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Conducting Local/State/Provincial Level YHEC Events

To be considered an "official" NRA local/state/provincial YHEC and to ensure participation at the International YHEC, all events must be registered with the NRA through its Hunter Services Department.

For information and details on conducting an event, please reference the NRA Youth Hunter Education Challenge Guidebook. This guidebook will clearly define established program requirements and help your club develop their own YHEC program.

Registration consists of:

Step 1
Submission of the following completed forms prior to scheduled local/state/provincial event:

  • Request to Sponsor a Local/State/Provincial-Level YHEC Program
  • YHEC Incentive Program Materials Order Form
  • NRA International YHEC Rules and Regulations

Step 2
Submission of the following completed forms within 14 business days after completion of local/state/provincial event:

  • Local/State/Provincial Final Results Bulletin Form
  • Participant/Coach/Volunteer Address Lists
  • Submission of the following completed form within 60 business days after completion of state/provincial event: Incentive Program Subsidy Expenditure Report

Submission of these forms not only afford programs official registration, they work to ensure event support from the association through the YHEC Incentive Program. Incentive Support Points (numerical figures attached to submission of required forms and/or completion of specific duties) provide programs with the opportunity to receive financial assistance as well as materials free of charge or at a reduced rate (such as game targets, t-shirts, boundary tape, certificates, etc.).

Local-level events are eligible for materials support only.

See Section XI of the YHEC Rules and Regulations for additional support point details.

Financial Assistance

NRA Incentive Program subsidy payments are provided to registered state/provincial-level YHEC events. Payments are based on the estimated number of participants as they appear on the submitted Request to Sponsor a State/Provincial-Level YHEC Program form and in accordance with established rules of the Incentive Program. The Incentive Program amount is $10.00 per participant. Note: The maximum State/Provincial subsidy payment is $1,500.

  • NRA life-size game targets (paper)
  • Boundary tape
  • The Hunter's Guide(reference text for the Hunter Responsibility Exam event)
  • YHEC event promotional poster
  • YHEC program brochure
  • YHEC T-Shirt (state/provincial-level event use only)
  • NRA plastic bag
  • Certificate of Participation (local-level event use only)
  • Bumper stickers
  • YHECOfficial Rules and Regulations Manual

Limited copies of current rules and regulations will be provided for the reference of state coordinators, directors, and contacts. Copies for individuals are provided solely through International event registration confirmation packets. Rules may also be obtained through our website from here.

To obtain the materials listed above, complete the YHEC Incentive Program Materials Order Form and mail or fax your order to:

NRA Outdoor Recreational Programs
Attn: YHEC Program
11250 Waples Mill Road
Fairfax, VA 22030
Fax: 703-267-3991

Requested materials are to be based on estimated number of registered participants/coaches only.

Coordinators, directors, and contacts: When placing your orders, please include your respective state/provincial Local Event(s) needs.Completed orders will be shipped within three to four weeks of receipt of your form. Fulfillment (as well as materials provided) will be based solely upon your participation in the YHEC Incentive Program. Due to the quantities of orders being processed, telephone orders will not be accepted.

International Event Confirmation

Upon NRA's receipt of your local/state/provincial YHEC required forms (as summarized earlier), International event information packets will be sent to you. These packets, to be distributed to participants/coaches at your YHEC events, will include theGuide to the International YHEC, detailing the host site, event registration times, sight-in locations, local attractions, area climate/weather conditions, etc., and will also include registration forms.

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