Applause for redBrick Agency and

Founder Jamie Brickhouse

“Jamie Brickhouse is a stellar lecture agent with a talent for introducing authors like me to brand new audiences. He booked me at prestigious arts and lectures organizations, in medical, psychiatry, and mental health venues for addiction/recovery speeches, and at various church schools and faith-based communities for my black-belt sinner to unlikely Catholic talks. The events he arranged for me, which were handled with style, finesse, and an uncompromising attention to detail, left me both financially and intellectually enriched.”

—   Mary Karr, author of Lit, Cherry, and The Liars’ Club 

“I would highly recommend Jamie Brickhouse and redBrick Agency for your event.  Jamie’s attention to detail was second to none, he was always available, and followed up with our every need. Great follow through from beginning to end.  Jamie is someone you will enjoy partnering with and I look forward to working with him in the future.”

— Sharon Duncan, Tennessee Association of Realtors

“My mother raised me to be embarrassed by self-promotion and incapable of asking people for money. Luckily, Jamie Brickhouse doesn’t know my mom, so he does both jobs for me. And he gets me flown in style to cool places with nice people who actually seem interested in what I have to say. My association with him has been win-win-win the whole way.”

— Dennis Lehane, New York Times best-selling author

“All matters concerning the booking of author Jay Asher that were handled by redBrick Agency were excellent, details were taken care of in a timely manner and the overall experience was perfect.  Would love to work with Jamie again.”

—Linda Holtslander, Loudoun County Public Library 

“Jamie Brickhouse was pivotal in spearheading my speaking career following the publication of Setting the Table. He consistently kept me busier than I had time to be, presenting me with the high class problem of choosing among an array of stellar speaking opportunities which he thoughtfully negotiated. The logistics support and pre-event preparation he provides is second to none.”

—   Danny Meyer, author of Setting the Table;

CEO Union Square Hospitality Group

“Working with redBrick Agency was a positive experience from beginning to end. Even a last minute change of plan turned out to our advantage as a result of the Agency’s professionalism and finesse.”

Hofstra University

“When it comes to suggesting, presenting, and preserving the sanity of speakers, Jamie Brickhouse knows the ropes, the holds, the trade routes, the prevailing currents, and the long range forecast of the industry. Highly recommended by this grateful writer.”

— Gregory Maguire, author of Wicked

“Jamie Brickhouse brings a wealth of experience, a respect for talent and a keen understanding of audiences to create the most memorable events in the country.  Small venues, large theaters, it doesn’t matter, Jamie gives a hundred percent and your organization benefits. If Jamie is making the connections, I’m confident that the results will be close to perfect.”

—  Adriana Trigiani, New York Times best-selling author

redBrick Agency has been a great speaker resource for Bronxville School. I know that when I book an event with redBrick, I’m in good hands. Follow up from beginning to end was excellent. I look forward to working with redBrick again.”

– Katie Casperson, Chair, Health & Wellness Committee, Bronxville School

“I worked with Jamie for over 20 years and loved every second of it. The instant I heard he was starting his own agency I called to rejoice – and then to say that he must allow me the honor of being his first client. There is no one in the world I trust more to make it happen than Jamie Brickhouse.  After all these years, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to finally work with him – on the other side.”

— Debbie Stier, author of The Perfect Score Project

redBrick Agency, specifically Jamie, was great to work with!  Our company’s focus is public health, so we were unsure what to expect when dealing with a film director and talent agency. redBrick made the process easy and painless, ensuring all the details were covered.”

Midwest AIDS Training and Education Center

“Jamie Brickhouse is funny, fierce and fun to work with. He tells the truth—both to clients and sponsors. That in itself is a miracle in any representative.”

— Erica Jong, legendary novelist, poet, and essayist

redBrick Agency was an excellent working partner for our event.  Jamie Brickhouse takes a hands on approach and provides exemplary communication and organization leading up to the event.  I look forward to working with redBrick Agency again.”

The Federalist Society, Long Island Lawyers Chapter

“Jamie Brickhouse is quite simply the best in the business. He understands how to find that perfect speaker to match the needs of an organization. He’s easy to work with, experienced and knowledgeable. He also happens to be one of the funniest humans on earth. You can’t go wrong with Jamie.”

— Neil White, Author of In the Sanctuary of Outcasts

“How refreshing to work with Jamie Brickhouse! He knows the writers that truly enjoy an audience.  He understands the economics of a non-profit lecture series like ours and he appreciates the book sales that we bring to the authors he represents. When I work with Jamie, I feel like I’m a valued customer, not the whining lecture director.”

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