I'm Drew Breunig and I obsess about technology, media, language, and culture. I live in New York, studied anthropology, and work in advertising technology.

These are reactions to things I feel are important.

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Frontiers through the Ages

  • Water, 1400
  • Land, 1840
  • Gold, 1850
  • Wire, 1880
  • Air, 1900
  • Celluloid, 1920
  • Plastic, 1950
  • Space, 1960
  • Silicon, 1980
  • Networks, 1990
  • Data, 2000

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    what’s the next frontier?
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    Using that data for “personalization” says web 2.0. dbreunig:
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    Interesting List on human frontiers through the ages
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    I’m no futurist, but it would seem to me the next frontier is batteries.
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