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The 4th NTD Television Chinese International Photography Competition

Winners List


The 2012 NTD Television 4th Chinese International Photography Competition received a total of 7,158 photographic entries by 1,760 photographers from 42 countries. Since there are so many excellent pieces, 2 bronze awards and 22 honorable mentions awards have been added to the Nature and Landscapes category, and 6 honorable mentions awards have been added to the Society and Humanity category.

From the 7,158 entries, 450 were nominated for the final competition. Out of the 450 entries, 120 photos were selected entries, 149 photos were excellent entries, and 78 photos were award-winning entries.

The details for final result are as the following:

Gold AwardSilver AwardBronze AwardHonorable Mentions AwardExcellent EntryNominated Entry
News and Global Events12310
Society and Humanity12316
Nature and Landscapes12532
Total 361158149120

NTD Television Chinese International Photography Competition Committee
November 10th, 2012


AwardIDPicture TitleAuthorCountry
News and Global Events Gold Award14800ShockingAdrian YuHong Kong
News and Global Events Silver Award13651High FiveJean-Paul LiUnited States
News and Global Events Silver Award17233FormationVida SunTaiwan
News and Global Events Bronze Award13878Falun Gong at Times SquareEdward DaiUnited States
News and Global Events Bronze Award14084Where My House Used To BEMuzi LiChina
News and Global Events Bronze Award16768Do My BestTsai-Chieh LiuTaiwan
News and Global Events Honorable Mentions Award12286The Shouting WomanHo LeeHong Kong
News and Global Events Honorable Mentions Award13873Celebrating Bin Laden's DeathEdward DaiUnited States
News and Global Events Honorable Mentions Award14791AppealKong YuHong Kong
News and Global Events Honorable Mentions Award14925For Those Died on June 4thChoishu PoonHong Kong
News and Global Events Honorable Mentions Award15402Leap to FameTsung Pin LuTaiwan
News and Global Events Honorable Mentions Award15710On the RoadYating YangTaiwan
News and Global Events Honorable Mentions Award16053The Auto Industry After the Tsunami in JapanJi ZhangJapan
News and Global Events Honorable Mentions Award16584Queen of EnglandLucy LiuAustralia
News and Global Events Honorable Mentions Award17313DisasterSuhling WuTaiwan
News and Global Events Honorable Mentions Award17553Falling BearAndy DuannUnited States
Society and Humanity Gold Award13069LongingWai-Leong YapMalaysia
Society and Humanity Silver Award14492FamilyNan-Song ChenTaiwan
Society and Humanity Silver Award16702ProtectionTing-Hsin ChenTaiwan
Society and Humanity Bronze Award10414A Migrant Worker at Coal WasheryShaohua ChenChina
Society and Humanity Bronze Award11761LoveChoo-Kia NgMalaysia
Society and Humanity Bronze Award16092Village DoctorHugh ZhaoCanada
Society and Humanity Honorable Mentions Award10967Memorial DayWillis ZhoeUnited States
Society and Humanity Honorable Mentions Award11451Brickcave WorkersAnthony Miu KwokHong Kong
Society and Humanity Honorable Mentions Award11458KnightAnthony Miu KwokHong Kong
Society and Humanity Honorable Mentions Award12063Thangyan Water FestivalZaw Zaw TunMyanmar
