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Support Update: Changes have been made by Mike Jolley to this plugin to make it WordPress v3.0 and later compatible as well as other tweaks to help this form remain dominant. That said, much of the information on this particular page discusses our form version 2.0. and is subsequently out-of-date. The demo, in fact, is likewise an older version. Now being a stock photographer instead of a web developer I won’t update these things, but the plugin is current. Go get it now (from GitHub.com).

This is the official page for the Secure and Accessible PHP Contact Form v.2.0WP for WordPress (versions 2.0 and later) created by Mike Jolley and myself. This easy-to-install form has many accessibility, usability, and security features and it’s now a fast and easy-to-use plugin for WordPress web logs. For extensive details and information about the form itself, please check out the official Secure and Accessible PHP Contact Form v.2.0 page. (Also see Mike Jolley’s Official Page). On this page I will summarize the WP version. While comments remain open, you can also ask questions or give feedback in the dedicated announcement post. Enjoy the plugin.

  • Version 2.0WP Features
  • The Form Plugin Files
  • Form Plugin Installation
  • Plugin Supported Themes
  • Get Form Support
  • Form Disclaimer
  • Form Plugin Change Log « Updated 2008.11.18
  • Form Customizations
  • Download the Plugin
  • Credits & Thanks
  • Post for Feedback
  • Working v.2.0WP Demo

Version 2.0WP Features

The following is an overview of the plugin’s features. To learn more, go to the Original Form Page to get in-depth info about the form’s the security and accessibility features:

  1. Form overview page available to you to confirm the plugin’s general configuration.
  2. Extensive security features with 16 individual abuse countermeasures.
  3. Build to the highest web standards with maximum accessibility and usability in mind.
  4. Extremely simple drag-‘n’-drop, plug-‘n’-play set-up — even novices can do it.
  5. Simple 7-step form-based configuration so you never have to look at one line of code.
  6. Form set-up error management to help ensure you set-up critical parts correctly.
  7. Style choices at the ready with some pre-made form themes designed for several popular WordPress themes… all pre-tested.
  8. Ability to use “no themes” offered in case you want to use your own style sheet.
  9. Built in Style Sheet Editor so you can edit the available themes or create one of your own. A commented “custom.css” file included for you already.
  10. Extensive on-board documentation library so help is always at the ready.
  11. Performance monitoring spam counter function.

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The Form Plugin Files

The following files are provided with the download:

  1. Path/File: /wp-gbcf/readme.txtInstructions
  2. Path/File: /wp-gbcf/index.phpKeep snoops bored
  3. Path/File: /wp-gbcf/wp-gbcf_focus.jsForm field focus for Internet Explorer
  4. Path/File: /wp-gbcf/wp-gbcf_form.phpForms, script, pages
  5. Path/File: /wp-gbcf/wp-gbcf_help.phpDocumentation library
  6. Path/Folder: /wp-gbcf/wp-gbcf_themes/Folder contains various theme files
  7. Path/Folder: /wp-gbcf/wp-gbcf_themes/wp-gbcf_images/A place for style images if wanted

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Form Plugin Installation

This form is simple to install and can be done in a matter of minutes. The following steps will guide you through the process:

  1. Unpack the *.zip file and extract the /wp-gbcf/ folder and wp-gbcf_readme.txt file.
  2. Using an FTP program, upload the /wp-gbcf/ folder to your WordPress plugins directory (Example: /wp-content/plugins/).
  3. In the sub-directory, /wp-gbcf_themes/, using FTP or your server admin panel, change the permission of the CSS theme files to 666, but you’ll only do this if you’ll want to edit them.
  4. Open your WordPress Admin panel and go to the “Plugins” page. Locate the “Secure and Accessible PHP Contact Form” plugin and click on the “Activate” link.
  5. Once activated, go to the “Contact Form” page and select the “Configuration” link on the sub-menu. If you need help, review the “Form Configuration Instructions.” You won’t be able to enter the URL yet, though.
  6. Once configured as much as you can, go to the “Write” page and click the “Write Page” If using a default page template give it a name like “Contact Page,” for example.
  7. Now go back to the “Configuration” page and add the URL of your newly-created form page. “Save” your changes.
  8. Now go to “Manage” and click on “Edit Pages” link on the sub-menu. Then locate your contact page an click on the “Edit” link to the right of it.
  9. With the page file open, add this code <!--gb_contact_form--> to the text area and “Save” the page.
  10. That’s it, you’re about done. The form will be on the new page you created and should be ready for use and a link to the page will be on your Web Log’s Pages’ navigation menu.
  11. Test your new form. If you encounter problems, review the “Form Configuration Instructions” and “Helpful FAQs” provided.
  12. To style your form, select the “Styling” link. There you may select one of the ready-made themes (designed for specific popular WordPress themes), use no theme, or create your own using the style sheet editor provided.

