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    Nicer Graphics

    Posted by Liv Siddall,

    At first glance I assumed Nicer Graphics was a collective, it is in fact just one man, Sven Neitzel, who is responsible for this portfolio of fun, colour-infused graphic design. Using his website as more a method of showcasing his approach to design as a whole, he actually now works at Thonik, one of the leading Dutch graphic design studios. If you check out their work as well, you’ll see that he’s the perfect man for the job. (Read more)


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    Anna Huix: Foc

    Posted by Rob Alderson,

    This intriguing, unnerving series by Spanish photographer Anna Huix features revolves around the annual Falles celebrations in honour of St Joseph which take place in and around Valencia. Anna is fascinated by the way in which “traditions survive in a globalised and hyper communicated world” and why these nostalgic but extremely costly customs endure to this day. Photographing the young falleras, Anna has created a brilliantly penetrating piece of work – on the emotional pull of traditions, the conflicts of female adolescence and the social tension between progress and the past. (Read more)


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    Glithero: Process Films

    Posted by Charlotte Simmonds,

    Glithero (a.k.a. Sarah van Gameren and Tim Simpson) are currently making my hands tingle. You know that feeling – maybe you’re watching someone knead some dough, or drag a paintbrush across a canvas, or pat a soft little rabbit on the head – it’s that unquenchable urge to reach out and get involved. Not only do these two Camden-based designers/craftspeople/all-round-innovators create phenomenally beautiful furniture, products and installations, much of the work is accompanied by excellent process films, which makes that whole “reach out and grab it” issue all the more pressing. Engrossing and inspirational. (Read more)


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    Stockholm Design Week 2012: Katrin Greiling

    Posted by Charlotte Simmonds,

    Mutli-talented Katrina Greiling will present at four different venues during the Stockholm Design Week, but it’s her exhibition Evolution of the Object that we’re most keen on. A collection of new work, objects and photography, it will also feature her Bidoun Sofa Series. Inspired by middle eastern textiles and using old mattress pads – thin and compact for the necessities of nomadic life – she’s built a series of interchangeable building blocks capable of creating some remarkably plush sofas. Designed to retain their portable nature, it’s a typically inventive project from this unconventional designer. Very cool. (Read more)


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    Gracia Lam

    Posted by Charlotte Simmonds,

    Gracia Lam’s work is quiet and unassuming, and that’s why it will catch you off guard. You’ll be leafing through her portfolio, taking in the beautiful colours, admiring her mastery of composition and likeable characterisations and then it hits you – these are really, unbelievably good. She’s the kind of illustrator who can take a simple briefing and add surprising depth, distilling abstract thoughts into concrete moments of lingering beauty. Take On the Theme of Absence for example, a feeling of vacancy and loss is evoked, rather than told – no small visual feat, which Gracia has executed with grace. (Read more)


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    Alma Har'el: Bombay Beach

    Posted by Liv Siddall,

    Rarely does a documentary come more beautiful and gloriously silver-lined as Alma Har’el’s sensational film Bombay Beach that came exploding into our cinemas last week. Everyone’s going on about the soundtrack (Bob Dylan, Beirut – I know) but that’s only the tip of the iceberg, as Har’el’s delicately inquisitive film takes us into the broken promise of one very particular American Dream. (Read more)


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    Ben Wilson

    Posted by Bryony Quinn,

    I came across the mini-spectacularity of Ben Wilson’s jewell-like paintings on chewing gum mere days ago, though I’m a little slow on the uptake (he’s been doing them for nine years). This weekend saw Ben open a new show, Gum Art, at Trinity Buoy Wharf and a specially created art-trail of paintings that feature tiny scenes inspired by his surroundings, requests from the public, random patterns and people. He was arrested a number of times over the years, public support put that to rest and he continues to catch passers by’s eyes with his totally unique pieces. (Read more)


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    Le Creative Sweatshop: Jelly & Light

    Posted by Bryony Quinn,

    Of all the uses for jelly, surely this careful tinting and casting about lamps is one of the more creative. But for Le Creative Sweatshop – aka Julien Morin and Mathieu Missiaen – the casual re-appropriation of everyday foodstuffs (and a healthy amount of polyurethane) is the norm when creating their own style of sublimely strange still-lifes. In a day when pedestrian product shots just won’t cut it, these are your go-to guys. Photographed by Fabrice Fouillet. (Read more)


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    Pablo Genovés: Precipitados