Society and Humanity Honorable Mentions Award12262Ox Racing Han-Choo WongMalaysia
Society and Humanity Honorable Mentions Award12471"More Butter Tea, Please"Stanley WongCanada
Society and Humanity Honorable Mentions Award13210Learning to GrowBordagaray MartinArgentina
Society and Humanity Honorable Mentions Award13223Fall OverDavid WongAustralia
Society and Humanity Honorable Mentions Award13601A Young Horseback RiderLeer Xueling ZhangUnited States
Society and Humanity Honorable Mentions Award13973ContentChao-Lin ShihTaiwan
Society and Humanity Honorable Mentions Award14255ScavengerTan LinUnited States
Society and Humanity Honorable Mentions Award14325New Year FestivalFeng-Ming LeeTaiwan
Society and Humanity Honorable Mentions Award15100RushHsien-Jen LiuTaiwan
Society and Humanity Honorable Mentions Award16094New Year DumplingsHugh ZhaoCanada
Society and Humanity Honorable Mentions Award16337Computer LiteracySudipto DasIndia
Society and Humanity Honorable Mentions Award17230Falun Dafa is GoodVida SunTaiwan
Nature and Landscapes Gold Award17166Morning SceneChee-Eam ChuaMalaysia
Nature and Landscapes Silver Award14838PeakYuan-Kuei ChenTaiwan
Nature and Landscapes Silver Award14989The World of MortalsAn-Sheng WangTaiwan
Nature and Landscapes Bronze Award11141FishermenWee-Ming SooMalaysia
Nature and Landscapes Bronze Award11394Taiwan's SeashoreTsun-Hsiung ChiangTaiwan
Nature and Landscapes Bronze Award12191People of Pamir MountainsYinhu LiChina
Nature and Landscapes Bronze Award14641Flamingo Take OffChih-Sheng HuangTaiwan
Nature and Landscapes Bronze Award16511Golden TerraceYu-Pei HuangTaiwan
Nature and Landscapes Honorable Mentions Award10445Interreflection of YILI GrasslandJui-Fa ChengTaiwan
Nature and Landscapes Honorable Mentions Award11280Fighting TigersChee-Keong LimMalaysia
Nature and Landscapes Honorable Mentions Award11393Swan Lake in JapanTsun-Hsiung ChiangTaiwan
Nature and Landscapes Honorable Mentions Award11461Dad Loves You AllAnthony Miu KwokHong Kong
Nature and Landscapes Honorable Mentions Award11634The Twelve ApostlesAllen LiAustralia
Nature and Landscapes Honorable Mentions Award11860Courtship DanceHui-Bing LaiTaiwan
Nature and Landscapes Honorable Mentions Award12000A Sea of DaylilyLi-Shan LuTaiwan
Nature and Landscapes Honorable Mentions Award12058Glorious Morning of Snow and CloudsChi-Lin TsaiTaiwan
Nature and Landscapes Honorable Mentions Award12099The Golden Autumn of GEN RiverStsang LaiTaiwan
Nature and Landscapes Honorable Mentions Award12121Mountain WorshipChan-Cheng HsuTaiwan
Nature and Landscapes Honorable Mentions Award12475Fishing at dawnStanley WongCanada
Nature and Landscapes Honorable Mentions Award12552A Farm CattleWenyu ZhuangUnited States
Nature and Landscapes Honorable Mentions Award12553Panorama of Red Earth in Luo Xia GouWenyu ZhuangUnited States
Nature and Landscapes Honorable Mentions Award12783In Praise of the Sun and All ExistencePing-Ping Lu HsiehTaiwan
Nature and Landscapes Honorable Mentions Award12960Sunshine on VillageKuo-Lung YangTaiwan
Nature and Landscapes Honorable Mentions Award12972Away in the TwilightMin-Sheng KuTaiwan
Nature and Landscapes Honorable Mentions Award13354Go HomeBryan TayMalaysia
Nature and Landscapes Honorable Mentions Award13572Plowing Terraced Fields in Spring at Jing-kenWen-Hsien ChiuTaiwan
