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If you’re up late watching TV, look out for our Jet Doll commercial. We love commercial nights at Jet Doll Headquarters because we get so much action! The phones are ringing with horny guys looking to get off with sexy strangers.

I remember my first night working during the commercial. This one guy wouldn’t get off my line because he wanted to have phone sex with ME, right there in the office! I told him that I was only there for customer service and to help him set up his call, but he persisted. I asked my supervisor what to do and she told me I could take his call in one of the empty offices or closets if I could convince him to pay extra. I had never had phone sex before, but couldn’t help but want to give it a try. He sounded hot and I was curious. So I told him if he paid me $5 dollars per minute, I would give him my phone sex virginity. Twenty minutes later I was addicted! Now whenever a guy calls my line, I always offer myself up for a VIP price. Next time you call in remember to ask for a VIP lady anywhere from $5-$100 a minute depending on what you want to experience!!;)

~ Kennedy

The Jet Doll Experience

Welcome to 1-800-JET-DOLL
Live Premium Phone Chat 24/7

 The ladies of 1-800-JET-DOLL offer live phone fantasy calls day and night to VIP clients like you! Dial 1-800-538-3655 and a discrete, sexy representative will connect you with the premier lady of your choice, after processing your card or check. You may also set up your call anonymously using your touch-tone keypad. You may request to remain anonymous for either option.

Choose from all types of ladies, guys and shemales, with different fetishes and fantasies. Play hard and request connections with multiple partners: choose two or more ladies or a kinky couple! 1-800-JET-DOLL is a pleasurable and discreet phone sex service with no strings attached. Calls begin at only $2.98 per minute for LIVE, 1-on-1 chat, and we never charge a connection fee. Check out The Jet Doll Experience for more information on why we are your number one choice for Live, Intimate Phone Chat.

Call 1-800-JET-DOLL and choose from hot MILFs, barely legal college coeds, dominant vixens, kinky shemales, role play fantasies, sexy shemales, horny housewives and much more. Jet Doll specializes in finding the right match for your personal desires. You may also choose custom fantasies and request girls you’ve had in the past. So call us now. Your fantasy is only moments away…

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