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    Relevant To Our Interests: On the Future Site of Outer Coast College

    By Nicole Dieker

    in Writing

    They asked me what it was like to be a freelance writer, and I asked them what it was like to start a college. Not everyone at the table was involved with Outer Coast, but a few of them were part of the planning team. They were all planning other things, too; that night the room was full of plans, with me as a reminder that plans can take you somewhere unexpected.

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    “Gentle On My Mind”: Thanks For Letting Me Leave My Stuff Here

    By Mallory Ortberg

    in Music

    Babe it's honestly the fact that you don't ever expect me to visit you
    that makes me feel so comfortable around you
    like so comfortable I just leave my stuff indefinitely at your house
    because you're not interested in shackling me with rules and contracts like
    "can you come get your stuff"
    "Glen your stuff is always at my house but you never visit"

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    GRANT PROPOSAL: I Would Like To Study The Effects Of Extreme Chill On My Body

    By Jaya Saxena

    in Health

    This grant will allow me to develop and sustain a chill environment, and acquire the proper observational tools to record my findings over a six month period.

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    “Oh…No, My Thing Is Happening”: Women Leaving Tactfully In Western Art History

    By Mallory Ortberg

    in Western Art History

    i don't know what you mean, Charles that is the door well it looks a hell of a lot like a window to me darling i'm so sorry but if that won't open i'm afraid there's no other way to get inside i came an awfully long way to see you ahh i know it's so terrible but nothing i can do about how windows are made…

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    Dear Businesslady: Advice for the Overworked and Overqualfied

    By Businesslady

    in Dear Businesslady

    Even if you’re not afflicted with Must Always Make Everyone Like Me Syndrome (which I definitely suffer from), anyone trying to move forward in their career is going to feel a certain pressure to agreeably take on as much work as they’re capable of doing. The line between “happy to help out” and “being a doormat” is often both fine and blurry.

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