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You have been there just one too many times… You have a proposal due tomorrow, but your shoulder and wrist are KILLING you. Plus, hours of staring at the screen means your eyeballs are about to fall out of your head. But the work has to get done.

If only you felt better, you KNOW you could kick this proposal out the door in just an hour or two. Where is that ibuprofen?

Been there, done that…

spacer I spent 15 years as a management consultant in corporate America: working the crazy hours, running around in the cute little heels, attending client lunches, and with that – of course – the low back pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, and bad eyes.

Like you, I wanted nothing more than to be out of pain. All I could think was that I wasn’t old enough to feel this lousy, and who really wants to admit that their DESK JOB is killing them. Seriously?

I tried everything

spacer I saw tons of specialists and read everything I could find on the internet. Physical therapy, massage, wrist braces, exercise / no exercise, ice / heat – you name it. And then the ibuprofen I’d been using for pain management gave me ulcers.

I was about ready to give up and simply accept that I was never going to feel good again. I hated that, because it’s not my personality – but I thought I had exhausted my options.

What if you COULD get out of pain?

  • In just minutes a day
  • In the privacy of your home or office
  • No fancy, expensive equipment required
  • On your schedule
  • And without breaking a sweat
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I never would have thought that 20 years of chronic low back pain would disappear after doing these exercises for less than a month – making my hoped-for trip to India and Bhutan really a dream come true. The trekking, long bus rides on bad roads, and strange beds never aggravated my back. It’s been 5 years and the pain hasn’t returned.


My own search for the holy grail led me to create this guide…

spacer A nuts and bolts, “just the facts, ma’am” book specifically designed by someone who has been in your shoes to address the most common aches and pains that come from sitting too long at a computer.

Based upon the cutting-edge neurophysiological principles of the Z-Health Performance system – this guide was created with the belief that you can only perform your best when you are out of pain and feeling great.

Z-Health has helped thousands of athletes from olympic champions to office athletes, and I personally have worked with hundreds more to ensure this guide contains only the highest ROI exercises.

People using the Keyboard Athletes Guide to Pain Relief & Prevention typically experience

  • spacer Instant reductions / elimination of pain
  • The ability to stay at the computer longer – and feel better doing it
  • Better family time and more energy doing the activities you love
  • Financial savings from cancelled massage and physical therapy appointments
  • Increased flashes of brilliance and improved productivity at work
  • No more wrist braces and back support cushions
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spacer I’ve lived with chronic pain for over fifteen years. I was recently suffering from blinding headaches that made it tough to see the computer screen clearly. I turned to Jen’s guide and tried the Neck Infinities exercise. After the first three repetitions on each side, I could see the difference. My vision was clearer and my neck was looser. – Christine M, Portland, OR

Get the Guide

spacer The Guide to Pain Relief and Prevention is a 30-page book with 13 high payoffs for office athletes.

Step-by-step instructions, complete with illustrations and troubleshooting tips, help to make sure you do the exercise right – on the first try. And, because I believe in covering all of my bases, you get:

  • How-to-use guide. Make the most of your time by zeroing in on exactly what you need
  • Stand-up desk version and eBook version. For the ultimate in convenience
  • BONUS SECTION: Computer eyes. 3 drills to help you recover from eye fatigue

Stand-Up Book

Print/eBook Package


  • Extra-thick paper
  • Coil-bound across the top
  • Built-in stand for desk use
  • Horizontal layout



  • Print book at work
  • eBook with you on the road
  • Buy together and save 15%



  • Horizontal layout
  • PDF format
  • Immediate delivery
  • Works on your iPad



Interested in buying this book in bulk for your company, department, or office? Email me for bulk pricing.

I’m ready to start living a pain-free life. How do I get my hands on this?

Click the Buy button above and it will take you directly to the Z-Health web site where you will complete your order. You’ll be able to download the eBook immediately and the print book will ship out the next business day.

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spacer I spend over 8 hours a day at my computer and had started using wrist guards to help me avoid carpal tunnel syndrome. Jen showed me a set of exercises targeting the wrists and arms. The tightness and pain were gone the next day. I’ve since returned those wrist guards. To this day, I remain pain-free and much more mobile.  – Pierre B, Seattle, WA

My Guarantee

The Keyboard Athletes Guide to Pain Relief and Prevention will ease your pain and help you stay pain-free going forward. I know it works, and that’s why I stand behind it with a 100% money back guarantee.

You have two possible avenues to happiness:spacer

  1. If the exercises aren’t working for you, contact me here. I’ll help you figure out best next steps. Sometimes you aren’t doing the drill quite right, sometimes it’s actually a problem that exceeds the scope of the book.
  2. If you have made an honest attempt to get results with the guide and it’s just not working for you, we’ll refund your money within the first 30 days of purchase.

P.S.  You’re still here? Let me remind you that your journey to a pain-free life begins with the click of a button – take the first step now!

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