Nature and Landscapes Honorable Mentions Award13705Cry Piteously for FoodFeng-Lin ChenTaiwan
Nature and Landscapes Honorable Mentions Award14266ParadiseChen-Yuan LeeTaiwan
Nature and Landscapes Honorable Mentions Award14617Sunrise at Yeh LiuChih-Sheng HuangTaiwan
Nature and Landscapes Honorable Mentions Award14787Beautiful CurvesYu-Te LinTaiwan
Nature and Landscapes Honorable Mentions Award14833Wind's childChen-Hung LinTaiwan
Nature and Landscapes Honorable Mentions Award14849FootprintChen-Hung LinTaiwan
Nature and Landscapes Honorable Mentions Award15120DesertHsien-Jen LiuTaiwan
Nature and Landscapes Honorable Mentions Award15523Morning in Mountain VillageYung-Yi ChangTaiwan
Nature and Landscapes Honorable Mentions Award16231FeedingChinwen LinTaiwan
Nature and Landscapes Honorable Mentions Award16513Spring PlowingYu-Pei HuangTaiwan
Nature and Landscapes Honorable Mentions Award17036LoveWen-Hsien LinTaiwan
Nature and Landscapes Honorable Mentions Award17221Yosemite ValleyWilliam LeeUnited States
Nature and Landscapes Honorable Mentions Award17306River in Inner MongoliaEn XinChina
Nature and Landscapes Honorable Mentions Award17400DuskTungkow ChangChina
Exellent Entry10585Buddhist Monks And Mandala In SandYi-Hsien DooUnited States
Exellent Entry10632ConcentrationChian-Mien GanMalaysia
Exellent Entry10734Keeping Old-time Flavour of TaiwanHui-Chu ChenTaiwan
Exellent Entry10791Hardship of LifeJone HuangChina
Exellent Entry11112Sea of Clouds in Yellow MountainRichard ChenCanada
Exellent Entry11123Morning MistRichard ChenCanada
Exellent Entry11276Going HomeChee-Keong LimMalaysia
Exellent Entry11389Scene of an Ancient TownTsun-Hsiung ChiangTaiwan
Exellent Entry11392Home of the Swan in JapanTsun-Hsiung ChiangTaiwan
Exellent Entry11438Indomitable SpiritAh-Huat TanMalaysia
Exellent Entry11452MonksAnthony Miu KwokHong Kong
Exellent Entry11459AgainstAnthony Miu KwokHong Kong
Exellent Entry11460Dad Back HomeHong Kong
Exellent Entry11462Sea EagleAnthony Miu KwokHong Kong
Exellent Entry11614SurfingKuei-I HsuTaiwan
Exellent Entry11616Waving A Long DragonKuei-I HsuTaiwan
Exellent Entry11715Desert WalkerPatrick NGMalaysia
Exellent Entry11760Puppet ShowChoo-Kia NgMalaysia
Exellent Entry11838Heavenly Human WorldVios ChenTaiwan
Exellent Entry11853Harmonious Family LifeHui-Bing LaiTaiwan
Exellent Entry11903Xiao Ye Liu Scenic SpotAndy ChangTaiwan
Exellent Entry11955Priceless Sibling LoveHui-Bing LaiTaiwan
Exellent Entry11984Waves of Hallett CoveJames Zhen YuAustralia
Exellent Entry12029The Twilight Hues of Sunset at Hehuan MountainDanny ChangTaiwan
Exellent Entry12049"Bearing the Weight, Living a Life"Chi-Lin TsaiTaiwan
Exellent Entry12061Mist in Xiao Yong VillageYu LeungChina
Exellent Entry12111Masai FamilyChan-Cheng HsuTaiwan
Exellent Entry12186The WaveAmy LaiUnited States
Exellent Entry12189Tranquil Morning in KanasYinhu LiChina
Exellent Entry12315A Village Veiled with MistMeiying SongAustralia
Exellent Entry12319The CurveAlex Chun-Seong GohMalaysia
Exellent Entry12380Golden ValleyJimmy LinTaiwan
Exellent Entry12413Dai Water FestivalZhenya LiGermany
Exellent Entry12414Rice Terrace in YuanyangZhenya LiGermany
Exellent Entry12423A boat in the morning mistDon Yung-Shung ChenTaiwan
