Does More Posts = More Traffic?

spacer Yesterday in a post discussing the popularity of list-style posts in blogging, a commenter asked me to look at the frequency of post types in relation to the traffic they bring. Following this comment I put together some statistics and ended up wondering a slightly different question, does having more blog posts mean you end up with more traffic? (more…)

August 15th
Collis Ta'eed

Just How Popular are List Posts?

spacer Magazines have always known the power of a good list. Look at the covers on your local newsstand and you’ll see plenty of “5 tips to shed your winter pounds” or “10 ways to save on your home loan” type headlines. This style of content just works, and if you’re a blogger, you’d be wise to pay attention.

Today I was looking through the traffic on our app review blogs AppStorm, and decided to make use of a handy Google Analytics feature called Content Drilldown which lets you view stats for content by the directories they sit in. (more…)

August 14th
Collis Ta'eed

How to Get Started as a Web Entrepreneur


In the last four years of building up Envato I’ve had the opportunity to learn a lot about growing and building web companies. So I decided to put some of my learnings into a presentation I gave at WebDU 2010 earlier this year. The talk covered how I would approach starting up from scratch, and throughout I referenced a hypothetical new startup idea and how I might approach it. (more…)

August 1st
Collis Ta'eed

7 Figure Blogging

spacer If there is one subject that’s been written about a lot, it’s how to make money blogging. In fact the very first blog that I ever wrote focused on that very topic, despite the fact that at the time I, myself knew very little on the subject! Happily in the last few years I’ve had the chance to learn a lot through our many blogs and have experienced the many highs and lows of running blogs in every capacity, from designing them to writing them, editing them to managing them, buying them to selling them, and everything in between. Today our blog network here at Envato grosses well over 7 figures a year and is one of the largest in the world, and certainly here in Australia. (more…)

July 29th
Collis Ta'eed

Fast & Furious Startups – How to Iterate to Awesomeness

Ignite is a set of events where speakers are given exactly 5 minutes to speak on a topic of their choice with slides that auto-forward whether you’re ready or not. It’s a pretty cool format because it forces you to get to the point very quickly. I gave a presentation at Ignite Melbourne a couple of nights ago about how you can use iteration to build a business, even if you don’t have a ton of experience. (more…)

Startups, Strategy
March 3rd
Collis Ta'eed
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