    Posted by Charlotte Simmonds,

    So here are some photos from last week’s apocalypse…just kidding! It’s actually the work of gifted collage artist Pablo Genovés, who’s created en-masse a series of theatrical clashes between culture and nature, any of which could work as stills from some B-grade horror film ( “A Not So Lucky Night at the Opera”, perhaps?). Rococo interiors dunked in a churning deluge – Pablo’s got some seriously kooky ideas up his sleeves. He aims to wrap his work in “an atmosphere of lie and falsehood,” and while they may not be believable they certainly are wonderful. (Read more)


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    Benedikt Groß & Bertrand Clerc: Metrography

    Posted by Bryony Quinn,

    Every Londoner knows that it’s quicker to walk from Covent Garden to Leicester Square than to tube it and yet, collectively, we rely on maps and devices that give us “abstracted projections of the real world’s spatial arrangement.” What interactive designers Bertrand Clerc and Benedikt Groß have accomplished is to realign our distorted idea of distance by fixing the topology of London to the rationalised map designed by Harry Beck. Metrography is an explorable, fascinating subversion of our acceptance for such things, no matter how unnavigable it is. (Read more)


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    Josh Atlas

    Posted by Charlotte Simmonds,

    The drawings of Josh Atlas fill my head with jingles and my mouth with the taste of pudding. But these delectable sketches are merely the appetiser to some seriously quirky sculptures – made from a mash-up of donuts, children’s paddling pools and rainbow sprinkles, all topped off with a lick of chocolate frosting (click through to see them). James finds dessert downright inspirational – he cites the crux of his artistic practice as “the moment when logic is tossed aside for the sake of gratification.” Well Josh, we think you and you’re confectionary creations are downright divine. (Read more)


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    Stockholm Design Week 2012: Clemence Seilles

    Posted by Bryony Quinn,

    Starting today and ending on Friday 10, all the lots in Örnsbergsauktuinen (an auction of studio-produced objects by Swedish and international designers), will be exhibited in Stockholm, including a rather great armchair by Clemence Seilles. Part of her Authentic Sources Furniture series, the chair has a skin of processed “natural” textures – surface adhesives like Turkish marble and oak wood – which represent a craft which is not employed, a source which does not exist and an effect that is nearly abstract. For this and all the other pieces up-for-grabs from the likes of Fredrik Paulsen (the organiser), check out the catalogue. (Read more)


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    Stockholm Design Week 2012

    Posted by Rob Alderson,

    The eyes of the design world turn to Scandinavia this week, to Sweden to be precise, for the Stockholm Design Week festivities. Sir Terence Conran recently said that Scandinavia has “design in its DNA” in a way many other regions don’t, and so it will be intriguing to see what trends and themes emerge over the course of the next few days. Everyday at lunchtime we’ll be swinging our spotlight onto something quirky, interesting or unusual that’s caught our eye. So, let the fun commence, Sweden style!


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    Superbowl 2012 Adverts

    Posted by Rob Alderson,

    So last night the Superbowl happened, sending the USA into paroxysms of sporting superlatives and left most of the rest of us slightly baffled – us Brits woke up to Twitter timelines full of patriots, giants and Madonna, like some strange proto-Christian fairytale. But the game itself is only part of the whole Superbowl shebang, with brands shelling out on average $3.5 million for 30 seconds of airtime. Here’s our look at nine of the best ads which interspersed the on-field action… (Read more)

    Read more about the ad buying scrum at Business Insider

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    Golden Cosmos

    Posted by Liv Siddall,

    What could be better than a boy and a girl making fantastically beautiful prints and books together? Not much, apart from if they were in love. Oops! They are. Golden Cosmos are probably most recognisable by the image they produced for NoBrow, of the two of them riding in tandem with a dog on the back (a true depiction apparently, apart from the tandem).Their pieces are colourful and naive, and clearly influenced by their hometown, Berlin. (Read more)


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    Black Cab Sessions: Bonny Prince Billy

    Posted by Alex Bec,

    Stop Press! The fantastic Black Cab Sessions have reached their one hundredth video! It’s a corker, and a credit to a fantastic series. Does that voice really come from that man?!


