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Effect of Hashtag Usage in Super Bowl Advertising: Social Media Monitoring Future Of Engagement: #SoLongVampires Audi Super Bowl Ad

February 8, 2012 · 14 comments

This is a guest post from Murray’s new video project The Future of Engagement showing the impact of Audi including a hashtag for their new commercial about LED headlights being as “close to daylight” as you can get.

In the video, Murray says he chose Audi because they were very creative last year and they were the first advertiser to include a hashtag in their ads.

This past weekend was the Super Bowl, which can be as much an advertising event as a football game. Audi’s commercial shows an Audi pulling up to a vampire party at a bonfire and accidentally vaporizing the terrified vampires.

They pushed the messaging on Twitter through the #solongvampires tag. Here’s a look at what kind of a bite the video campaign took out of social media’s neck: [click to continue…]

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Guest Posting: Guest Blogging Tips ~ My Guest Posts

February 7, 2012 · 28 comments


Guest Blogging eBook

Guest Blogging has many benefits including guest posting for networking and exposure to guest blogging for greater reach to  geo-targeted blog outreach.

When you want to guest post, it is critical to include a few simple things in your guest posting requests.

Guest Blogging Requests

What to Include:

  1. Two or three examples of posts you’re written – ideally on topics related to the one you’re pitching – any writing if you don’t have some specific to that niche.
  2. A few title or suggested topics for your guest post.
  3. Any sites you wish to link to in your post or author box. I do not mean every link you might use. I mean your blog, specific site or social network where the blog owner can quickly see what you’re about plus any business site or blog you are creating content for or promoting.
  4. Your Twitter username and links to the social network you use most.

Guest Blogging Tips:

You can increase your chances of getting a yes by doing the above and: [click to continue…]

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How YOUR Small Business Can Get Totally Free Advertising on Google Places, Yahoo! Local, Bing and Hundreds of Local Directories and Niche Sites

February 5, 2012 · 47 comments


Click image to see 168 Business Directories

Even if your small business could afford a Super Bowl ad – at $3.5 million – there is another form of advertising that would benefit you more and consistently bring you far more business.

And the good news is you only have to pay to have it submitted ONCE to get free advertising on Google Places, Yahoo! Local, Bing, Superpages and hundreds of other local directories indefinitely*.

Completely Free Advertising

You can do it yourself manually, or create your own listings through Universal Business Listings (UBL – what I use), but there are MAJOR BENEFITS to having me do it for you including your not having to do anything except provide your business information. I will handle EVERYTHING for you.

What does it cost?
See Local Search Listings Frequently Asked Questions


  • See UBL Webcard examples of actual listings I have created and compare them to any other listing created on UBL. What you see in those examples is what YOUR business listing information will look like – listings that will be sent to hundreds of major sites including Google Places, Yahoo! Local, Bing, SuperPages, YellowPages, Yelp, Merchant Circle and sites about your location and industry.
  • Local Search Case Study showing UBL listings generated 75 new visitors for every 100 visitors Google sent.
  • Appliance store local listings generating 30 New Customers a Week.
  • Enhanced local search listings generate new traffic of 81.32%

CLICK THIS LINK if YOU Want Your Free Advertising Now

* Note: Some databases and directories may remove your listing if you do not renew annually but most do not. There are other benefits to annual renewals – and they are fast and easy to do once you’re in UBL.

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Future of Engagement: Monitoring Social Media: Facebook IPO Launch Delayed

February 1, 2012 · 67 comments


Click image to read Facebook IPO to Create Jobs

Future of Engagement – Monitoring Social Media on the Eve of the Facebook IPO Launch

Last Friday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook could be going public within seven days. Murray Newlands’ series The Future of Engagement analyzes how this story spread across social media:



  • The term “Facebook IPO” was a trend on Twitter less than a day after the WSJ Facebook IPO story went live
  • Over half of “Facebook IPO” social media mentions were on Twitter, showing how important the microblogging site is for breaking news.
  • In the 24-hour timespan after the WSJ post went live, Twitter’s mentions for that term grew eightyfold – to over 800 posts.