Exellent Entry12479Let Me GoJi-Ren TsaurNew Zealand
Exellent Entry12497Sixty Rock HillChia-Ming LiuTaiwan
Exellent Entry12500Hehuan Mountain SnowChia-Ming LiuTaiwan
Exellent Entry12501Hehuan Mountain snowChia-Ming LiuTaiwan
Exellent Entry12560A Couple Doing Farm workWenyu ZhuangUnited States
Exellent Entry12561Overcoming DfficutiesThanh-Nien ThaiVietnam
Exellent Entry12747Ox RaceJay Ka-Wing IpHong Kong
Exellent Entry12816Expression of Ink Painting with a PhotoMan-Wai WongHong Kong
Exellent Entry12853July 1 march in Hong KongChi-Keung WongHong Kong
Exellent Entry12870Morning Mist in HEMU VillageSung-Sheng TsaiTaiwan
Exellent Entry12961The Beauty of FairylandKuo-Lung YangTaiwan
Exellent Entry13174"""Bridge Walking"" by Korean Girls"Jinglin QuanKorea
Exellent Entry13214RebornBordagaray MartinArgentina
Exellent Entry13309Diaoyang - A Game on HorsebackYi-Li TsaiTaiwan
Exellent Entry13322HerdsmanYun-Feng PengTaiwan
Exellent Entry13331Morning AshYun-Feng PengTaiwan
Exellent Entry13362"One Minute on Stage, Ten Years Practice"Hung-Yuan ChengTaiwan
Exellent Entry13494Thundering DrumsKim-Cheong AuMalaysia
Exellent Entry13555HuntingLu-Chuan LaiTaiwan
Exellent Entry13562Nature AffectionCheng-Kuo LeeTaiwan
Exellent Entry13586"Charles Bridge, Prague"Weng-Hong NgMalaysia
Exellent Entry13633Beautiful Mt.BromoBudi DarmawanIndonesia
Exellent Entry13652Sling LoadJean-Paul LiUnited States
Exellent Entry13666TerraceYuan-Pin KaoTaiwan
Exellent Entry13688Wandering LifeFeng-Lin ChenTaiwan
Exellent Entry13698FeedingFeng-Lin ChenTaiwan
Exellent Entry13704Air SupplyFeng-Lin ChenTaiwan
Exellent Entry13721A Young LabourCheng-Guan SooMalaysia
Exellent Entry13737Heavenly VillageTak-Sun ChaiMalaysia
Exellent Entry13753RunChien-Shan LinTaiwan
Exellent Entry13755DashChien-Shan LinTaiwan
Exellent Entry13758Fields in the SnowChien-Shan LinTaiwan
Exellent Entry13794The Early GeeseDa-Wei JiaoTaiwan
Exellent Entry13806Water CrisisRashid Un NabiBengal
Exellent Entry13864Stop the Massacre of My PeopleAndrew YehCanada
Exellent Entry13880Candle Light VigilEdward DaiUnited States
Exellent Entry13882RescueEdward DaiUnited States
Exellent Entry13889Rescued the Old LadyKah-Meng LekMalaysia
Exellent Entry13926The Crepuscular Ray of LiushishishanYaode JhuangTaiwan
Exellent Entry14012RaceHiu-Yee ChanHong Kong
Exellent Entry14160LoveShu-Lien YuTaiwan
Exellent Entry14215ChasingChee-Meng LohMalaysia
Exellent Entry14224To SucceedChee-Meng LohMalaysia
Exellent Entry14275Pilgrims' TrainYu-Mei TengTaiwan
Exellent Entry14366Growing ContinuouslyChia ChenTaiwan
Exellent Entry14375EngraverKeong-Kher KeeMalaysia
Exellent Entry14376Happy FamilyKeong-Kher KeeMalaysia
Exellent Entry14410Returning HomeM. Yousuf TusharBengal
Exellent Entry14445Spring SowTzu-Yi LiTaiwan
Exellent Entry14450Ejina Sheep are EnjoyingSung-Wee HoMalaysia
Exellent Entry14451Charging PowerSung-Wee HoMalaysia
Exellent Entry14490MeetNan-Song ChenTaiwan
Exellent Entry14520PlantingHui-Mei HsuTaiwan
Exellent Entry14585Zhejiang Countryside LivingShiow-Mei ChenTaiwan
Exellent Entry14602Going HomeShiow-Mei ChenTaiwan
Exellent Entry14613Jinzhen Flower BlossomMei-Chuan LeeTaiwan
Exellent Entry14636Mother and SonEng-Gee ChanMalaysia
Exellent Entry14680Mongolia WrestlingKuo-Tai ChiTaiwan
