Thematic Development Moves to Github

By helgatheviking | Published: July 26, 2012

At the begging and insistence of myself and Middlesister, we’ve shifted all the Thematic development over to Github.

Find us on the hub:


Come on, Octocats are cute.

Visually, the Github website makes me feel like we’re not coding in the dark ages any more, I personally find the git fork and pull idea more intuitive and inclusive, but the biggest benefit (in my sometimes humble opinion) is that Github is infinitely more social.  There is a community of coders working on different things, and that’s what Thematic really needs right now.  We need more people chipping in or Thematic will get stagnant again.

The next major release for Thematic is going to be 1.0.3 and it is intended to be a major improvement to all the theme’s translatable strings, but this is going pretty slowly since those of us who work on it have been busy.  We need your help.  If you are already on github and understand how git works (I am still learning too!) then please Fork Us, read Otto’s definitive article on Internationalization and just go through 1 or 2 files to improve all the strings, then send a pull request.

And I’m aware that getting set up with git is not the easiest.  If anybody would like to step up and write a tutorial on how to set up a fork that’d be amazing.  If you think git is a bit over your head, don’t worry you can still help out by reporting bugs at:

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    Added to watch list. Thank you.

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