Erin spent the 1970s learning to walk, talk, see unicorns, and fight the monster under her bed. She spent the 1980s not getting along with kids her own age, wearing all black, and listening to Ministry.  For the next twenty years, not much changed except the internet was invented.  These days she mostly hangs out in San Francisco with her dog PickPocket and that guy that used to be in that band that one time.



Samantha lives in New Orleans with her husband and their two sphynx cats, Chicken and Rabbit. She occasionally blogs about it on, and obsessively updates her Instagram. She spends most of her free time with an almond milk latte in her hand, studying the occult, and buying too many shoes.

Sam runs Disco Witch Vintage, a vintage and second hand shop for all the misplaced Joan of Arcs.



Zoetica hails as an artist, co-founder of Coilhouse Magazine, photographer and cosmonomad. Born in Moscow of Russian and Uighur descent, she was raised by a troupe of gypsy scientists from space, who sold her to an American research facility in 1992. After a daring escape, she graduated from the LA County High School for the Arts and retreated to study into the underground atelier of the much-revered style guru, Madame Von Kuntzertag. This was followed by a brief stint at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She’s traveled the world, gathering art and fashion expertise and is thrice certified as official Finesse Monitor to the Khan throne. She schemes & works on an excess of projects while residing in a secret Northern California den with my elf-husband and a nano-companion named Micron.


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