Exellent Entry14690Beautiful Pose of the ThalasseusKuo-Tai ChiTaiwan
Exellent Entry14692Kingfisher Catch FishKuo-Tai ChiTaiwan
Exellent Entry14717The Overflowing MarchTsung-Pin LuTaiwan
Exellent Entry14742HallstattTeresa ShanTaiwan
Exellent Entry14755Firm BeliefYu-Te LinTaiwan
Exellent Entry14769Good Morning!!!!Teresa ShanTaiwan
Exellent Entry14885Big DinnerSeung-Hung YuenHong Kong
Exellent Entry14949Morning Scene in Wu TownJulie LeeUnited States
Exellent Entry14984Drama off ScreenSha YeUnited States
Exellent Entry15005CrossingYeow-Kwang YeoSingapore
Exellent Entry15108Camels RunHsien-Jen LiuTaiwan
Exellent Entry15121My SeatMin-Jen WangTaiwan
Exellent Entry15188The Land Protected by Cloudy PillarMei-Chuan LeeTaiwan
Exellent Entry15190Scene of Taiwan's Eastern SeashoreFuhwa JengTaiwan
Exellent Entry15254Living at SeaBoon-Chee LeeMalaysia
Exellent Entry15491Herdsmen and Camel in SnowLijen SuTaiwan
Exellent Entry15539Falun Gong ExerciseShih-Chieh LinTaiwan
Exellent Entry15686Inner MongoliaChoon-Wee YeawSingapore
Exellent Entry15699SurroundingYating YangTaiwan
Exellent Entry15703Polo of the EastYating YangTaiwan
Exellent Entry15732SunriseYating YangTaiwan
Exellent Entry15743Morning FogMin-Jen WangTaiwan
Exellent Entry15746Peking OperaLi-Chang LuTaiwan
Exellent Entry15754SerenityLi-Chang LuTaiwan
Exellent Entry15791Wooden HomeBoon-Chee LeeMalaysia
Exellent Entry15884Chenguang Overture-2Sheng-Shiung WanTaiwan
Exellent Entry15982Yunnan Ethnic GroupMei-Han ChenTaiwan
Exellent Entry16100Happy FamilyHugh ZhaoCanada
Exellent Entry16179The Meditation Under The Milky WayMeng-Ting JiangTaiwan
Exellent Entry16197SunsetPi-Kuei LinTaiwan
Exellent Entry16204Casting Net in FogPi-Kuei LinTaiwan
Exellent Entry16211Jinzhen Flower in Hualian MountainWou-Yeh YuTaiwan
Exellent Entry16249Countryside ViewsPi-Kuei LinTaiwan
Exellent Entry16311FormationPo-Dung LinTaiwan
Exellent Entry16373Colorado RiverYu-Lin FangTaiwan
Exellent Entry16454Bull RaceHong Hey MowMalaysia
Exellent Entry16486SheperdsYu-Pei HuangTaiwan
Exellent Entry16496Morning LightYu-Pei HuangTaiwan
Exellent Entry16504FearlessYu-Pei HuangTaiwan
Exellent Entry16566Living on SeaKok-Leng YuenMalaysia
Exellent Entry16571The Legendary FairylandTsung-Pin LuTaiwan
Exellent Entry16578Kite MakerKok-Leng YuenMalaysia
Exellent Entry16797Shot KingTing-Hsin ChenTaiwan
Exellent Entry16804Soy Sauce Old ManTing-Hsin ChenTaiwan
Exellent Entry16810Surf KingTing-Hsin ChenTaiwan
Exellent Entry16811CatchVincent LinTaiwan
Exellent Entry16837FeedingVincent LinTaiwan
Exellent Entry16983Taiping Lake in Taiping Nature ParkKuw Ming LinMalaysia
Exellent Entry17037MeetWen-Hsien LinTaiwan
Exellent Entry17040Lost inThoughtSam S. HsiehUnited States
Exellent Entry17085Walking in the Way of GodhoodWolfgang LianUnited States
Exellent Entry17104Half Dome Sunset. Sugar Pine BridgeSteven NgUnited States
Exellent Entry17209History's WitnessVida SunTaiwan
Exellent Entry17218Cowboy and Three SistersWilliam LeeUnited States
Exellent Entry17414Snow MountainRong JianChina
Exellent Entry17474LifeMei-Chu TsaiTaiwan
Selected Entry10793Ge Er Tu Alpine MeadowsJone HuangChina
Selected Entry10795Reaching as High as the SkyJone HuangChina
Selected Entry11097Aboriginal Hunting at the WaterfallsDanny Yen-Sin WongMalaysia
