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Getting into Github for January.

Posted by loudmouthman

I  came here because  Clive Walker  tweeted about the project. I loved the concept of 12 achievable learning goals in 2012. However I wanted the goals to have a meaning for the whole year. A Series of new foundations in understanding which would work together to form a whole project for 2012 and 2013. To that end I needed to begin with good management of my code and so I picked Github for myt January task.  As a old school Linux sysadmin and Perl, PHP developer I had enough experience building out code with CVS and had never actively focussed on git for managing my code and version control; so now was my opportunity .

This post is not about learning about Git; because that is something you can learn in many many other places. This post is about what I have learnt in my methods in learning; and these have been.

    • State my problem.
      In this case; I need to use git and  Github to start, maintain and manage any project i am going to learn  about over the coming months.
    • Seek Good articles explaining how people solved those problems.
      There are always plenty of tutorials to be found but researching in the first few days of the month leads to a number of good articles which are then filed ( thanks to Evernote ) under the 12412notebook with the tag ‘tutorial’ for recovery during the month.
    • Make note of how I responded to that and tracked them.
      Again thanks to Evernote I can add my own notes to the articles and using comments in the code and my own .plan file ( hey I am that old ! ) I tracked my thoughts in preparation for ending the learning of that skill set.
    • Re-iterate and practice until the skillset is founded.
      The best way to learn anything new is to practice with your hands and your mind on small topics and issues that you can relate to. In the case of git and Gitub I was able to bring an existing project into my git repository and push it to Github ( a private one though ) and experiment and play with the commands until they felt as normal as all the old cvs  commands had been .

Do I feel I have become an expert on Git and Gitgub ? Well no I do not. What I feel is that I have learnt how to learn quickly without stressing over the task of adhering to the lessons or examples and enjoying the process of discovery by experiment. Which leads me neatly into learning about node.js for February. Yes you can expect to see my Github repository public appearances then.


Thanks for reading.


2 Responses to “Getting into Github for January.”

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    mrqwest - February 6th, 2012 at 09:00

    Nice first post. I do plan on getting into GIT again. I used it briefly last year on a project but not used it much since.

    But your post isn’t about GIT. I like your way of learning. I never thought about planning it out as a series of question & answers.

    I might try and put that to some good use myself.

    Nice work spacer

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    nicholas butler - February 6th, 2012 at 10:29

    Quite correct, the post is not in itself about git or github; because those articles are covered in those links I have provided. It is , as you have seen , about how I have thought about my approach to learning a topic given a short time scale and the need to be overly uncritical in my consumption of that understanding. In the end I wanted this post to encourage, as it has , other readers to approach 12412 by way of dabbling and dipping.

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