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Dec 15th, 2008


Yeah, I know, there are a million photos out there and you’ve seen them all. But we went out on the 7 on Sunday, for the first time in, well, forever, taking friends out for dim sum in Flushing, and then a trip to the Unisphere and the Queens Museum. Let me tell you, you can see as many photos as you like. It’s a LOT different in person. They’re knocking through the seating areas now. Field level is gone. Loge is gone. Mezzanine is just starting to be knocked through, as is the overhang on the upper deck. The photos aren’t great, but I didn’t have my zoom, and wasn’t going to make it into a project today.… [more]

Dec 11th, 2008


After living there for almost a decade, I can assure you he never had to deal with things like this: There’s a New Putz In Queens THE METS HAVE SEEN ALOT OF PUTZ’ BUT J.J. MAY BE THE BEST Pronounce the Man’s Name Correctly, at Least for a While Mets part with seven players, acquire Putz I’m not entirely sure the last one is meant humorously… but you never know. More actual commentary to come about our recent Hot Stove moves that’s isn’t written by a woman with the mind of a 13-year-old-boy shortly.… [more]


Dec 11th, 2008


As we say goodbye to Mr. Heilman… …and extend a warm welcome to Mr. Putz. As the Mariners fans say said, “Putz in, game over!” (No, seriously, they really DO say that.) (I’m not kidding.) As TBF says, “It’s all going to be fine until the first time he blows a save. Then, the Post will have a field day.” Me: “They can’t do that.” TBF: “It’s his name, they certainly can…” So much for getting to sleep early tonight. WFAN is on in one room, SNY in the other room, and it feels like – well, it feels like baseball.… [more]

Dec 5th, 2008


Regular readers of MG will remember our friends on the loge, L and M. M. had been a plan holder since before she even knew L. It was from them that I first got the idea to buy a plan, that it was at all within the realm of possibility. They were also Tuesday-Friday planholders. They are ENORMOUS sports fans. The type of people who would buy World Series tickets no matter who the team was because they’d just like to see the game. When we emailed to ask them what they had gotten in the on-sale, imagine our surprise to receive this: Actually we ended up doing nothing.… [more]


Dec 3rd, 2008


According to, that’s the view from our Promenade Infield seats. We’re in. Who else bought today?… [more]

Dec 1st, 2008


There has been teeth gnashing, and phone calls made, and lengthy conversations in instant message (since I was gone for five days in a locale that had ample internet access, but no cell signal). We are over the fact that the 40-game plan is not for us, and have resigned ourselves to purchasing a weekday plan and the Friday plan. Equally, we have resigned ourselves to the fact that because the Mets are automating the sales, we have no chance in reuniting the denizens of Section 12. A moment of silence, please. Even with both of those plans, we will still spend less than we did last year, and less than we planned on spending.… [more]

Nov 26th, 2008


You know, when they said they were going to release the information on 11/26, was I the only one who assumed that meant at, say, 9 or 10am? Putting it up in the afternoon served one purpose and one purpose ONLY: to make sure that this debacle didn’t hit the media until it was done and over with. I also am dumbfounded that I cannot purchase a 40 game plan. I do not want to sit in the left field reserved, and more importantly, I can’t afford 40 games out there. Why are there no 40 game plans in the Promenade Reserved Infield or even Promenade Reserved?… [more]

Nov 25th, 2008


Last week, I mentioned in a rant that given the current state of Citibank, That Place The Mets Are Going To Play Next Year might be seeing some renaming down the line. Apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks that way: NY Times City Room Blog:Call It Citi/Taxpayer Field, Two Councilmen Say Slate: Ills de la Citi: Should the troubled bank cancel its $400 million sponsorship of the new Mets stadium? ABC News: Citi, AIG Won’t Drop Big Sports Sponsorships Church of Baseball: Just A Thought Loge 13: U.S. Treasury Field? Citibank is in trouble. They have laid off over 20k employees.… [more]

Nov 23rd, 2008


I am on hiatus this week but I wanted to point out that over at Loge 13, they have posted the information regarding partial plans as received by someone who’s already gotten The Letter. 11/26 and 12/3 are the magic days. Happy Thanksgiving if I don’t find occasion to post again before the holiday.… [more]

Nov 19th, 2008


Here’s what TBF dragged out of the MTO this morning: 1) Information on partial plans is being sent out end of this week/beginning of next week. 2) They DO have ticket prices, and if you are a full season holder they will gladly give you the numbers for Bronze/Gold/Silver/etc. over the phone. They’re just not going to release them for whatever reason. Maybe one of the beat writers could call and get this info? 3) As a commenter on an earlier post noted, one of the 15 game plans is allegedly going to be a Saturday plan with some weekday games thrown in.… [more]

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