011 Carolyn Ellis Communication "Surviving the Holocaust: Intimate Interviewing and Collaborative Witnessing"
2011 Cheryl Hall Government & International Affairs "What Will it Mean to be Green? Environmental Visions of Gloom and Doom or Hope and Possibility"
2011 Ylce Irizarry English "New Memory: The Ethics of Belonging in Chicana/o and Latina/o Fiction"
2011 Julia Irwin History "Making the World Safe: The American Red Cross and a Nation’s Humanitarian Awakening"
2011 Eleni Manolaraki World Languages "Imagining the Nile, From Lucan to Philostratus"
2011 Michael Morris Philosophy "The French Revolution and the New School of Europe: Towards a Political Interpretation of German Idealism"
2011 Stephen Prince History "Stories of the South: The Cultural Retreat from Reconstruction"
2010 Garnet C. Butchart Communication "Philosophy of Communication"
2010 Heide Castañeda Anthropology "Without Papers: Illegalized Migration to Germany Since Reunification"
2010 Eunjung Choi Government & International Affairs "Political Corruption and Democratic Governance in New Asian Democracies"
2010 Eric D. Duke Africana Studies "Out of One...Many Nations: Conceptualizing Federation in the British Caribbean and Black Diaspora"
2010 Regina Hewitt English "John Galt: Observations and Conjectures on Literature, History, and Society"
2010 Zoë A. Lang Music "Austrian Music" The Strauss Family Legacy"
2010 Fraser M. Ottanelli History "Reclaiming Asaba: Genocide and Popular Memory"
2010 Ira Sukrungruang English "The Talk of Butterflies" A Memoir of a Siamese Family"
2010 Amy Thompson & Camilla Vasquez World Languages "Non-Native Language Teacher Narratives"
2010 Robert H. Tykot Anthropology "Ancient Mediterranean Trade of Marble from Algeria and Tunisia"
2010 Zhu Wei World Languages "Writing in the Second Language: The Activity Theory Perspective"
2009 Pratyusa Basu Geography “The Flavor of the East in the Culture of the West: Reorienting the history of Texas Cattlemen”
2009 Elizabeth Bird Anthropology “Reclaiming Asaba: Genocide and popular memory”
2009 Madeline Camara World Languages “Will the Spiral Become a Circle? Looking for Cecilia Valdes’ Daughter”
2009 William Cummings History

“History, Death, and the Makassar Annals”

2009 Joanna Dyl History “Urban Disaster: An Environmental History of San Francisco’s 1906 Earthquake”
2009 Case Fisher Religious Studies “Claiming God: Jewish theological language and its limits in Mekhilta of Rabbi Ishmael and The Star of Redemption
2009 Colin Heydt Philosophy “Directing the Conscience and Cultivating the Mind: Practical ethics in eighteenth century Britain”
2009 Elizabeth Hirsh English “The Diary of Virginia Woolf”
2009 David Johnson History Buying Gay: Consumer culture and gay identity, 1945-1969"
2009 Rebecca Kuala Philosophy Recognizing Norms”
2009 William Murray History

“The Big Ships of the Hellenistic Age”

2008 Berish, Andrew      Humanities/American Studies  “Locating Jazz of the 1930s and 40s”
2008 Brescia, Pablo World Languages “The Politics of Form:  Short Story Theories in Latin American Literature”
2008 Cizmic, Maria Humanities/American Studies

“Performing Pain:  Music and Trauma in 1970s and 80s Eastern Europe”

2008 Clune, Michael English “Make It New:  Art, Perception, Novelty”
2008 Davis-Salazar, Karla Anthropology “Meaning and Material Culture in Ancient Honduras:  Analysis of Newly Acquired   Ceramic Collections at the San Pedro Sula Museum of Anthropology and History “
2008 D’Emilio, James Humanities/American Studies “Culture and Society in Medieval Galicia”
2008 Hall, Cheryl Government & International Affairs  “Freedom, power, and sacrifice:  Overcoming obstacles to environmental sustainability”
2008 Kissi, Edward Africana Studies “Africans and the Holocaust:  What Colonial Subjects Knew and Thought”
2008 Latowsky, Anne World Languages

“Holy Land Fictions:  Voyages to Jerusalem and Constantinople in the Medieval French Tradition”

Awarded a year-long National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship, 2009-2010.

