Dr Christine Cuthbertson



Scalpel’s Edge is written by Cris Cuthbertson, also known as DrCris.
She is a general surgeon in Melbourne, Australia.  Alongside her studies, she also finished a PhD in surgery and has been published in peer reviewed journals.  Her resume is available at www.DrCris.net, and her papers can also be downloaded.

Cris is married to Luke, who runs Vertical Online Media.  Cris and Luke have three gorgeous children, MsZ (9), MrJ (7) and MrA (4).

In 2015, the Cuthbertsons are headed off on a big adventure.  Cris finishes up at The Northern Hospital at the end of January, and are moving to Tansen, a rural town in Nepal to work in a  hospital run by United Mission Nepal (UMN). Cris will attempt to keep this blog current as a record of our travels, and we hope you can travel alongside us.

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