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Competitive Shooting Programs

NRA's Competitive Shooting Division offers a wide range of activities in all types of shooting, for everyone from the novice to the world-class competitor. The NRA sanctions over 11,000 shooting tournaments and sponsors over 50 national championships each year.

If you have any questions about the division, please call one of the numbers listed in the Competitive Shooting Functions Directory or, for more general competitions information, call 1-877-672-6282. For current information on a particular program, click on the appropriate department below.

We're here to help. For general information, FAQ's, and other relevant inquiries, send an email to with as much detail as possible, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Read the NRA's Resolution on Competitive Shooting.


NRA Tournament Sanctioning now Online: Click here to Sanction your tournament online.

NRA National Record Reporting Forms now Online: Use the new updated fill-in form and the updated Check List.

Open and Junior Sectional Sponsors
Due to the increased costs of printing and inventory management, printed copies of the sectional fee reporting forms, score cards, and programs will not be provided. Please click here to download fee reporting forms, programs, and score cards.

Click here for Smallbore Rifle Regional Program, Application, and Fee Reporting Forms.

NRA Club Champion Challenge
NRA Competitive Shooting is proud to offer a new recreational shooting event for clubs, businesses, and civic organizations! Our goal is to create an event that anyone can shoot, beginner to expert. These events are meant to be fun, and will encourage your club members to try a variety of disciplines and courses of fire. Learn more at NRA Club Champion Challenge, or read this informative online guide.

Due to numerous requests, scale drawings of silhouette targets, in PDF format, are available online. Click on Silhouette Programs below.

Air Gun Programs Black Powder & Muzzle Loading
Collegiate Shooting Disabled Shooting Services
NRA Action Pistol NRA Volunteers
Pistol Programs Postal Matches
Rifle Programs Silhouette Programs
Tournament Operations Tournament Reporting

The following NRA Information booklets and Guides are now available to download:

NRA Tournament Operation Guide Includes helpful information regarding tournament planning, range operations,statistics, awards, and much more to help you run an efficient competitive shooting event.
NRA Junior Progressive Pistol Program Includes information and how to get started in the NRA Junior Progressive Pistol Program.
MidwayUSA/NRA Bianchi Cup (NRA Action Shooting Championship) General information on the MidwayUSA/NRA Bianchi Cup.
NRA League Handbook How to start an NRA competitive shooting league. Gives details on scheduling, awards, etc. A must-read for those just starting a league.
NRA Collegiate Shooting Guide Recommended reading for those competitive rifle and pistol shooters wishing to start a marksmanship program in their school or college/university. Lists contacts for schools currently running a shooting program.

NRA National Trophy Donation Guidelines: Information for those interested in donating a trophy for NRA National Competition may be downloaded here. This includes a brochure and an application to be used by those wishing to donate a trophy.

NRA Rule Books are now available on line in PDF format:

NRA National Records are now available for viewing on-line. To view these records go to:

Tournament and League sponsors may now submitt their applications online by going to /tournaments. You may continue to download, in PDF format, applications for Approved and Registered Tournaments. League applications are also available. Click on "Tournament Operations" above.

Sponsor Score Reporting Cards - Score Reporting Cards are now available in PDF format for sponsors to download. Click on "Tournament Reporting" above.

Competitors may now subscribe to periodic email updates on upcoming program and rule changes along with other information related to competitive shooting. To subscribe to this list, go to Request Email Updates.

Shooter Classification Check - Competitors in NRA Sanctioned Tournaments may now check their current classification on-line. Enter your NRA ID number where indicated, click the "GO" button, and a list of the shooting programs you are currently active in will be shown with your current classification and effective date.

NOTE: Rule 19.9 states that all classifications, except Master, shall become obsolete if the competitor does not fire in NRA sanctioned competition at least once during 3 successive calendar years (5 years for Masters). Files are purged annually.

Please note that the Competitive Shooting Division cannot respond to questions regarding membership or legislative affairs. Membership can be reached at and the Institute for Legislative Affairs at

NOTE: Most of the e-mail we receive requires us to reply asking for a mailing address and, in most cases, a phone number. This information must be included in your request so the information can be sent in a timely manner.

Collegiate & Schools Dept.
Disabled Shooting Services
Division Administration
High Power Rifle
Marketing & Corporate Sponsorship
NRA Action Pistol
Pistol Dept.
Postal Matches
Smallbore Rifle
Air Gun / Adaptive Shooting
Black Powder
Silhouette Dept.
Tournament Operations Dept.
Tournament Reporting Dept.
Volunteers Dept.

NRA National Championships Information & Program Request
National Action Pistol Championship (NRA Bianchi Cup)
National Rifle & Pistol Championships
Pistol & High Power Rifle – Camp Perry, Ohio
National Rifle & Pistol Championships
Smallbore Rifle – Bristol, Indiana
National Silhouette Championships
National Collegiate Rifle Club & Pistol Championships
National Black Powder Target Rifle Championship
National Indoor Rifle & Pistol Championships (Sectionals)
NRA National Junior 3-Position Air Rifle Championships
National Police Shooting Championship


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