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Articles by Fruit Brute

March 11, 2008

A T-shirt For The Homotron In You!


Nothing says Homotron like two big robots kissing. And now someone has gone and put it on a t-shirt. I don't know about you, but Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots was a big game for me when I was a kid and whenever no one was around I would secretly make them kiss so this t-shirt is somethng of a dream come true. You can purchase your own for a mere $20 on Threadless!


Fruit Brute
Posted to Hot Stuff, On Your Body on 11 March 2008 · Comments (2)
Other stuff like this: fashion, robot, t-shirt, threadless
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November 16, 2007

Review: Vibe Duo Headphones


The Digital Life show in NYC yielded some interesting finds. As I have been doing so much traveling, I was really drawn more towards the smaller items. After I finally tore myself away from the Gelaskins booth, I made my way across the aisle to check out the Vibe Duo earbud headphones from V-Moda. I have been on the market for some new headphones since I lost mine during my jaunt to E for All. The headphones that come packed with the various Apple devices are always incredibly uncomfortable to me. Something akin to sticking trashcan lids in your ears, they never quite fit right and always seem to fall out of my ears.

Needless to say, I was delighted when the lovely gal behind the table handed me a pair to try out, thus solving my headphone dilemma in one swoop. I have always thought thought of all headphones to be fairly similar as far as sound and comfortability with some slight variations. But, five minutes with the Vibe Duo proved that I was wrong.


Fruit Brute
Posted to Hot Stuff, In Your Pocket, Reviews on 16 November 2007 · Comments (1)
Other stuff like this: headphones, iphone, ipod, v-moda, vibe duo
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November 15, 2007

Incredible Hand Carved Wooden PC Case Mod


File this under truly awesome. Valerie Beetle, a gentlemen from the Ukraine, created this amazing hand carved wooden case mod for his PC. I've seen some pretty cool case mods in my day, but this one really takes the cake. Makes me want to throw my clunky looking piece of expensive gray plastic right out the window.

[via Geekology]


Fruit Brute
Posted to Hot Stuff, On Your Desk on 15 November 2007
Other stuff like this: case mod, pc, wood
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November 14, 2007

Gelaskins: For the Customization Freak In You


I admit it, I am a customization whore. I love having my gadgets and accessories match my personality rather than carrying around that same old white iPod everyone else has. I have bought stickers and decals for my various consoles and handhelds in an attempt to find something cool, but I am inevitably disappointed. I either put the thing on wrong and have to remove it, causing the corners to bend up and never stick down again or I try to remove the decal months later and end up spending hours with Goof Off trying to remove the sticky junk left behind.

When Tiny and I attended the Digital Life Holiday showing last week, I was instantly drawn to the Gelaskins booth. Here they were, decals for every laptop and iPod you could imagine with some really amazing designs. Of course, my inner customizer came out and I looked over the table, my eyes filled with longing, secretly hoping that here I may have finally found the answer to my prayers. And I was right.


Fruit Brute
Posted to Hot Stuff, In Your Pocket, On Your Desk, Reviews on 14 November 2007
Other stuff like this: gelaskins, iPhone, iPod, laptop, mac, pc
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November 9, 2007

A Steampunk Watch To Drain Your Life Savings


For the steampunk fan who has everything. The sporty new Horological Machine No. 2 watch from MB&F is definitely a luxury item for those with a lot of cash to spare. Cashing in at a whopping $59,000, The Horological Machine No. 2 is made from 18k gold and titanium although for that price it should at least include time travel or some such technological wonder power. This is a limited edition consisting of only 125 pieces so start taking out those bank loans. Full details on the watch's myriad functions will be available come Nov.19th.

[via: Geeks Are Sexy - Thanks B.O.T.]


Fruit Brute
Posted to Hot Stuff, On Your Body on 9 November 2007 · Comments (2)
Other stuff like this: steampunk watch
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November 8, 2007



Presenting the Mimobots! The Mimobots are not just custom vinyl toys, they are also snazzy 1GB - 4GB USB Flash drives that hold all your precious information in one custom designed package. The range of designs is amazing and includes sets from Star Wars, Halo, Happy Tree Friends and a designer artist series. A 1Gb drive will cost you $49.95 with the 2GB and 4GB costing $69.95 and $109.95 respectively. For a wee bit more you can even order your Vimobot with a little keychain/ziperpull attachment so you can carry your little information packed friend with you wherever you go. It's the perfect stocking stuffer for that techie in your life who has a sense of humor and like their peripherals with a little flair.

You can check out the whole line of Mimobots at the Mimoco website.

[via: PopSucker]


Fruit Brute
Posted to Hot Stuff, In Your Pocket, On Your Desk on 8 November 2007 · Comments (2)
Other stuff like this: flash drive, mimobots, mimoco, USB
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