2008 Wells, Christian Anthropology Manuscript Development:  The Cornfield Spirits—Ritual, Economy, and Environment in Mesoamerica
2007 Benadusi, Giovanna History Visions of the Social Order: Women’s Last Will, Notaries and the State in Renaissance and Baroque Tuscany
2007 Ciresi, Rita English Research and writing of “Drama ‘70”
2007 Gibbons, Michael Government and International Affairs Religion, Politics, and Post-Secularism
2007 Gould, Marty English Imperial Theatrics: Theatre and Empire in the 19th Century
2007 Levine, Alex Philosophy Toward an Interactivist Account of Epistemic Objects
2007 La Trecchia, Patrizia World Languages Looking South, Under Vesuvius: Naples And the Italian South in Global Culture
2007 Pluckhahn, Thomas Anthropology Household Change in the Middle to Late Woodland Transition: The View from Kolomoki
2007 Roach, Steven Government and International Affairs Critical Theory of International Politics
2007 Tykot, Robert Anthopology Marble and Obsidian in North Africa: Investigating Sources and Trade in Antiquity
2007 Waugh, Joanne Philosophy Writing Philosophy: The Platonic Dialogue In “Paideia”
2007 Zarger, Rebecca Anthopology Representing the past, negotiating the Present: Maya cultural and environmental heritage in southern Belize
2007 Zhang, Wei Religious Studies “Yellow Emperor’s Medical Philosophy”
2006 Brewer, Priscilla Humanities/American Studies “Our Little College World”: Student Life at Northern Women’s Colleges, 1865-1930
2006 Brulotte, Gaetan World Languages A Survey of Quebec Short Story (La Nouvelle québécoise)
2006 Crawley, Sara Women’s Studies Ethnography of Tampa’s African American Lesbian Community
2006 Heydt, Colin Philosophy Adam Smith, Description, and the Ethical Effects of Philosophical Prose
2006 Hirsh, Elizabeth English Woolf Biography, Historiography and Fiction in the Work of Virginia
2006 Holtzhausen, Derina Mass Comm. Public Relations as Activism: A Postmodern Exploration of Public Relations Theory and Practice
2006 Jones, Lu Ann History “If I Must Say So Myself”: An Oral History of Southern Agriculture
2006 Novoa, Adrianna Humanities/American St. “Blood Seeking the Night”: The Culture of Disappearance in Argentina
2006 Runge, Laura English Defining Gender: Beauty and the Body/Women’s Commonplace Books from the Brotherton Collection
2006 White, Nancy Anthropology Piece Mounds, An Ancient Capital in Northwest Florida
2005 Alexopoulos, Golfo Department of History Stalin's Gulag and Soviet Society
2005 Brulotte, Gaelton World Languages The Encyclopedia of Erotic Literature
2005 D'Emilio, James Department of Humanities The Inscriptions of Galician Romanesque Churches
2005 Discenza, Nicole Department of English Geography, Cosmology, and the Liberal Arts in the Enchiridion of Byrhferth of Ramsey
2005 Eichner, Carolyn Women's Studies "Feminism's Empire: Feminism and Imperialism in Late Nineteeth Century France"
2005 Hall, Cheryll Govt & International Affairs Reason, Passion, and Gender in Theories of Deliberative Democracy
2005 Messing, Jacqueline Department of Anthropology Transnational Language Use, Indigenous Identity and Ideaologices of Nahuatl-speaking Indigenous Mexican Migrants in Tlaxcala and the NE US
2005 Plant, Deborah Department of Africana Studies Zora Neal Hurston: A Biography of the Spirit (Book Manuscript)
2005 Messing, Jacqueline Department of Anthropology Transnational Language Use, Indigenous Identity and Ideaologices of Nahuatl-speaking Indigenous Mexican Migrants in Tlaxcala and the NE US
2005 Schonfeld, Martin Department of Philosophy Confucius and Kant - the Information Transfer from China to the West
2005 Yelvington, Kevin Department of Anthropology From the New Negro to the New World Negro: Melville J. Herskovits and the making of Afro-American Anthropology
2004 Fernandez, Susan J. Academic I & R Support Florida In Film project travel to complete book
2004 Fraser, Elisabeth A. Art Department Mediterranean Encounters: French Travel Images and Imperialism,1780-1850
2004 Runge, Laura L. English The Early Modern EnglishWoman: A Facsimile Library of Essential works
2004 Ottanelli, Fraser History Class, Migration and the Shaping of Ethnic Identity: Italian American Workers, 1881-1940
2004 Gibbons, Michael T. GIA Budget for Travel to American Antiquarian Society
2004 Cummings, William P. History nterpreting Conversion to Islam in Makassar, Indonesia
2004 Mooney, Susan English Dialogues on Censorship: Explorations with Spanish Writers book project
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