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Home > 1st Grade Math

1st Grade Math

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1st Grade Reading

1st Grade Math Games

First Grade Common Core Math Skills Practice

Counting Games for 1st Grade

Counting Game
Counting Up To 30
Counting Up To 100
Hundreds Chart Missing Numbers Game
Skip Counting

Number Sense Games for 1st Grade

Less than Greater than Game & Practice
Find Odd or Even Number Game
Minimum and Maximum - Practice
Comparing 2 Digit Numbers Game
Ordering Numbers Game
Patterns Game
Hundreds Chart Games
Rabbit Number Sense
Ordinal Numbers Game
Odd or Even Number
Alligator Greater Than Game

Addition Games for 1st Grade

Addition Game-Fishing
Addition Facts Games
Hungry Caterpillar Addition Game
Learning Addition Game
Learning Addition
Addition Game & Practice
Word Problems Online Practice
Counting Up Method Addition
Fun Math Games
Add upto 9 Add upto 8 Add upto 7 Add upto 6 Add upto 5
Learning 2 Digit Addition with Regrouping

Subtraction Games for 1st Grade

Subtraction Game-Fishing
Subtraction Facts Game
Learning Subtraction Game
Subtraction Game & Practice
Addition and Subtraction Mixed Game
Addition and Subtraction Matching Games
Addition Or Subtraction?
Counting Down Method Subtraction
Cross Out Method Subtraction
2 Digit Subtraction with Regrouping

Fractions Games for 1st Grade

Fractions Game for kindergarten
Pizza Fractions Game
Matching Fractions Game
Representing Fractions Game
Picture Fractions Game


Match Geometric Shapes
Symmetry Games
Identifying Shapes

Data Analysis (Graphs and Charts) Games for 1st Grade

Make Your Own Pictograph
Tally Chart

Measurement Games for 1st Grade

Ruler Games
Fewer, More or Equal

Telling Time Games for 1st Grade

Calendar Game
Telling Time - What Time Is It?
Learning Time Clock

Money Games for 1st Grade

Equivalent Coins Games
Counting Money Game

Probability and statistics Games for 1st Grade

Estimating Games for 1st Grade

Estimate to the nearest ten

Place Value Games for 1st Grade

Find Place Value of a Number
1st Grade Place Value Games - Tesn and Ones
Tens and Ones
Alligator Greater Than Game
First Grade Science

1st Grade Math Worksheets

1st Grade Test Prep

1st Grade Math Common Core Test Prep
Coloring Pages
Harper Lee Facts
Monthly Calendar Printable 2016
Flashcards Maker
Mother's Day
Memorial Day
Cinco de Mayo
Earth Day
Arbor Day
Patriots' Day
World Environment Day
Armed Forces Day
National Teachers Day
National Sibling Day
Anzac Day
Administrative Professionals Day

Counting Worksheets for First Grade

Count by 2,3,4,5 Worksheets
Hundreds Chart
Counting Up and Down

Number Sense Worksheets for First Grade

Comparing 2 Digit Numbers Worksheets
Less than Greater than Worksheets
Write Numeral Worksheet
Ordinal numbers
Comparing Two Digit Numbers
First Grade Place Value Worksheets

Addition Worksheets for First Grade

Addition Worksheets
Addition with Regroup Worksheets
Add and Compare Worksheets
Math Greeting Puzzles Worksheets
Math Word Problems Worksheets
Math Puzzles
Add and Subtract Within 20
Addition and Subtraction Word Problems
Addition Word Problems (with Three Numbers)

Subtraction Worksheets for First Grade

Subtraction Worksheets
Subtracting with Multiples of 10 Worksheets (1.NBT.C.6 and 1.NBT.C.5)
Subtraction with Regroup (borrow) Worksheets
Addition and Subtraction mixed Worksheets
Fact Family Worksheets - Addition and Subtraction

Fractions Worksheets for First Grade

Learning Fractions: Worksheets
Picture Fraction Worksheets

Geometry Worksheets for First Grade

Line Of Symmetry Worksheets

Data Analysis (Graphs and Charts) Worksheets for First Grade

Measurement Worksheets for First Grade

Temperature Worksheets
Ordering and Comparing Objects by Length

Telling Time Worksheets for First Grade

Calendar Worksheets
Telling Time Worksheets

Money Worksheets for First Grade

Money Worksheets
Money Matching Worksheets

Probability and statistics Worksheets for First Grade

Organize and Interpret Data

Estimating Worksheets for First Grade

Place Value Worksheets for First Grade

First Grade Place Value Worksheets
Place value
Place Value

Teacher Tools

Graphic Organizers
Timeline Maker
Monthly Calendar Printable 2014
Spanish Worksheets

1st Grade Reading 1st Grade Reading
Science First Grade Science
Human Body

Addition Facts Practice

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