Sentence 10 FINAL ISSUE

- prose poems by Jack Anderson, Nin Andrews, Hadara Bar-Nadav, Dennis Barone, Eric Baus, Brian Beard, Michael Benedikt, Mary Biddinger, Kristin Bock, Deborah Bogen, Jenny Boully, Heather Bowlan, Chee Brossy, Suzanne Burns, Brigitte Byrd, Benjamin Cartwright, J'Lyn Chapman, Nick Courtright, Sally Derringer, Denise Duhamel, Keith Ekiss, Maggie Evans, Jean Ferry, Jeff Friedman, Edward Gauvin, Lea Graham, Maryanne Hannan, Joseph Harrington, Brooke Horvath, Rich Ives, Iris Jamahl, Jenny Johnson, Julia Johnson, Douglas S. Jones, Dana Killmeyer, Alyse Knorr, Ginger Knowlton, Sarah Kortemeier, Olivia Lansdale, Gary Leising, Gian Lombardo, MaryJo Mahoney, David McAleavey, Sharon Fagan McDermott, Christopher Middleton , Kate Middleton , Fred Muratori , Ray Nayler , Ed Orr , Marc Paltrineri , Kevin Phan , David Polochanin , Richard Prins , Alicia Rabins, Brad Richard, Alicita Rodriguez, Josh Russell, Alicia Salvadeo, Ian Seed, Spencer Seward, Daniel M. Shapiro, Peter Jay Shippy, Barry Silesky, Noel Sloboda, Ellen McGrath Smith, Joseph Starr, Donna Stonecipher, Lydia Unsworth, G. C. Waldrep, Melissa Walker, Wendy Walker, Joshua Ware, Anthony Warnke, Charles Harper Webb, Tom Whalen, Kathleen Winter, Theodore Worozbyt, Wendy Xu, Kevin Zambrano

Congratulations to Sentence Contributing Editor Maxine Chernoff and past Sentence contributors Jenny Browne and Sarah Blake Schoenholtz for their 2013 NEA Grants in Poetry! reviews Sentence 9 - Sentence 9 review

"Of all the journals in circulation dealing with the prose poem, Sentence seems the best equipped for the task of filling some of the space [vacated by the demise of The Prose Poem: An International Journal]. Sentence spans the expanse of what is currently being done with the prose poem... and is surely as good a place as any to seek out the best of what is now in circulation."

— American Book Review

"(Sentence) is the best magazine of its kind since Peter Johnson's legendary The Prose Poem: An International Journal… Clements has gathered poems showing that form is not simply the structure of a paragraph, but a textual canvas of moving parts. Besides pieces by stalwarts of the genre such as Russell Edson, Morton Marcus, and Peter Johnson, vibrant work by Leonard Schwartz, Beckian Fritz Goldberg, and Matthew Roth make this issue a must. Critical reviews of books by prose poets round out the magazine and show that Sentence may become the key resource for a properous form that continues to grow."

— Ray Gonzalez, Bloomsbury Review


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Sentence 10, available now, will be the final issue of Sentence. Therefore, we are no longer accepting submission. Thank you for your interest and your support.

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