Selected Entry11139LifestyleWee-Ming SooMalaysia
Selected Entry11228A Land of SplendorsJason ChangTaiwan
Selected Entry11277Children Playing with the WaterChee-Keong LimMalaysia
Selected Entry11279Returning HomeChee-Keong LimMalaysia
Selected Entry11283Red EarthChee-Keong LimMalaysia
Selected Entry11402Happy ChildhoodChi-Ching HsuTaiwan
Selected Entry11414SolemnJoey WangUnited States
Selected Entry11547Tea TimeAh-Huat TanMalaysia
Selected Entry11603Night View of Continuous CurveKuei-I HsuTaiwan
Selected Entry11663WildfireMag Man-Yee YipHong Kong
Selected Entry11762Life in SempornaChoo-Kia NgMalaysia
Selected Entry11771Snow WorkersTomislav VukicCroatia
Selected Entry11852HerdingHui-Bing LaiTaiwan
Selected Entry11941Early RisingChien-Hsuan LienTaiwan
Selected Entry11966Ancient BaganZaw Zaw TunMyanmar
Selected Entry12071Spring in Kunlun MountainYinhu LiChina
Selected Entry12093A Thin Mule and A Village womanStsang LaiTaiwan
Selected Entry12097Winter CompanionStsang LaiTaiwan
Selected Entry12117On the Way HomeChan-Cheng HsuTaiwan
Selected Entry12118AlertChan-Cheng HsuTaiwan
Selected Entry12154Walking Home On the Golden BeachTzu-Ping ChienTaiwan
Selected Entry12156Fisheries on WaterTzu-Ping ChienTaiwan
Selected Entry12176Kid and KiteSudianto LieIndonesia
Selected Entry12317BaganAlex Chun-Seong GohMalaysia
Selected Entry12369Water and FireVictor LiuCanada
Selected Entry12370Artist of the LightVictor LiuCanada
Selected Entry12453Horse FightingChao MengChina
Selected Entry12480An Unyielding HoldJi-Ren TsaurNew Zealand
Selected Entry12496Bamboo DanceMin Zarni ZawMyanmar
Selected Entry12513Picturesque Mountain Blooming with DaylilyTsang-Chang YangTaiwan
Selected Entry12606ProtestEe-Long TanMalaysia
Selected Entry12620"Light of Truthfullness, Compassion, Tolerance"King-Chung TsoUnited States
Selected Entry12622Falun GongKing-Chung TsoUnited States
Selected Entry12634Golden BeachJennifer ChenUnited States
Selected Entry12736ShepherdessZane KuoUnited States
Selected Entry12781The Art of GodPing-Ping Lu HsiehTaiwan
Selected Entry12821Fight for Hong KongMan-Wai WongHong Kong
Selected Entry12850Ever-lasting Spirit of June 4th MovementChi-Keung WongHong Kong
Selected Entry12933Snowy Mountains of TibetKan Ki ChiuCanada
Selected Entry12955Paddies PaletteYi-Min HuangTaiwan
Selected Entry13106Home ComingNorris Siu-Kwong ChauAustralia
Selected Entry13109Homeward Bound with a Full LoadChi-Keung WongHong Kong
Selected Entry13110Endless Rivers and MountainsChi-Keung WongHong Kong
Selected Entry13213Paradise on EarthBordagaray MartinArgentina
Selected Entry13312RefuelingYi-Li TsaiTaiwan
Selected Entry13332FishYun-Feng PengTaiwan
Selected Entry13409Kung FuLim Lean EngMalaysia
Selected Entry13490Morning FishingKim-Cheong AuMalaysia
Selected Entry13553Flying StepsLu-Chuan LaiTaiwan
Selected Entry13556Morning BeautyLu-Chuan LaiTaiwan
Selected Entry13635Mount BromoBudi DarmawanIndonesia
Selected Entry13722Boating on a LakeSiew-Thong ChuMalaysia
Selected Entry13730Tianshan Grand CanyonTsang-Pang ChenTaiwan
Selected Entry13731Sunset at Terrace FieldTak-Sun ChaiMalaysia
Selected Entry13739Dreamy LandTak-Sun ChaiMalaysia
Selected Entry13750Voice of the KingShu-Hui PongTaiwan
Selected Entry13754Roping a HorseChien-Shan LinTaiwan
