Who is @teezeng?

Hello there!

I’m Tessa Zeng, known as @teezeng* on the web. Not quite sure how the name came about, but what comes to mind are white teeth flashing from the bronzed face of an (unfortunately very gay) color guard instructor, who declared upon first meeting he’d call me ’lil Tee’.


Also, my lovely friend Catherine and I used to refer to each other by ‘princess nicknames.’ You might not’ve known it, but for awhile the world was ruled by your highnesses Rin + Tee ; )

Funny how certain things stick, huh?

–That’s exactly what I’m curious about, actually. How certain experiences, moments, ideas come to shape, change, and define us as human beings… & how we might use this knowledge to change the world.

What if everything we longed for was already within our grasp?


“My friend @teezeng is thinking outside the box *factory*.” – @lachlancotter

I’m a creative diagnostician, practical philosopher, and poet who sees the potential for revolution at the speed of our own daring awareness. I think the human mind is a beautiful thing. I believe freedom without prerequisite creative empowerment is not freedom at all- it’s fascism in disguise.

I believe that empowerment is a creative process.

I created this website to share my vision with you, but also to experiment with how one’s vision may be shared.


My odd repertoire:

* I’m formally trained in fashion design. I’ve assisted top-tier designers and sold my own work in NYC.

* Prior to that, my background was in science/tech.

* Language = my first love. I read major Chinese classics as a toddler & dreamed of becoming a bestselling teenaged author. (Which fortunately didn’t happen!)

* I conceptualized my life’s work and wrote a book on it at age 20.

* I discovered that I also can help *you* find your own life’s work in under two hours, a skill that’s come in handy working with a global nonprofit & playful online entrepreneurs.

I’ve worn lots of different hats… with the only constant being the head, which houses my core belief in us & our ability to create a better world.

More than anything, I want to connect + innovate with you.

I don’t think it’s an accident that you’re here. I believe in your absolute sovereign potential to impact our future… in fact, I don’t think it’s evolutionarily avoidable. Your genius is going to change us; might as well embrace what you have inside you, yearning to burst free… and keep trying on the hybrid millinery we’ve never seen.

But remember- don’t get stuck building / breaking out of boxes. It’s the factory you’ve got to contend with… and that’s the trickiest bit of all. If you persevere, I can’t wait to see how your work comes to shape our lives.

Keep inspiring,


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P.S. teezeng.com is ever-evolving. Keep an eye on this space…


*Apparently, most people hear it as ‘teasing’ the 1st time around. Hey, whatever helps you remember to come back for your jolt of meta inspiration!


Art Credit: All princess drawings onsite by the fabulous Rin Hsieh, though this one’s by yours truly ->

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