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Music Auditions

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Are you a Rock star? A Rap star? A Country singer? If you believe, then you are. You must live to rock, you must live Hip Hop and Rap Music, you must be from Texas or Tennessee. Music is the great equalizer. Music auditions happen every day, and stars are born. You literally must live and breathe your music to really do it big. You can tell the el-cheapo poser on the searching for the next big star shows, you can tell who they are at live at the Apollo. The true musicians stand out because once they start to perform, the crowd is captivated, because people recognize realness.

Music auditions are a way for you to get a job playing your instrument or singing or performing with your band. There are many musicians, of course, who never had to go on silly auditions like this to further their music careers. They were huge stars or playing gigs all over the country while you were just buying your first pair of guitar strings

Go on music auditions even if you feel that you only have a little bit of musical talent, the people running the auditions might see something in you that you do not see yourself. Get out there and rock, or rock the house, as the case may be.

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