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    Bänziger Hug

    Posted by Alex Moshakis,

    Last year, to quiet applause rather than rattling fanfare, Samuel Bänziger and Olivier Hug founded Bänziger Hug – an appropriately named design studio whose body of work, like the pair’s admirers, grows steadily and with purpose. Combining clarity with welcome moments of typographic expression, the Swiss duo design books, identities and websites, nodding at the importance of the object as a physical experience while simultaneously acknowledging the huge potential of design online. It’s subjective, of course, but with modest subtlety Bänziger Hug just might be displaying all of the facets needed to create great graphic design. (Read more)


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    Bookshelf: Jeff Mermelstein

    Posted by Bryony Quinn,

    We were blown away by the ineffable goodness of Jeff Mermelstein’s work when we first came across it. A prolific photojournalist, Jeff’s innate curiosity and inspirational debt to the great street photographers has created a body of work with fascinating and fleetingly intimate currents. This week he has chosen his top five photography tomes for our Bookshelf feature – all stone cold classics, narrated in Jeff’s singular voice – however, it does look like all his books appear to be in storage… (Read more)


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    Posted by Charlotte Simmonds,

    So it’s that time of the week. That Things time of the week. And what have we got in store for you? Are you sitting down? Well then get ready to be blown away by the rockin’ smorgasbord you’re about to get served up. Our Things box was literally overflowing with goodies this week and after a proper sift-through we emerged victorious with these five lovely items clutched in hand. There’s psychedelic beach posters, photobooks and children’s books and even a bit of advice about how to bypass Tesco and head to the local park for your lunch instead. You’ll understand before long, so here we go! It’s time… (Read more)

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    The Weekender

    Posted by Rob Alderson,

    There’s a lot of hating about February. “It’s so short.” “It’s so cold.” “It’s so unambitious.” Yeah?! Why don’t you take a look in the mirror pal? When were you ever a month?! Yeah?! One of twelve?! In your dreams mate! We love February. In fact we think it’s “fab.” Or “Fab?” So guess what we call it? That’s right – Good February. Now cockle-warming ahoy, here comes The Weekender… (Read more)

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    John Spinks: Factories

    Posted by Bryony Quinn,

    Anyone who got their hands on John Spinks’ Factories book since it was published in 2010 will know what a great story of human interest it is. As team photographer to the front line “modern crafted” clothing brand Albam, it is John’s job to not only sell us the clothes on models’ backs but the whole industry behind them. Now, with these photographs of tools, portraits and factories currently on show at London’s Exposure gallery, it’s as good a time as any to point you in the direction of these lovely insights into the people behind the clothes. (Read more)


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    Slacktory: Shit People Say About Shit People Say Videos

    Posted by Rob Alderson,

    From the majesty of the original Shit Girls Say video this meme has taken on a life of its own. Whether its pro skaters, hipsters or college freshmen the web is now awash with them, and we can’t really decide if that’s an excellent or a terrible thing. However we do know that this Shit People Say About Shit People Say Videos is terrific – and who can resist a meta-meme? Nobody I tell you!


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    What's On: Immortal Nature

    Posted by Charlotte Simmonds,

    An exhibition touting itself as “various realisations of the prophesised end of the world” could be construed as a ploy to prick up ears, but to call Immortal Nature a sensationalist gag would be to undermine a thoroughly sophisticated show. Loosely interpreting themes of nature, extinction, and human society while incorporating a range of artists and various medium,- Edel Assanti’s current spread was a worthwhile reward for my trek through a rather windy winter evening. Sci-fi disasters and off-kilter sculptures are just a taste of what’s on offer in a gallery that’s not to be passed over (despite been very near an overpass). (Read more)


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    M.I.A: Bad Girls

    Posted by Liv Siddall,

    Unreal. If this is Vice’s new Noisey Channel setting its standard, that bar is going to be high. M.I.A returns in a big cloud of two stroke engine fumes, ricocheting through the desert in a terrifying, electrifying Romain Gavras video that reminds you why you liked her in the first place. But also how much you dislike her – for making you feel incredibly, crushingly lame in comparison to her lioness ways.


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    James Bridle: A Ship Adrift

    Posted by Rob Alderson,

    We were thrilled to welcome artist, publisher and writer James Bridle to kick off our Words Words Words talks’ series last night, and as usual, he has an unbelievably interesting project on the go, based on Artangel’s South Bank boat-el we featured last month. James has set up a weather station next to the installation and is charting where the boat would blow if it was subject to the wind conditions (it’s currently heading into Belarus). On the way it’s searching geo-tagged tweets and internet adverts to “learn” about its surroundings and trying to communicate via Twitter using the information it is processing. Imaginative, intelligent, mischievous stuff. (Read more)


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