Click the image below to see Alerti’s Social Media Monitoring Graphs for the search Facebook IPO full size: [click to continue…]

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Engagement From Scratch Compiled by Danny Iny: Free eBook Download ~ Win a Printed Copy

January 30, 2012 · 30 comments


Click Image for Free Download or to Buy in Paperback

Danny Iny (@DannyIny on Twitter) from Marketing Training Company FirePole Marketing did what all wise people do when confronted with a challenge: find out first what everyone else who has tackled the same situation learned and then build on that.

How to Win Your FREE Paperback Copy of Engagement from Scratch:

So here’s the deal. You tell me why you want a copy of Danny’s book and I’ll send my extra copy to the person who writes the most compelling reason. Here are some tips for you:

You can see by the excerpts in this short video who the contributors are:

Danny took that a step further and compiled everything he had learned himself and from 30+ super community building bloggers into a book to benefit everyone else who wants to know how to build a loyal following from scratch. [click to continue…]

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Small Business Trends Book Awards Nominations Close January 31, 2012 #smallbusiness

January 27, 2012 · 18 comments

spacer There is still time to make sure your favorite small business related book is nominated (or your own!) for the Small Business Trends Book Awards – but only until Tuesday, January 31, 2012.

Don’t take the chance of being shut out by waiting until the last minute. Head over there NOW and make sure your favorites are listed. If you’re an author that goes double for you.

Small Business Book Awards Twitter Chat

Join all our fellow book lovers including Anita Campbell from @SmallBizTrends and our blogging collaborators @Ileane @mmangen @VernessaTaylor @CoachNotesBlog and many more in a Twitter chat on book promotion.

  • When:  Tuesday night January 31, 2012 at 7 EST / 6 CST / 5 MST / 4 PST
  • To use Tweetchat – the easiest way to participate in a Twitter chat -
    use this link >> #bizbookawards twitter chat

It is bound to be lively and interesting – and you will make some exceptional connections. [click to continue…]

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Social Networking, LinkedIn, Blogging and Music

January 26, 2012 · 57 comments

This is a guest post by Manuel Marino where he shares how he has combined using LinkedIn for connections with blogging to build a community of artists helping artists.

spacer Is it possible to merge an artist’s talent with social networking, adding some blogging spice for a perfect mix?

My name is Manuel Marino and I’m a music composer and producer, but I consider myself an all around artist, blessed with many talents, from music to painting, graphics and design. [click to continue…]

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Future of Engagement: Video Content Creation

January 25, 2012 · 27 comments


Click Image to Find out more about Spark Media Solutions

In the latest episode of Future of Engagement, Murray Newlands interviews branding expert David Spark (@dspark on Twitter), founder of the custom publishing company Spark Media Solutions which provides custom content marketing services.

David and Murray discuss how content including video content creation works for business. They go beyond creating videos to how to use them to share your content and build relationships through blog outreach, guest blogging, and relationship building using social media.

“To be shared, your content must be valued by your audience
and only then it is truly useful to build your brand.
” ~ David Spark ~

[click to continue…]

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Social Media Monitoring and Management with Alerti

January 19, 2012 · 68 comments


Alerti: How it Works

This is a guest post from Murray Newlands sharing a new social media monitoring and management solution.

Social Media Monitoring

It’s the new year, and if you’re like me, you’re taking a good, long look at your business goals and the services you use to achieve those goals. If your goals include lead generation, networking, becoming a thought leader, engaging in more conversation, or understanding your competition better, then I want to introduce you to Alerti social media monitoring and management service.

This short (under 2 minutes) video shows how to set up alerts in Alerti: [click to continue…]

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SOPA Blackout Strike Already Started; Why Major Sites and Blogs Went Dark in Support

January 18, 2012 · 98 comments

If you haven’t heard about the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) so far, most are bound to have noticed Tuesday, January 18, 2012 when they were unable to get to many of their favorite sites from Wikipedia to Reddit to WordPress to Mozilla to Craigslist.

NEW: Where do members of Congress stand on SOPA
MUST WATCH VIDEOS: CBS C/Net Complicit in Piracy


Do not fall for the red herring that these bills – both SOPA (in the House) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) (in the Senate) are ONLY about stopping “renegade pirate sites”. 

ANY site could be taken down!

[click to continue…]

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