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Halle Berry More Trouble on the Home Front

spacer As if stalkers and court drama wasn't enough, Halle Berry is also having some serious problems with her home in the Hollywood Hills ... and now she's on the hunt for a new place to live ... temporarily.

Halle was spotted checking out some swanky beach pads in Malibu today ... and sources connected to the actress tell us she's looking for a short term rental while her Hollywood home is under repair.

We're told Halle wants to be in a safe and secure area ... especially with TWO dangerous fans on the loose.

As we previously reported, Halle ultimately wants to move to France to be with her fiance Olivier Martinez ... and she wants to bring her daughter with her ... but she needs a judge to sign off, first.

Until she sorts that situation, guess the beach will have to do.

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Arianny Celeste Throws in the Towel

spacer UFC hottie Arianny Celeste's bikini executed a breathtaking submission hold earlier today at a pool in Miami -- squeezing her boobs so tight ... the lovely ladies nearly came loose.

She's got all the right moves.

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Arnold & Sly Now Starring in ... THE HOSPITAL

60 something action stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone both needed surgery after filming "Expendables 2" -- which gave us a great idea for their next blockbuster. Roll it!!

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Jersey City to Snooki We're Not Afraid to ARREST Your Ass!

and Jwoww will be on some seriously thin ice when they begin shooting their new reality show in Jersey City ... because the cops will be assigned to watch their asses AT ALL TIMES.

TMZ has learned ... officials in Jersey City  refused to a grant a permit to shoot the show UNLESS they agreed to some seriously strict rules.

1) The show must allow at least four Jersey City PD officers to be stationed at Jwoww and Snooki's home at all times.

2) The cops will stay with the cast and crew when they leave the home. Cops have agreed to keep an appropriate distance from the operation, so they don't get in the way of production.

3) If MORE cops are called in to handle an incident due to events related to the show, producers MUST reimburse Jersey City for all related costs.

Officials have also made it clear ... cops are taking the situation very seriously and will take action ... even on the cast ... if any state or city laws are broken.

Ultimately, producers agreed ... and got the permit. Production is scheduled to begin later this month.

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Ne-Yo's Baby Mama I'm Adopting 48 African Children ... Kinda

We didn't think it was possible -- but Ne-Yo's baby mama just broke the African-child-adopting records set by Madonna AND Angelina Jolie ... combined ... agreeing to adopt 48 children in Swaziland.

Full disclosure -- Monyetta Shaw's not actually taking 48 children back to the United States with her ... but she did agree to pay for their living costs for an entire year ... a nearly $20,000 commitment.

Sources tell TMZ, "Football Wives" star Chanita Foster (below) -- who founded a charity called Beyond the Game to provide children in Swaziland with food, clothes, and education -- got in touch with Monyetta about sponsoring a child or two ... and Monyetta agreed.

But we're told, once Monyetta saw the 48 young faces in the charity's brochure -- she fell in love ... and insisted on adopting all of them.

Each kid costs roughly $30 a month -- and Monyetta adopted 48 for an entire year ... which means she's in for $17,280. Not bad.

Of course, to provide similar care in the U.S. would run roughly the same ... PER CHILD

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Halle Berry Wants Out of U.S. Because of Death Threats

Halle Berry does not want to leave the U.S. for France with daughter Nahla because the food is so good over there ... she wants out of this country because she fears for her life and the life of her child.

TMZ broke the story ... Halle is asking a judge for permission to move to France with Nahla ... something Gabriel Aubry is trying to block.

We've learned there have been and are serious threats to Halle's life and she feels the move is a life or death situation.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Robert Hoskins, a mentally unstable man, escaped from a mental institution last week.

We've learned he has made threats against Halle's life -- specifically to "slit her throat."

Hoskins is no stranger to the law -- he has threatened to slit Madonna's throat in the past and was actually shot by her bodyguard in 1995 after he trespassed onto Madge's property.

And as we first reported, another stalker who recently trespassed onto Halle's property multiple times has just been released from jail.

Friends of Halle tell us ... she is particularly concerned because Starmaps and some Hollywood bus tours literally take tourists to her doorstep.

And Halle's friends say ... the actress is very concerned that baby daddy Gabriel Aubry is parading Nahla in front of paparazzi almost daily and possibly putting her in harm's way.

Bottom line -- Halle's M.O. for wanting to move is rooted in security ... not revenge.

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Halle Berry Wants to Move to France ... WITH HER FIANCE!!

Halle Berry was not engaged to Olivier Martinez when numerous outlets reported she was back in December -- but we found out ... SHE IS NOW!!!

You'll recall, after Halle sported a big ol' ring that Olivier Martinez gave her everyone jumped to false conclusions -- but it was NOT an engagement ring.

But we've learned Halle did become engaged to Olivier sometime after the first of the year.

The engagement is significant because Halle is asking a judge to allow her to move to France with Olivier and 3-year-old Nahla.

TMZ broke the story, Halle wants to make the move and baby daddy Gabriel Aubry vehemently objects.

In California and most states, a judge would look at the stability of the parent's relationship and a marital relationship is far more impressive than boyfriend and girlfriend.

No word on when the two will marry, but we're told a marriage will DEFINITELY take place.

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Chad Ochocinco I'm Getting My Johnson Back

Say goodbye to Chad Ochocinco ... the Patriots star is telling friends, he plans to change his last name BACK to Johnson in time for his wedding this summer -- because he doesn't want his wife to have a made-up last name.

Ocho's wedding to his "Basketball Wives" fiancee Evelyn Lozada is set for July in Florida -- and sources te is neither affiliated with the authors of this page nor responsible for its contents. This is a safe-cache copy of the original web site.