Note: There is also an alternate templating method of installation. A little more involved but better in its flexibility.

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Plugin Supported Themes

If you use some of the more popular WordPress Themes, contact form themes have been provided to get you up-and-running faster than ever. The following WordPress themes have been provided for (use these links to get info or download them):

Default by Michael Heilemann
The default WordPress theme based on the famous Kubrick. Included with WordPress.
Classic by Dave Shea
The original WordPress theme that graced versions 1.2.x and prior. Also included
Beast-Blog by Mike Cherim
Beast-Blog Info | Beast-Blog Demo | Download Beast-Blog.
BeastBlog v.2.0 by Mike Cherim
BeastBlog v.2.0 Info | BeastBlog v.2.0 Demo | Download BeastBlog v.2.0
Almost Spring by Becca Wei
Almost Spring Info | Almost Spring Demo | Download Almost Spring.
Blix by Sebastian Schmieg
Blix Info | Blix Demo | Download Blix.
Connections by Patricia Muller
Connections Info | Connections Demo | Download Connections.
Green Marinee by Ian Main
Green Marinee Info | Green Marinee Demo | Download Green Marinee.
Ocadia by Becca Wei
Ocadia Info | Ocadia Demo | Download Ocadia.
Pool by Borja Fernandez
Pool Info | Pool Demo | Download Pool.
SeaBeast by Mike Cherim
SeaBeast Info | SeaBeast Demo | Download SeaBeast.
Note: This theme has an included contact form but it can be disabled in its configuration and deleted, then this one can be used instead for greater security and flexibility. Also note this theme’s special terms and conditions for use.
Beginning with build number 20070204 a large number of random themes have been added for you to play around with. Have fun!

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Get Form Plugin Support

Use the Working v.2.0WP Demo Page to request support or if you have any special customization requirements. Basic support is free as a courtesy to you — I will answer simple questions but it is requested that you first refer to the installation instructions and change log on this page to try and answer the question yourself. If you have it installed, check out the extensive on-board Documentation library and Helpful FAQs. Advanced support requests and all customization work are for-hire services. Donations are always accepted (there’s a form for doing this in the plugin). While comments remain open, you can also ask questions or give feedback in the dedicated announcement post.

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Form Plugin Disclaimer

You are free to use this application but may not redistribute it without written permission. Use of this application will be at your own risk. No guarantees or warranties are made, direct or implied. The creators cannot and will not be liable or held accountable for damages, direct or consequential. By using this application it implies agreement to these conditions.

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Change Log & Updates

If any errors are found or changes made — English version only — they will be logged here and summarized in brief. (From oldest to most recent.)