Selected Entry13881Divine Land Marching BandEdward DaiUnited States
Selected Entry13887Oil Tankers ExplodedKah-Meng LekMalaysia
Selected Entry13918Rock under Moon LightSheng-Tien HungTaiwan
Selected Entry14289A Dynamic AsiaChih-Chung LinTaiwan
Selected Entry14328DawnMorgan LinNew Zealand
Selected Entry14398FormosaWang-Qun ChenTaiwan
Selected Entry14405KlimsenhornYung-Ming LaiTaiwan
Selected Entry14406Paddy FieldYung-Ming LaiTaiwan
Selected Entry14448Fighting HorseSung-Wee HoMalaysia
Selected Entry14472Erliao Landscape PaintingTzulung LuTaiwan
Selected Entry14483Oyster FarmingTzu HuangTaiwan
Selected Entry14514"My Family, My Field"Christopher C M WongHong Kong
Selected Entry14611Morning MistChih-Sheng HuangTaiwan
Selected Entry14620The Quiet MorningChih-Sheng HuangTaiwan
Selected Entry14623Mount FujiChi-Fa LinTaiwan
Selected Entry14626Flower FieldChi-Fa LinTaiwan
Selected Entry14657Repairing NetsChih-Sheng HuangTaiwan
Selected Entry14725Taiwan Tea FairiesCheng-Chou ChenTaiwan
Selected Entry14773An Age-old Tradition of Laboring in the FieldsYu-Te LinTaiwan
Selected Entry14785KrasnopolYu-Te LinTaiwan
Selected Entry14811LoveChao-Lin ShihTaiwan
Selected Entry14883Giant Lantern MakerLim Lean EngMalaysia
Selected Entry14897Morning FishingSeung-Hung YuenHong Kong
Selected Entry15007Heavy WorkYeow-Kwang YeoSingapore
Selected Entry15011Live to WorkYeow-Kwang YeoSingapore
Selected Entry15023Sunset Over Jinzhen MountainMing-I HuangTaiwan
Selected Entry15209Hope InfiniteFu-Tang ChenTaiwan
Selected Entry15225Winding Way to the PeakMei-Chuan LeeTaiwan
Selected Entry15241A Risky Train RideGazi SarowarBengal
Selected Entry15274Fishing at Saint Artin IslandM. Yousuf TusharBengal
Selected Entry15462The Voyage of King ShipTsung-Pin LuTaiwan
Selected Entry15509Back to TempleJay Ka-Wing IpHong Kong
Selected Entry15549Dong Ethnic BeautyPei-Yu ChenTaiwan
Selected Entry15679Forage GameMin-Jen WangTaiwan
Selected Entry15709Traces of the WavesMin-Jen WangTaiwan
Selected Entry15749ReturnLi-Chang LuTaiwan
Selected Entry15756Field of DreamsLi-Chang LuTaiwan
Selected Entry15803OxcatYun-I ChouTaiwan
Selected Entry15838A one-way streetJack TsaiTaiwan
Selected Entry15955HarvestLiu-Chun LiuTaiwan
Selected Entry16029Mother's LoveTun AungMyanmar
Selected Entry16163Old House in Anhui ProvinceLi-Ho HungTaiwan
Selected Entry16299Clean EarthBeng-Kok SngSingapore
Selected Entry16360While There Is LifeWenhua JenTaiwan
Selected Entry16557Snow TreesZhongping SuTaiwan
Selected Entry16673Light FishingTsai-Chieh LiuTaiwan
Selected Entry16730MorningRuibin ChenTaiwan
Selected Entry16747FamilyTing-Hsin ChenTaiwan
Selected Entry16803FreedomChih-Ho TsaiTaiwan
Selected Entry16831GameTsai-Chieh LiuTaiwan
Selected Entry16944Child Labour in BangladeshProbal RashidBengal
Selected Entry16972Fishing ValleyKuw-Ming LinMalaysia
Selected Entry16997WinnerWilliam LeeUnited States
Selected Entry17032DawnWen-Hsien LinTaiwan
Selected Entry17112Grand Teton Reflections Over the Beaver PondSteven NgUnited States
Selected Entry17308Hulun Buir GrasslandEn XinChina
Selected Entry17347TailorMei-Lin ShihTaiwan
Selected Entry17512DraughtYu-Lin WuTaiwan
Selected Entry17531Late Autumn SkyHsin-Kuei LeeTaiwan
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