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    Run Away

    "I thought joining the track team would be a great way to get in shape. During my first meet, I was running in a race and was nowhere near the rest of the participants. They began announcing the winners when they noticed that I was still running. Everybody stopped what they were doing to watch me finish the race, dead last. I wanted to run away!"

    Butt Dial Bust

    "I was home alone, so I used my time by myself to belt out my favorite songs. In between songs, I heard a faint noise coming from my pocket. I had butt dialed my crush! When I asked him how much he had heard he said “enough,” through fits of laughter. Now, I save my private singing sessions for the shower!"

    Clothes Encounter

    "I used to work at a department store with a guy that I had a big crush on. One day, when it wasn’t very busy, we were having a great time talking and telling jokes. A customer came up to us and asked us for help. Even thought I was annoyed at her for interrupting, I turned to show her where she needed to go and BAM! I walked right into a rack of clothes and hit my head. The customer and my crush started laughing! He told all of our co-workers the story, and now everybody has a great time re-enacting my accident."

    Big Typo

    "My boyfriend always has me text him when I get home after leaving his house, to make sure I got home safe. One night, I decided to switch things up and say, “I miss your lips.” He wasn’t responding, so I checked my phone — I had texted his dad! When I called my BF, he was already laughing hysterically! I still turn bright red every time I see his dad."

    My Feet Don't Work!

    “I was writing an essay in English class, and when I finished I got up to turn it in. I started to walk towards the front of the room, but my foot was asleep, so I fell over. I brushed it off like nothing happened, and got up and tried again. My feet still didn’t want to work, and I fell over again! Everybody was laughing, including my teacher!”

    Cheer Jeers

    “One day, I got into a laughing fit at school and peed my pants (that’s not even the embarrassing part). My friend and I went to the locker room, so that I could change my pants. We could hear somebody approaching the locker room, and I didn’t want anybody to know what happened, so I started to rush putting my pants on. I got tripped up and fell over. I started laughing so hard that I couldn’t get up. Our cheer coach walked in to find me sprawled on the floor, with no pants on, laughing, while my friend was trying to capture the moment on her cell phone — she thought we were complete weirdos!”

    Preach it to the Choir

    "I’m a singer in my church choir and I have a huge crush on the choir’s drum player. He was looking especially cute one day during church, so I leaned over to tell my friend. Little did I know, the microphone had been turned on early, projecting my words to the entire church. Now everybody, including my crush, knows that I think the drum player is cute!"

    Pep Rally Face Plant

    “I am in my school’s band and we had an in-school pep rally for the basketball team. I was playing in front of the entire school when I lost my balance and face-planted! As if that weren’t enough, I knocked over my music stand causing three of the basketball players to trip as they were running to make their lay-ups. I was so embarrassed that I tried to quit band!”

    Midday Eclipse

    "One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to go tubing on the lake close to my house. Where I come from, tubing gets pretty competitive, so I always fight for as long as possible to not fall off. One afternoon, a friend and I were tubing when a huge wave knocked the lower half of my body off the tube, but I didn’t want to let go. Sadly, however, my bathing suit bottom did not feel the same way. And while I attempted to pull myself back on, my bottoms fell off. I held on for a little bit longer until I decided the lake dwellers had enough of my free show. My bathing suit floated and we managed to scoop it from my water, but my pride lies at the bottom of the lake!"

    Showered with Embarrassment

    "This year, I moved into my dorms a day early. I woke up on everybody else’s move-in day and decided to shower. As I was rinsing my hair, I heard the fire alarm go off, so I rushed out of the shower and headed for my room to put some clothes on. But, an R.A. on duty told me I had to leave the building immediately. I had to stand outside amongst a huge group of students and their parents with only a towel and flip-flops on! It took forty-five minutes for the alarm to get shut off, but, to me it felt like a lifetime!"

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