Nick O’Leary has worked at IBM since 2001 having served his time at Warwick University. After a few years in Storage (with a capital ‘S’) working on Virtualization, he then spent some time working in the realm of Pervasive Messaging in the Software group. This has led him to play with all things MQTT. More recently he has joined the Emerging Technology Services team where he gets to do interesting things with interesting technologies. He’s also an avid Arduino tinkerer. He is a (extremely) occasional contributor to the Eightbar blog. He doesn’t normally write in the third-person.

He used to use the username nol, his initials. This was fine in the early days, but soon become impossible to register on new sites. This was expanded to the phonetically identical knoll, which helped, but suffered from being a dictionary word and didn’t last all that long. It was a small step to get to knolleary.

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