  1. 2006.10.26: We updated the wp-gbcf_form.php file. The problem was referrer mis-matching if the form admin set the URL with/without a WWW and the form user accesses the form page in an opposite manner. If users cannot access the form using a URL opposite of what you’ve configured, no need to worry, but if they can you’ll want/need to address this. Affects first 85 downloads. Recommendation: If applicable to you as described, swap out the wp-gbcf_form.php and the problem is solved.
  2. 2006.11.01: We updated the wp-gbcf_form.php and wp-gbcf_help.php files. The basic changes we made the form file allows admins to now enable or disable the Carbon Copy function, the carbon copy email sent to users was modified extensively and is a separate mail, an identified auto-fill user bug was fixed (Spam Trap 2 was being populated), and the referrer match-up was changed significantly as that was giving people problems. The help file was changed to reflect the changes in the form file and a few typos were fixed. The FAQ was also added to. Affects first 289 downloads. Recommendation: Swap out the two files mentioned. That’s it.
  3. 2006.11.05: Minor tweaks made to the wp-gbcf_form.php file to make it look nicer in the source and play nicer with other WP plugins because not all terminate with a newline as they should. Also made one tweak to mitigate the possibility of an “open relay attack” being carried out. Affects first 494 downloads. Recommendation: Swap out the wp-gbcf_form.php file.
  4. 2006.11.25: Success message typo corrected in the gbcf_form.php file. Affects first 1428 downloads. Recommendation: Swap out the wp-gbcf_form.php file.
  5. 2007.01.20: Minor tweaks made to the wp-gbcf_form.php to negotiate IP addresses differently, changed character set to UTF-8 to allow more characters in emails, fixed a typo, and changed the “from” to the sender to allow use with host that require SMTP authentication. Affects first 2828 downloads. Recommendation: Swap out the wp-gbcf_form.php file.
  6. 2007.02.03: Mulitple modifications and improvements made to the wp-gbcf_form.php file to plug a potential header inject exploit hole, enhance database and form performance, and allow content to be added to top of form (with instructions to add content at bottom in FAQ). Configuration was re-ordered (moved CC option control to section 5). Updated the Overview page. The on-board documentation file, wp-gbcf_help.php, was also updated and now includes instructions on make a contact page template. Multiple style sheets were added for non-specific themes. Affects first 3481 downloads. Recommendation: Swap out the wp-gbcf_form.php and wp-gbcf_help.php files.
  7. 2007.02.13: A modification was made to the wp-gbcf_form.php file to update the header injection exploit error message. The on-board documentation file, wp-gbcf_help.php, was also edited (it needed it) — hopefully it’s 100% typo-free (though that’s doubtful). All index.php files were modified. Affects first 4085 downloads. Recommendation: Swap out the wp-gbcf_form.php, wp-gbcf_help.php, and all folder index.php files.
  8. 2007.03.03: The ordering of the negotiations was modified in the wp-gbcf_form.php file for even greater email security. A line in the wp-gbcf_help.php file was also changed. Affects first 5116 downloads. Recommendation: Swap out the wp-gbcf_form.php and wp-gbcf_help.php files.
  9. 2007.29.03: In the wp-gbcf_form.php file the blockquote’s cite attribute in the success result was changed, the “Referrer Mismatch” error was modified, the random exploit distribution codes were changed, and mail function detection was added to help users determine if they can use the form. The documentation file, wp-gbcf_help.php, was also updated. Affects first 6792 downloads. Recommendation: Swap out the wp-gbcf_form.php and wp-gbcf_help.php files.
  10. 2007.04.07: I made several small modifications in the wp-gbcf_form.php to even further enhance security. I also modified the mail header to extract the character set from the blog settings instead of hard-coding it. It was hard-coded utf-8, and on most blogs will remain as such, but now that can be modified if the webmaster has selected another charset for their blog. The documentation file, wp-gbcf_help.php, was also updated. Affects first 7255 downloads. Recommendation: Swap out the wp-gbcf_form.php and wp-gbcf_help.php files.
  11. 2007.04.14: Due to threats from a disgruntled user I have removed all link-backs in the wp-gbcf_form.php file if Showcredit “No” is selected in the config. The documentation file, wp-gbcf_help.php, was also updated. Affects first 7589 downloads. Recommendation: Swap out the wp-gbcf_form.php and wp-gbcf_help.php files. This was never meant to dupe or spam anyone. It was used purely for software promotion and innocuous tracking.
  12. 2008.02.07: I moved the labels, reduced their length, spanned the legends, added 3D to make a working Whois query input. Plus I used a couple of WP functions to wptexturize() and autop() the page output. Most changes were for greater accessibility. Affects first 23664 downloads. Recommendation: Swap out the wp-gbcf_form.php file.
  13. 2008.06.22: I added a br hook after the textarea. I also added a couple of WP functions to wptexturize() and autop() the help page template instructions. Affects first 33415 downloads. Recommendation: Swap out the wp-gbcf_form.php and wp-gbcf_help.php files.
  14. 2008.07.31: I shortened the variable lengths due to some server issues some people encountered. I also updated the readme and the Documentation page. Affects first 36611 downloads. Recommendation: Swap out the wp-gbcf_form.php and wp-gbcf_help.php files.
  15. 2008.11.18: I added the -f parameter to help those with requiring email providers such as AOL. Affects first 45243 downloads. Recommendation: Swap out the wp-gbcf_form.php file.

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Form Customizations

Fee-based form customizations are available. This service might include the addition or removal of user inputs, etc. To learn more or to ask for quote request, please contact me. Also, please note, the WordPress version of this form has a commercial cousin that supports multiple users. In other words the user chooses a “department” or “recipient” and the email is sent only to that department or person, customized for that back-end user. This version is priced at $70. ($50 for GAWDS and WSG members.)

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Download the Form

Terms of Use: You are free to download and use this form but you may not redistribute it without written permission. Donations are gratefully accepted but no payment is required to use this script. If you do use this form whether on your site or a client’s site, it is requested that you keep the built in link-back in place but it is no longer required by these terms.

Get PHP Contact Form v.2.1WP
Download it at GitHub.com

To date, this “Secure and Accessible PHP Contact Form v.2.xWP” has been downloaded 102760 times since its release on: Oct. 25th, 2006.

German Version Available!
I removed this version due to numerous complaints about its wording, grammar, etc.

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Credits & Thanks

I could not have done this without Mike Jolley’s help! He was an excellent partner in this project. Thanks Mike! Again, I’d also like to thank the people who helped me get the form off the ground in the first place.

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