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Those sad, unsuccessful people out there, they don't know about the super secrets that make everyone that tries them an instant star, actually, no-one does, but here's an idea, go on a few open auditions! And do try and give them all of your energy, not what you have left over after partying three nights in a row and barfing two out of those three. It may seem like many famous actors party really hard, but their hardest partying usually happens after the open auditions, after they've become successful, and we all love them.

If you want to believe that you are already such a great Hollywood actor and personality that you don't have to lower yourself to going to open auditions, that's your problem, but there is a lot of work out there that you will not get unless you are open to going on these types of auditions.

No-one is actually going to suggest that going on open auditions is a fool-proof way to get great acting parts, but conversely, no-one is going to say that going on open auditions is not very good real-life training and practice for your career, and could result in landing a great role that you may not have expected to get. People are discovered all the time because they put themselves out there. Exposure is the name of the game, no matter what form it takes

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