Pain Relief

spacer Pain. It’s our body’s way of getting our attention. And, it’s not real.

No, really it’s not.

It feels very real, because our brain causes it to feel real. But, it’s why in an emergency you can accidentally slice your arm open, and not notice until minutes – if not hours – later. And, it’s the same reason why your trick knee can flare up “for no good reason.”

But, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck and we shouldn’t do something in order to get out of pain.

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Pain: “I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means”

What does the Princess Bride have to do with pain? Well, nothing, but there is nothing like a good Princess Bride quote to brighten the day. Read more…


Back Pain? Quit Your Job

Several years ago a wellness study of individuals with back pain was done at a Fortune 100 company. The one factor they all had in common? They were all unhappy with their jobs! Read more…


Nail goes thru shoe, misses foot, foot still hurts

I love it when stories like this come out, it is a great demonstration of how the brain controls pain and the pain response. Even though that nail looks like it went directly through this man’s foot, it did not, it went between the toes, and yet he experienced SEVERE pain, as if the nail went through the foot bed. Read more…


How a collarbone fixes a hip

Anyone who knows anything of my training history, knows that my left hip is NOT happy going in to external rotation; I have problems putting weight on it in rotation, even in neutral with abduction, etc. I’ve spent years blaming it on my high heels and abdominal surgeries Read more…


The American economy loses $100 billion annually in sick time due to chronic pain. If you are one of those unlucky people, don’t lose out on valuable information that will let you return to your old self.

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